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  1. Old No. 7

    Beer run

    This is now the theme song for our Bike MS team, Team JABR: Just Another Beer Run.
  2. We felt it was time you knew. Only because we care.
  3. Old No. 7

    Beer run

    Total Wine in Razorlandia is my usual go to. A few miles from the office and I usually get discounts. BUT, they do not have any of this beer in stock at any of their stores. They can be selective with what they carry in spite of all that they carry. Norms in Vienna is the best in the area for variety, but that’s out of my way. I know Norm too, he’s a good guy for a Ravens fan.
  4. You cannot deny that lard asses IS a better derogatory comment than Crisco cans. Crisco also contains hydrogenated palm oil in addition to soybean oil.
  5. He wants to keep people out of his office this afternoon.
  6. You’re wrong you know. Lard is better than Crisco in anything even frying chicken. Crisco is just cottonseed oil with good marketing.
  7. Old No. 7

    Beer run

    At lunch today. A cycling friend and fellow hophead was in Charlottesville last weekend taking his oldest back to school. While there he found this IPA from Maine Beer Co at the Whole Foods there. I had read about this IPA and wanted to try it oot but no one around here had any in stock. The Whole Paycheck in Reston has a terribly small selection so at lunch today I drove myself over to Fair Lakes as they are much larger and found some bottles in stock. Owl try one tonight. Maine Beer Co makes a double IPA version called Dinner, but that is only sold in their Freeport tasting room.
  8. I voted four months. Not so long to wait but the delay will cause a different inconvenience as the weather for the modification work will not be good. Murphy was an Irishman. Best of luck though.
  9. No real plans. Cut the grass, cut firewood, roll logs from point a to point b. Maybe split some if I feel like it. Or not. I will have a beer on two on Saturday. I might make some enchiladas with homemade tortillas and chile sauce.
  10. I have to say that your Mama tried.
  11. All that for a cheeseburger and a watered down coffee? You do you.
  12. I’ve heard that too, but you’re the first non-Eagles phan I’ve heard it from.
  13. I’m getting my stitches out Monday the 22nd. Can’t wait. My dentist prescribed antibiotics after my tooth extraction on the 8th. Good luck with your infection.
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