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  1. It hit our forum. All the people are fap-charting again. PRI is horrible. It is so sad that PRI would attack a forum, where people are being peaceful. In the middle of a pandemic no less.
  2. Stuffed zucchini here. Chicken, onion, chopped zucchini and seasoning. Topped with Parmesan, baked at 350 for 15 minutes then broiled.
  3. Is better than candy corn. I made a batch today for two friends. One is for Sharon who just celebrated her 90th year traveling around the sun. The other is for Coleen, a former neighbor who had to move into assisted living near Annapolis @MickinMD land. She has been lonely since the Covid shutdown and will like the gift.
  4. @Razors Edge I don’t know if you know the VeloPigs, a local cycling group with a FB page. A Loudoun County farmer and cyclist is doing a 300 mile gravel ride this Saturday 10/31, to raise funds and awareness to preserve the gravel roads in the county as historical preservation against the suburban push to develop and pave the gravel routes that date back to before the Revolutionary War. Here’s a post from Plum Grove Cyclery: This Saturday the 31st, our friend Kasey Clark is doing a big fat gravel ride for sure. A ride to benefit the preservation of the beautiful historic gravel roads, a r
  5. Well you know the Post, Russia, Russia, Russia !
  6. Article on this is in today’s WaPo and mentions the Klamath Falls Hospital: National Security Hospitals being hit in coordinated, targeted ransomware attack from Russian-speaking criminals By Ellen Nakashima and Jay Greene October 28 at 10:12 PM ET Russian-speaking cybercriminals in recent days have launched a coordinated attack targeting U.S. hospitals already stressed by the coronavirus pandemic with ransomware that analysts worry could lead to fatalities. In the space of 24 hours beginning Monday, six hospitals from California to New York have been hit by the Ryuk ransomware, which enc
  7. 22657 Mulholland Dr The house we lived in from 1964-1972. I used to remember the phone number but not anymore.
  8. Old No. 7


    My name is Jack and I approve this message.
  9. You’re a good person @petitepedal. I’m glad to know you. Most people when they see the t-shirt won’t know the story behind it, but you will.
  10. That’s a lot of suck for just one day. Be glad for the things that did work today. You remembered to pack appropriate underwear right?
  11. My dislike of daylight savings time is on par with my feelings for candy corn. Work of the devil and best avoided. I hate it more in the Spring as unlike @Razors Edge, I like riding in the morning. In the winter, it’s dark. I ride with lights. Closer to March, the eastern sky gains light each day, signaling the approach of Spring. Then, WHAM! It’s dark all over again for another 30 days. DST sucks and should be kicked into an unmarked grave in a god forsaken place. YMMV.
  12. Old No. 7


    That’s the next group of names, “Another big ass storm (ABAS) 1 coming in.” Then ABAS 2, etc.
  13. It’s a trick to get you to eat more vegetables.
  14. Great idea. Let’s use the same process that we use for jury duty to pick candidates. We start with 12, winnow them down to four with debates, physical and mental competitions and then vote.
  15. A good serrated bread knife is the tool of choice.
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