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  1. Most places like to play rape the terrist. Why not, they probably won’t be back anyway?
  2. Maybe you could make it out of wood. Wood floats.
  3. Why would California have a supply problem? I thought they all drove Lectric cars?
  4. I wonder if the gas that contains alcohol eliminated the need for adding dry gas in the winter? Or was it the non-vented fuel systems don’t get condensation. I never used dry gas but I would see people at the gas pumps pouring it in every time the weather got down around zero. We added alcohol to our air lines going to our trailer brakes on our trucks. Not sure it was necessary but the company provided it so we used it.
  5. Good morning, it’s cold this morning. Oreo says he’s ready to come inside for the winter. I’m not ready to start with the litter box thing yet. I have a lunch date with my sister in law and my son and his family at the Olive Garden.
  6. I heard that bacon was high priced so I looked at my LGS it was $6.00 but I think they were 12 oz packages. I don’t care what they charge for bacon, I don’t eat it.
  7. He’s gun shy after what happened to his wife.
  8. I just watch the video again, amazing.
  9. If he had one he would convert it to a single speed, they are more efficient.
  10. Freshly picked Amish green beans, butternut squash and a chicken breast from Aldi
  11. Seven miles cold and wet to test this saddle. I was planning a lot further ride but I was already cold and then it started raining. I know one thing, this saddle is hard. My sit bones don’t have any natural padding. I need to get a lot more miles before I give up on this saddle. I had hi hopes for it. Cold and rain every day in the forecast. I have thirty days to decide if I like it. I think it would be fine on pavement but I don’t have pavement. I paid an insane amount of money for this saddle.
  12. Where was the service? They had those restrictions or were they self imposed? There were 75 people attended my wife’s service in April.
  13. A distant relative of mine had one that looked just like that. He always drove it to family reunions and he had it forever. The last reunion I was at he didn’t drive it. I asked him where it was and he said he is almost too old to drive (he is in his late nineties) so he sold it to someone in England and shipped it back over there.
  14. Good ideer, why didn’t I think of that?
  15. The worst service I ever attended was for one of my uncles. He had a farm, lived in the country and the only services he ever attended were JW. I don’t think he went often but they knew him so they had the leader speak at his funeral. It was so depressing.
  16. I can’t believe any kind of electric heat is cheaper than gas. Well I guess it could be if your electric comes from Niagara Falls. What do you pay for electric per KWH? I just lit a fire in the furnace and stoked it with anthracite coal. It feels so good in here. I have been ok for about a month but not really comfortable. I hate wearing long pants and sweatshirts all the time. I’m getting the house nice and warm for when I get back from my bike ride.
  17. In contrast to that was my wife’s celebration of life service. Everyone that spoke understood the concept you are talking about. I wish my wife would have been there, maybe she was. Everyone said it was the best memorial service they ever attended.
  18. Or make it from sweet corn. The higher sugar content makes higher % alcohol.
  19. How large is too large? I didn’t know there was a limit. It makes sense I guess. When I paid for my Lynskey I paid with my debit card and my bank text me and ask if that was really me bought a $5,200 bicycle in Tennessee?
  20. I love the way they set the page up so the bike looked strange but believable at first and the further down you scroll the more ridiculous it got. Even the real gullible people could figure it out by the end of the page. I like that set up where you can haul an extra ten gallons of water on the front forks. That would be great for the C&O canal or crossing the dessert.
  21. I have had some interesting jobs over the years.
  22. Grandkids, bikes, hospital stays When I worked at the summer camp retreat center I witnessed an incident during special needs camp at the pool. This camp week they come prepared and at least one adult for each special needs kid plus we had our lifeguards on high alert. I watch this one boy with a big smile on his face walk right out, duck under the rope from the shallow end of the pool and keep walking until he was over his head. One of our lifeguards yelled to a man that was tending to another special needs kid in the area and he reached over and pulled him up, still smiling. They just don’t understand the danger of water but they are fascinated with it.
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