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  1. 26.6 miles on the C&O Canal. Antietam to just shy of Williamsport. Ran into a guy i know from the LBS. He’s a regular customer. I’m barely starting the ride and I hear, “On your left”. I recognize him and say, “Hey Steve, Jack from the bike shop!” He did a double take. We rode together for about 12 miles talking stuff. Small world when you’re miles from home, on a semi-deserted path on a weekday.
  2. I call it paying the price of admission. Downhill rides don’t come free.
  3. A couple learn that their joy of conceiving is tempered by sadness when one of the identical twins will be stillborn by a rare condition. Prior to the birth date the couple makes a decision that will affect many. The stillborn infant will be donated to science for neonatal research. However, during childbirth the mother requires emergency attention while the medical staff work for both children and the mother’s health. The result is that one boy is born healthy, the second, born without half a skull, dies minutes after birth. The mother requires seven units of blood to survive. Years later the mother wonders what became of their donation to science. Her book explores what she learned along the way. i met the author and heard her story firsthand in May 2018. I was invited to the talk because I was one of those seven blood donors who saved a life.
  4. Old No. 7

    RG question

    Have you shown RGO stovetop popcorn? If not you need to up your game, stove top popcorn is the bestest. Watch a movie. Eat popcorn.
  5. Old No. 7


    I would love to sit down and play some games with you. I have a mentee at the local elementary school I worked with pre-Covid. He’s 11. We’d meet every Thursday during his lunch period and play games. Battleship, Jenga, Uno. I would challenge his critical thinking skills. Explain where he could get better. It was fun but a learning experience outside the classroom. To work in his math skills I started playing backgammon. He was like a fish to water. Every game ended with a lesson in decision making. I’m so glad he was progressing. We will meet again in the fall.
  6. Four hiking with So7. We drove west on 66 to I81 south to Edinburgh and west on some back roads climbing up to the WV VA state line. Wolf Gap Recreation Area. Big Schloss Trail. Still cloudy at the top but a nice view. Drove to see if the Peters Mill OHV trail was open (not). Had lunch in Woodstock and drove back.
  7. Old No. 7

    Pool party

    Looks like a great place to be. Hope Nana enjoys the visit!
  8. Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. Steamed corn, and biscuits (flour, salt, baking powder, sugar, butter and milk) And beer.
  9. Interesting fact about the Lincoln Memorial. Attending the dedication in 1922 was Lincoln’s son Robert.
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