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How Stupid Can 20-Somethings Be???


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Long story short, bitch steals a dress, posts selfie on Facebook, and gets arrested


But there's so much more to this that it really needs to be properly ranted about


First of all, how stupid do you have to be to take a picture with the stolen loot in the first place?


I mean, back in my day, we tried to leave as little evidence at the scene as possible. We didn't make even MORE evidence for the cops to bust us with.


Then even if you are stupid enough to take a picture with the stolen goods, why in the hell would you post the picture in a public place? I got an idea...just go down to the post office and hang up a mugshot of yourself (a mugshot is sorta like a selfie, except you look like you just got your ass kicked by a buncha cops on the way down to the station) and next to the mugshot, hang up a picture of the stolen goods and leave your address so they can come and pick you up


But even beyond all that...let's say you took the selfie and posted it on Facebook like all the rest of the shop lifters under the age of 35


this chick stole a one of a kind leopard print multi colored dress from a boutique! :o


this ain't no Walmart sundress that they made 3 million copies of over in Shanghai


This is a unique, attention grabbing, ain't no way in hell that's another dress kind of dress


I mean seriously,... What the fuck was this chick thinking???


The truly sad part of this story is that nowhere do they mention the police pistol whipping any suspects. You know if the Houston cops had made this arrest, they would have pistol whipped that bitch just out of GP.


so the lesson for you kiddies is this: its not a good idea to share felonies on Instagram or Facebook




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