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  1. I actually find this thread tasteless, guys. If you have a gripe, let's hear it and address it. We had a good thread and discussion until....
  2. I prefer Trump and Pelosi. Hatfield and McCoy is old school.
  3. They should be proportionate to the dryer balls.
  4. The list of crap plumbers say not to throw down them is extensive. Things like rice, spaghetti, animal fats and egg shells are the biggest culprits.
  5. If I don't do core exercise, my back lets me know pretty quickly. We are all different so that may not be the case for you.
  6. The major manufacturers based in the US are left alone during most of the certification these days. I think it will be determined the failures are that of internal oversight at Boeing and FAA oversight of Boeing. I have done the MCAS training module online and it is really a poorly covered topic with no definitive actions. The Airbus I flew all had triple redundancy in the Alpha Protection System. I am sure that redundancy has save the day many times.
  7. A good friend of mine did that at PWC Toronto.
  8. Have you got a waste disposal?
  9. You are an A&P aren't you Jerry? What is your take?
  10. Yes, this. Last person I knew with one, it was quite visible and he did feel it act when he had arrhythmia. It was not a defib, just a pacemaker. I guess when things get out of sync, you can feel it.
  11. TCAS and unless you are in positive visual contact, you must follow the TCAS advisory.
  12. The aircraft being overtaken has the right of way in that instance. Not many controllers will deviate from their MANOPS.
  13. Naomi

    The instapot

    Yep, that is true. You probably won't be making Osso Buco but that king of dish really stinks the seal up.
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