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  1. Yeah? My friend has been "Awaiting Validation" for over a week.
  2. Bullshit. 3 daughters, 2 sons. Somehow they knew/know how to dress appropriately.
  3. Goat Geddah

    New York

  4. Yeah, my thoughts exactly...what the point of the thread? None.
  5. Goat Geddah

    Big Sky MT

    Been skiing there. Downhill, not xc.
  6. The Hollywood and political crowd...liberal, clueless hypocrites. The traffic is absolutely stupid.
  7. I've watched all 3 seasons. It is excellent. Billy Bob is a pretty good evil guy, eh?
  8. This is a subject which I fully agree with RG's point of view.
  9. You honored your wife and your relationship beautifully in that post. Prayers to you and for her.
  10. I've met Howie Long and Todd Heap. They are both 6'5". That's pretty big.
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