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  1. Not nearly as exciting as everyone else, but the kids will eat it.
  2. Nice... A teacher brought her baby into school last week. It reminded how happy I am not to change diapers anymore.
  3. I hate when reviewers give recipes five-star reviews, but change the recipe. If it was a five-star recipe, they wouldn't need to change anything. This one is among the worst I have seen. The recipe: The five star review:
  4. Lots... And some really good music has come out in the past month or two. Original stuff, remixes of older songs, and some amazing collaborations. Dodie just came out with "Hate Myself." Death Cab for Cutie just come out with a cover of TLC's "Waterfalls." Lovelytheband and Misterwives just released a version of "Buzzcut Season."
  5. Things are looking really good, she just needs to quarantine for treatments.... I don't think I told you all the story of my step-dad going grocery shopping for the first time in about 30 years. The short version is that my mom gave him a list and he came back with about $500 worth of groceries for two people. He bought a lot of meat because it was on sale. He had to go back this weekend to pick up a few things. One thing my mom put on the list was a chocolate bar. My mom has treated herself with a Hershey bar after grocery shopping as far back as I can remember. All she wanted wa
  6. I'm not really planning on moving... I'm too lazy for that. But a house around the corner from me has two cabins on the property. I would spend most of the day in one of these.... This house also turned a three car garage into a movie theater....
  7. In college, I would have waited until the last possible moment to turn them in. Now, I will work on something and finish early. I'll turn it in two or three hours before the deadline because people tend to think if you finish early, you have time for more work.
  8. Not a customer, but here’s an honest to goodness note I got from one of the school board members...
  9. Is this the one in Ohio? I've never heard it called TOSRV West. If it is, I did it the second year I lived in Columbus because everyone talked about it. Never again. It's too darn early in the riding season to be pulling something like that. I think the hardest ride I ever did was the Top of Ohio 100. I don't know what happened. I had done three other centuries that summer. I just couldn't finish. I did it, but it was not fun at all. I remember being at mile 93 and it was all I could do to keep going. I ended up taking a short cut and only riding 96 miles. That was the last century
  10. 1B here also... We have had in person learning all year so far. I can't schedule an appointment until sometime next week. My district botched the 1A vaccinations. They told everyone that they would schedule the vaccinations. They didn't. Now, all of the 1A people need to wait until they open up 1B and hope they can get in there. I'll be scheduling my own appointment.
  11. My grandfather could wrap a 50 foot extension cord by hand with no tangles. It was amazing to watch him toss the cord toward an outlet and watch it unravel. He tried to teach me several times. You put a little twist into the cord when you wrap it. I’ve gotten it wrong more times than I have gotten it correct, but when I get it right.... it’s a true sense of pride.
  12. A foam cannon! It did a pretty decent job of getting the winter grime off the car without having to dunk my hands in cold, soapy water.
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