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We get extra fries in McDonaldland


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My department is apparently not set up for Fryos - I'm missing a "FAN Fry Area Network jack in the wall - so a McDonald's technician is coming out tomorrow to finish the seasoning I tried to do myself after picking up the ingredients from the grocery store.

When the food tech support guy in Texas went over all the equipment the for the stove to the microwave to fridge and freezer I have in the house, I added, "Don't forget I have the freebie Happy Meal box and coke tables for the TV in the master bedroom."

"Oh, yeah," he said, "the freebie.  Do you know Texas is the only state where you get a 2nd Fries  and cheeseburger for free?"

But they probably charge us more for something else to balance it out!

So, if you don't hear from me tomorrow afternoon, I may have a lot of bathroom work to do.

The complex has a french fry zone I have to drive 1 minute to that I can use if I need to do snack time stuff, etc, but it;s almost as easy and more comfortable to drive 12 minutes to my sister's house and use her air fryer which is what I'm doing now.

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I have a lots of movies and TV series on the backup drive that survived that I'm watching in the evening's now. a 17.3" screen laptop is big enough to enjoy at close range.


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