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0nly 232 mph


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9 minutes ago, jsharr said:

One of the commentators just said that as Takuma Sato went into a corner at over 230 mph qualifying for the Indy 500

Not fast enough.  Some averaged 232 for 4 laps.


And remember my drag racers motto.........."If you can turn, you aren't going fast enough".

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1 minute ago, jsharr said:

There is no one on the board yet with a four lap average over 231.

You're correct.  I misunderstood something I heard yesterday.  I didn't watch much though as Indy isn't the race it could be without Memorial Day and the crowd.  It just seems hollow to me.  Nascar skips all the single car qualifying stuff to streamline their events and it feels better under virus conditions.  The long qualifying days at indy without the spectacle just leave me cold.

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4 minutes ago, jsharr said:

Herta is fastest with a 4 lap average of 230.775

The fast 9 are all slower than that so far.

Different day, differentweather.  How about turn one as the first corner of the race without practice or qualifying.  So far it's worked so well for Nascar that they might make it a regular deal.  It certainly helps reduce costs and I don't think that there's as much sponsor money this year as years past.

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