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  1. I now understand what "first world problem" means.
  2. No. Muscles are cold. Think of stretching a cold rubber band. I do stretch after my rides, and think it's important to do so for recovery.
  3. Your governor looks angry. Must be a democrat.
  4. I'm personally disgusted and offended by @jsharr and @Randomguy for objectifying women. Terrible. Awful. Got anymore pics?
  5. And, I didn't ask for yours.
  6. Actually it was 5. 5. Golfing acquaintance grandson. Was mildly sick early on. Later his parents had him tested for anti-bodies, which he had. None of his 3 siblings or parents or grandparents tested positive for the anti-bodies.
  7. Actually, it was 4. 1. BIL...caught it at a funeral early on. Got quite sick for 2 + weeks. Didn't require hospitalization. Back to normal. 2. BIL's wife. Same funeral. Case was mild. 3. Friend. Caught it early on in an ENT's doctor waiting room. Violently sick for 2 days. Back to normal. 4. Friend. Caught it from his elderly mother (nursing home...she died). He was sick for 2 days. Not hospitalized. Back to normal.
  8. No, that's how she looks. Yesterday was a bad smoke day, stayed inside mostly and decided to watch a movie. Selected "I See You". HH looked just like that picture. The only way you could tell it was her was by the voice. Awful job.
  9. ...has had plastic surgery. And wrecked her face. If you're going to go that route, spend the money to get it done well. Or just leave well enough alone. She doesn't even look like herself anymore.
  10. Rode zero miles. Winds of up to 50 mph here today.
  11. DH, I think you missed Kzoo's point. He's speaking of liability...like if someone walks across your lot, steps into a little hole and breaks an ankle...then sues you for their medical costs and lost wages, pain and suffering, etc. Obviously you don't need property insurance on dirt, but you do need liability coverage.
  12. If you don't have Course of Construction insurance, get it Monday. As far as on-going insurance, talk with the carrier. They will tell you what they require to justify replacement cost. It seems to me, that the most accurate cost to replace would be the current construction contract. That will obviously change (increase) over time, but right now that's the most accurate number. An appraisal will include the value of the land, which isn't going to need to be replaced. Anyway, that's my advice. I'm in the process of building right now, as well, and what I stated above is what I'
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