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  1. I got the email this morning that my ballot was accepted and will be counted. I did mail-in voting because I live in an area that leans democrat, so the lines are always super long.
  2. The Browns excel at everything they do. When they lose, they LOSE. Mayfield was playing with a cracked rib. Chubb's out. The O-Line looked awful.
  3. Those neighborhood groups are fun, but gossipy. I live in a neighborhood that hasn't had a reported crime in about two months. If you log into my neighborhood website, you would think we are living in an area worse than Somalia. One night I was out walking the dog and came across a car blocking the sidewalk. They do this weird thing in my neighborhood where the cars will park half in the driveway and half in the street. Instead of going behind the car and into the street to get around, I went in front of the car and into the driveway. By the time I got home, someone had already posted t
  4. When I moved from Toledo to Columbus, I didn't have a job lined up. In a worst case scenario, I knew I could substitute teach.
  5. I’d post it here, but there are weirdos on the internet. So here’s a video of it instead. IMG_1398.mp4
  6. The local radio station does a thing at 5:00 where the listeners pick a theme and choose five songs. I sent in several lists with a "my friend Craig" theme. They are playing some of my songs Friday. You can listen if you want at www.cd1025.com. I won't be on the radio like last time though.....
  7. Ughhh... I am looking at buying a new car. I had two credit cards close because I didn't use them, three different accounts close because I paid them off, and a single late payment in February 2014. My credit score is 50 points lower than it was a year ago because I paid off debt. It pisses me off.
  8. True fact: I had a bag phone in the early 1990s as a high school student. My girlfriend was a long distance call and it was cheaper to have the phone than pay long distance rates.
  9. I used https://www.shortlyread.com/onboarding/write to do an AI writing thing. I italicized what I entered. It got weird fast.... I called my ex-girlfriend while drunk. Maybe I should have called my ex-girlfriend when I was sober. She was excited to hear from me . She wasn't as excited to hear that I was drunk. But she at least had a date for the evening. That was more important than me sobering up. I headed over to my ex-girlfriend's place. From the way the conversation went, she was heading out with a friend shortly after, so I made it on time. I knocked on her door. I real
  10. I'll be honest.... This is going to be a tough holiday. I miss my mom. My step-dad has COPD and is in the early stages of lung cancer, so she is very cautious. I understand it, but I haven't seen her since February.
  11. My daughter is looking for a bike trainer to keep her fit throughout the winter. I don't want to pay a lot of money. Any thoughts on what will make both of us happy?
  12. My mom sent me a text saying she wasn't voting this year. At least one mind was changed.
  13. I think I will watch Ratched on Netflix instead.
  14. I can get behind this! True fact.... She has helped me many times in the past. I even thought about calling her this week and knew she would help me even with everything else going on in her life.
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