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Quote of the Day: Jack Welch

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When I worked at GE they had two unwritten mottoes:

"Steal Shamelessly" and "Lead Courageously from Behind".

The first meant that if you saw a good idea that some other company had or a good practice that some other company was doing, don't condemn it and don't be afraid to adopt it merely because it didn't originate at GE.  Well, that concept went over like a turd in a punchbowl with most GE employees at the time.

The second meant let other people and other companies take the risk of developing products or business lines, then move in after it becomes obvious the venture will be successful.  Unfortunately one needs a nimble company to respond quickly in order to follow such a practice and grab market share.  While Jack Welch spoke much about making GE nimble (one of the buzz phrases at the time was 'making the elephant dance') his talk didn't translate into the way most GE employees walked.  The cheetahs got to eat their lunch while the 'elephant' was still learning how to waltz.

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