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My buddy Levi....(not about a cyclist)


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Levi was 27 when he died....10 years ago today.

Mentally and physically handicapped..about the size of a 10 year old...I met him and his mom...20-25 years ago...about 11 years ago when his mom was struggling regarding his care...I told her she needed to look for full time care for him and worry about her own health...she got mad...we have had a very limited relationship ever since.  About a year later Levi died...I went to the house, I went to the funeral..they even had the reception at my condo..........but since then I have contacted his mom 4 to 6 times a year..just to keep in touch but our old friendship is just not there......How is it that I have called her at least 3 times...exactly on his death day (maybe more...just can't remember all 10 years) and at least a couple of times on his birthday...these days are not on my calendar.  I called her tonight..I knew he died in the fall...Octoberish...and I had been thinking about her for a couple of weeks...made a call..the line was busy..and I know she goes to work early...but I called a second time to reach her tonight.


When she told me TODAY was the 10 anniversary of his death...I just said it was Levi making sure I was checking up on her...


I am sorry...but WOW...I just cannot believe this...especially since I have done this at least 3 times if not more.

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