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  1. According to my dentist, you will need two implants in your future. If the upper doesn’t have a lower to meet, you will eventually lose the opposite tooth. One implant today or two down the road. Or just go without two teeth and see where that leads.
  2. Was Seinfeld a member of the old Love Forum? He hasn’t posted here in a while.
  3. It’s a shame that we don’t have a weather-death-disaster notification as part of the SWC forum. An early warning would have been better.
  4. That’s awesome, I wish the US followed the leader but they just exploit everyone and everything.
  5. Fleece is warmer than Sherpa isn’t it? I thought sherpa’s were the dudes in the Himalayas who carried the gear for the Mountain climbers.
  6. BSA Officer completed this. I am reviewing for completeness, accuracy, and coverage in the risk and control matrix.
  7. At work, muddling through a 179-page BSA/AML risk assessment. Fun times. Two hours to closing bell.
  8. The answer is no. Shop relies on the supply chain rather than keep excess inventory of stuff that doesn’t sell quickly.
  9. I asked the mechanic there, he said, probably not, but he will check after lunch.
  10. They use commas in curling, don’t they?
  11. Traffic is still lighter than pre-Covid. Not as pain free as at the height of “stay home or die” period. Rt 66, the fastest way to work is still being renovated to add toll lanes so I don’t go that way. Accidents, construction delays and accidents caused by construction delays can and do happen frequently. Last night there was a five-car pileup on 66 eastbound. Early this morning on the beltway near Rt 50 (the area @Razors Edge described) a VW rear ended a dump truck with at least one fatality. Air traffic is up. I drive past Dulles twice a day and can see 7 to 10 planes lined up to land.
  12. Nope, not for me. Our neighbors in Fairfax did one in 2019. Left Florida in October. South America, through the Magellan Straits, got as far as Australia or Vietnam when Covid shut down the cruise. They flew back from there. I don’t know the particulars of any refund or accommodation from the cruise line but they said they enjoyed their trip.
  13. Nope, we weren’t out long enough to freeze. About two hours they were slushy like margaritas. But it was so cold we didn’t drink much.
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