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  1. I toasted part of a baguette, made guacamole with a ripe avocado and ate that with a cup of strong coffee. After the bike ride we went to the farmers market and I had the four taco sampler. Carne, carnitas, shrimp ceviche, and chorizo. Bought carrots, corn, sugar snap peas, and plums. I’m going to make another batch of plum habanero jam.
  2. Proud of you for quitting that garbage.
  3. 20 mile morning ride through the country. Is a waterfall without water just a fall?
  4. But that mask will get you on an airplane.
  5. Your tomatoes are from San Marzano Florida. That is why.
  6. Canned tomatoes. The drought and wildfires in CA are hitting the tomato growers hard. Acres planted are shrinking and prices are predicted to rise as shortages develop. I’m hoarding I mean stocking up while the prices are still reasonable.
  7. What’s hot in my kitchen right now is Poppi’s Scotch Bonnet hot sauce. Made on a local farm, I bought some at the Farmers market. Poppi makes a tasty sauce that’s not too hot, but he does have hotter versions of his sauce.
  8. Crystal, Frank’s, and Louisiana hot sauces are the three stooges of hot sauce. Cholula, Melinda’s and Sriracha are the best. You’re welcome.
  9. Sadly, no. I am in the office today. My day is bookended with an hour commute each way. I have some halibut fillets and fresh corn to cook for dinner. If the tomatoes ripen today, I will have fresh tomatoes with sea salt and black pepper. I made a small peach pie for my sister and her husband Tim a few days ago.
  10. And a pleasant good morning to you as well.
  11. I don’t. I work part time at an LBS and get employee discounts.
  12. Every day new blooms appear. They only last a day, but they are really vibrant in the morning. Today has a record nine flowers.
  13. Old No. 7

    New taars

    What a difference! Much quieter and smoother ride than the original rubber with 49,000 miles and a screw in the sidewalk. Goodyear Assurance was a good recommendation. I watched the installation from across the street yesterday.
  14. Two car garage full of stuff. Jeep parts, wheels and tires, toolboxes, shovels, rakes, and implements of destruction. Tire mounting machine in need of refurbishment. Basement has tubs of holiday decorations in one corner. A pantry for canned and dry goods. Three bicycles on a two bicycle tree. Laundry room has the chest freezer, canning and brewing supplies and equipment.
  15. Dressed for work, had coffee, started the car and the low taar pressure light was on. Huh, thought I fixed that last night. Checked the right rear where the problem was. 26 psi. Down from 35 the night before. I guess I’m buying taars today as the original taars have 49,000 miles on them. I was going to save this job for the weekend. Taar store found a screw inside, just off the tread. They will have to get the taars from another store. Have them this afternoon. Not going to work today qualifies as the best thing today. Cut and moved some branches off the downed tree and I’m in the middle of ma
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