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My stupid doggies


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I was gone from home for 20 min, the knuckle headed puppy thought it would be a good idea to knock over the container we keep the dog food in... When I got home I was greeted  with a waggly tail of excitement and pure joy..... she then dropped her head in shame when I saw what went on...


As I was getting ready to pick up the large container, the sinister little beagle came traipsing out of the container with a sad look on her face and a waggling tail....



I asked the knuckle head if she was a naughty puppy.... she ran to the other room and rolled over for belly rubs. I refused to pet her for her thievery, so she brought me her ball to play fetch instead..... I told her she was naughty and did not deserve fetch at this point and time.... she disagreed with me by giving me the cute puppy eyes. 


we are still not playing fetch.. she is in timeout right now laying on her comfy bed by the couch. 

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