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  1. I like the @jsharrstyle. Texas Dirty Hippie. He carried an aroma of sweat, cowshit, patchouli, and scarlet begonias.
  2. All rugs are bad, they lie all the time. Cant trust a lying rug. Caveat emptor.
  3. I made a grilled meatloaf sammich again. It was good, again. Served with homemade bread and butter pickles.
  4. I received my bike in January 2012. I didn't start tracking mileage until 2013 so I have a missed 14 months of miles. I now have 17,600 miles. So like you, close to 20,000 miles.
  5. I find that my answer has changed over time as I gain age and experience. Younger me would spy on people to see what they are like when no one is around. At this point in my life I don't care and wouldn't do much different than I do everyday. A cloak of invisibility would be wasted on me.
  6. Well to be honest I wouldn’t recommend crossing the Rt 340 bridge on a bike after a few beers. But I don’t recommend riding from the C&O Canal up to Rockville either. You know how those Marylanders drive (no offense @MickinMD)
  7. They don’t even list Harper’s Ferry brewing. It’s on the VA side of the river, just off 340 as you enter the state. Less than a mile from Sandy Hook. Rockville? I ain’t going to Rockville from the C&O Canal; that’s dumb!
  8. My name isn’t Aire and I didn’t get a private message.
  9. Old No. 7


    Substitute guacamole for the mayonnaise and you have an LGBT sammich. It’s a very good sammich.
  10. Are you making candy corn salad? Mayonnaise and candy corn? Sounds hideous.
  11. Speaking of work crews, are you familiar with the scam the MA State Police are running? Every roadside work area must be staffed by a state trooper. It’s an overtime cash cow for the staties.
  12. Mass-hole drivers are kind of proud of their reputation. One does not drive defensively in Boston; you drive aggressively.
  13. Old No. 7


    Sunday I made meatloaf. Yesterday I made sourdough sandwich bread. I decided to combine the two for lunch and made a grilled meatloaf sandwich with pepper Jack cheese. What you got?
  14. Dude, can’t you bunny hop? I’ve cleared black snakes on the W&OD many times.
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