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  1. Daughter #2 is in the marching band. Because she is on the marimbas, her instrument has a microphone. She has a short, 16 note solo. Two weeks ago she messed up and said, "Fuck!" The mics picked it up and it was heard throughout the stadium. No one in my house uses that word. I promise.
  2. The adults were sitting around last night and the topic of time seems to go by faster as you get older. My son says the explanation is simple.... When you are young, like ten years old, a year is 10% of your life. When you are old, like 50 years old, a year is 2% of your life. As you get older, years get shorter.
  3. I saw that this morning. Why is school in session? No one is going to learn in this situation.
  4. I forget who said this to me, but I think it was someone either here or in the old forum. I was complaining that my parents expect me to call at least once a week. If I do not call them on the weekend, they will call me on Monday to make sure everything is OK. Whoever it was replied with something short and simple like, "I wish I could talk to my dad once a week." That hit me like the cliche ton of bricks. I quit complaining that day.
  5. That was exactly why I did it. I went from a job I really thought I would retire from to a job I hated every minute I was there. It was all because a great boss was replaced with a terrible boss. I do have the regret that when the terrible boss quit, I honestly believe I could have stepped into his place. The person they hired is amazing. I think I would have enjoyed working under him.
  6. I took an $8k paycut the last time I switched jobs. It was 100% worth it.
  7. Losing Bobrovsky was big, but I am not positive Korpi is terrible like people would like us to believe. Panarin will be missed the most. The rest of the people who left were rent-a-players for the playoff run. The biggest disappointment this year will be everyone realizing Milano is not a superstar player. After watching a few practices, I really want to see Nathan Gerbe make the team. That little guy plays his ass off.
  8. Hmmm.... Which team eliminated the team that tied the NHL record for having the most wins in a NHL season from the playoffs?
  9. I work with elementary school students. They think 30 is old.
  10. It's story time! The last time the Browns were on Monday Night Football, I went to a bar and watched the game with my friend Ryan. We ordered some food and some drinks and had a good time. When halftime rolled around, I went home because I had to work in the morning. Ryan stayed because he did not have to work. After I left, he hooked up with someone. A few days later, his wife called me and asked if I was with Ryan that night. Not knowing anything had happened, I just said yes. I didn't think to qualify it by saying I left early. She - who was also a very good friend of mine - lit into me. She couldn't understand how I could say nothing to her about him cheating. She refused to believe that I didn't know. I lost two friends that night. So, I am going to a bar to watch the game with my friend Tyler tonight. I hope that doesn't happen again.
  11. Do you have some sort of bag to put those in? If not, I'll let you borrow my ball sack.
  12. While my son practices the saxophone inside. (I’m not poking fun at him. I honestly wish I was good at an instrument.)
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