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I think my sister is still getting back at me....

F_in Ray Of Sunshine

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....for being a pain-in-the-ass little brother.

For Christmas, I bought her a book of stained glass designs and told her to pick one or design her own and I would make the window panel for their bedroom. (They built a new house last year and there's a "window" between the bedroom and living room that she wanted done in stained glass). I also said all the artistic decisions were hers. She got the "art" gene, not me.

She finally came up with a design and colors. 

I transferred her design to CAD and jumped through a whole series of hoops and hurdles to get it printed to scale.

I gave her a catalog and told her to pick colors and textures. She did.

i found a local source for the supplies. I drove there Saturday morning and picked the stuff up.

I had her come over Saturday and look over the colors. We told her we substituted square bevels for the diamond ones because the guy at the store pointed out squares would match the other parts of the design. She looked it all over and gave the thumbs up. I spent most of the day yesterday cutting. Had a helluva time with the green parts - part of it was a discrepancy when I did the CAD drawing, part of it was the glass just started breaking weird. Including f-ups, I had just enough green.

SO texted her a picture of the pieces laid out and got back: "Besides the guy saying that it would look better with the squares, is it a lot harder to do it the way I had it originally? I have to say I don't like this as well"

Sure..... 2.5 hours work and $20 worth of glass down the toilet ....I'll have to remake 12 pieces and make another 25 mile trip to the store...no problem.

I honestly don't remember earning this much bad karma....

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Look, she gets free lifetime bike tuneups from me because she' s still peeved that I destroyed her beloved Sears 3-speed...

If you are working on her bike, you have some control over how long a life time is.... No brakes.....

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