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Cheese wants us to start a thread so here’s mine.


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I dropped my friend and her husband off in Pittsburgh today. They planned to make it to Connellsville to camp tonight. They posted this picture this afternoon from Homestead


Then they posted a picture of some goats and a waterfall.


the last photo they posted was in West Newton.


I don’t think they made their destination tonight but they are having a good time.

I hope they can change their train tickets for a later date because they haven’t got to any difficult part of the trail yet and are already behind schedule.

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That picture of the beer in West Newton I think was actually the first picture. I got them mixed up. They said there is a bike shop downstairs. They are doing a good job of smelling the roses. It’s going to be interesting following them.


edit: They just arrived in Connellsville. I guess they are on schedule. I didn’t give them enough credit.

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1 hour ago, Longjohn said:

She posted a question on the trail group on FB at 3:30 am wanting to know what everyone sleeps on. She has a sleep pad but it’s not cutting it. She is sore from riding and miserable.

They are going to find bars few and far between on the trail I would think. :( 


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