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  1. I’d move the recliner and be park the new fridge in the living room until renovation.
  2. Old No. 7


    Los Angeles. February 1971. San Fernando valley quake. 6.5 Richter scale. I thought it was 7.2 but the wiki corrected me. I was 12. Woke up and the bed was shaking, a picture fell off the wall and cracked. My six year old brother woke and asked, “what’s going on?” “Earthquake, hang on!” No school but mom wouldn’t let us go out. “Downed power lines”. Umm, We have power, how can the lines be down? Still couldn’t go out, damn.
  3. First batch. The larger ones aren’t dry yet.
  4. Smoke dried jalapeño peppers (chipotle)
  5. I see that there are ideas on YouTube.
  6. Log cabin at the state park
  7. Carol and I at Heart Trouble Pl on the climb up Mt Weather. Apples at Sky Meadows State Park, looking north towards Mt Weather. The Appalachian Trail runs through there.
  8. 55 miles. 4 hours, 4,400 feet climbed. My Cyclemeter recorded 3,442 feet but the Garmins on other bikes recorded 4,400. Nice ride in the country. Middleburg to Bluemont, up Mt Weather, descend to Paris VA. Stop at Sky Meadows State Park for water and bathrooms. Delaplane where we saw Robert De Niro’s place. He has a nice vineyard. And back to Middleburg.
  9. Old No. 7


    They wouldn’t be the nuisance they are if they tasted good. Shitbirds.
  10. Chicken fajitas and IPA. I better go light the grill.
  11. That’s why I dine at the Old#7 taco mart down the hall from my office. Custom made the way YOU like them. The beer is always good.
  12. DH is feeling bougie after paying cash for land. The lord and lady are out and about.
  13. I first read that as widow swap. Seemed kinky until I figured it out.
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