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  1. Here’s my June stuff. For those not familiar with the Apple Watch, the red circle is active calories. My goal each day during this challenge is 1050 calories. The green circle is exercise time. My goal for this has been 45 minutes. The blue one is hours where I stand up. I think my goal is 14 hours. That’s a stupid stat for me, so I don’t pay attention to it.
  2. I've only broken spokes when touring. I broke one in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park when I slipped off the paved trail and hit a tree branch. I broke two when I was on the GAP last year. I got a stronger wheelset over the winter, but haven't done any loaded touring on them yet.
  3. True fact... When I was first learning how to cook, I would go to the used bookstore and look for the greasiest pages for good recipes.
  4. I was searching for a person's address and ended up with this. The search was something like "'Joe Smith' Main Street."
  5. I've been trying to make my own sauce for a while, but haven't found an amazing recipe. Do you have any suggestions? Edit: I like the ones from restaurants that have bourbon or beer.
  6. They must have different pricing in different areas. I live next to a large field and always have mice. The people who replaced my air conditioner last year were not exactly diligent about filling in holes. We had way too many mice for me to deal with on my own this winter. It was $250 for the first visit and $45 every other month. I'll be honest.... I am very happy with what they have done.
  7. I am a 45 year old with multiple degrees. I still have to stop and think about my multiplication facts when it comes to sevens. If you ask me what 7x4 is, I have to do 7x2 is 14, 14x2 is 28, therefore, 7x4 = 28. You know what's worse than that? I double checked 7x4 on a calculator just to confirm that I was correct.
  8. Yay! Ohio Representin' in the Quote of the Day!
  9. We're planning to come back with minimal changes... masks... some distancing... no huge groups. I am positive that my school will be shut down at some point during the upcoming school year. The people in charge are hosting a principal meeting this week. They are skirting the limit on people at a gathering by calling it a banquet. I will be attending remotely.
  10. I've been having disturbing dreams lately. It's often too, probably 2-3 times a week for the past few months. They aren't nightmares; those are scary. These are emotionally disturbing. Normally, my dreams are just stupid, bizarre things. Not these. I'm convinced there is a reason for these because they always have the same person and similar circumstances. I'll wake up from these dreams around 3:00ish when I have them. I'll be so upset that I cannot fall back asleep for an hour or so. First, I'll be upset about what happened in the dream. Then, I be upset that I even had the dream. Then, I lie awake wondering if the dream meant anything and worry about what it could mean.
  11. I just bought 100 used tennis balls from the tennis club. I would love to do a video where I drop them all in front of the dog, but I am not positive how he would react. And, I don't want to clean up the mess.
  12. You really have to hand it to those guys.... mainly because they can't reach the top shelf.
  13. Don't make jokes about short people... The punchline will just go over their heads.
  14. Thanks guys. I think I will take the approach of not wanting to leave my school but wanting to join their school.
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