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I made next Friday a dress down day for the students...

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The teens at our largest-high-school-in-Maryland were always dressed-down.

Then I took over the cross country team as head coach and another teacher named Matt agreed to be assistant.

Right away in that first year, Matt came up with the idea that on meet days - including most Fridays - the guys would come to school in dress pants, shirt, and tie and the girls would wear dresses, skirts, or a dress suit.  I thought the kids would rebel at the idea but it turned out they loved the excuse to dress up for school - for which they'd have been teased otherwise!

In fact, in the following years there were teens who came out for cross country just so they had an excuse to dress up for school!

In doesn't hurt to make the teens know they're expected to act like they're "somebody."

We took a 12th-out-of-12 in the county team and by the 3rd year we were North County Champs and 11th in the State AAAA (largest schools) Meet.

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