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  1. We have this set of roundabouts by me.
  2. I freaking hate science fairs. They have nothing to do with the scientific process and often are more of a parent assignment than a student assignment. You should do the Estes rockets..... Set off the smoke detectors in the school and have some fun.
  3. Deactivating it does not delete it. I suggest you take the plunge and delete the whole thing. Other than promoting Russian propaganda, facebook is also bad for your mental health.
  4. And they have every Simpsons episode ever.... Life is good.
  5. Thursday night football is streamed on twitch. They don't make a big deal about it because it makes the boomers angry.
  6. Skip the butter and cook them in the bacon grease, then throw on some lemon juice.... Delicious. or Put a little olive oil on them add some garlic and Parmesan Cheese, then broil them for about two minutes. or Steam them with some lemon pepper or Eat them raw.
  7. I'm surprised that someone your age is still flexible enough to pat yourself on the back. That's impressive.
  8. I'm happy that you can think that. Bless your heart. I'm done with this.
  9. So.... we agree. Being called a boomer is an insult.
  10. Based on your "OK Punk" response, you felt it was an insult.
  11. This is what boomers always say when they are told that being hateful is rude.
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