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  1. Goat Geddah

    LA's Aspen Home

    100's are the largest denomination in circulation. Getting rid of 1,000's had to do with illegal drugs...for whatever that's worth. Oh, we weren't supposed to mention illegal drugs in this thread. I'll probably be banned.
  2. Goat Geddah

    LA's Aspen Home

    There no longer are $1,000 bills in circulation. Haven't been for a long time.
  3. Goat Geddah

    The greatest movie ever made?

    Dodgeball, Cotton.
  4. Goat Geddah

    living in 450 sq ft as a couple

    What is your "best if used by date"?
  5. Goat Geddah

    Guess Where I Am?????

    Where are you? Looks like Friday night at the fights.
  6. Goat Geddah

    Brief health update

    Hey Goldendesign: I haven't been aware of all that you are going through, and you certainly don't need to rehash it for my benefit....but I must say that your attitude is pretty awesome, and I think a lot of people in the medical field believe that it is a positive difference maker. So a big hell yes to you.
  7. Goat Geddah

    a letter to frankie

    I like Frankie, but I don't think he has been fully honest about his pharmaceutical past...because he lied to Betsy about it and he's scared shitless of her.
  8. Goat Geddah

    Are their expressions..

    Did he go missing? She went missing last week. Hell no! There is no verb involved to link the subject to the condition of missing. Missing is a state of being. Is he missing? She is missing. Period. It is what it is, dammit.
  9. Goat Geddah

    Thanks a lot, bastards!

    You don't need their feedback. You are a middle-aged-white-male. You're fucked.
  10. Goat Geddah

    Esther is a fucked up name

    Why don't you give Craig's List a try?
  11. Goat Geddah

    It is true, I am with child

    Depends....is the queen as hot as your avatar?
  12. Goat Geddah

    Esther is a fucked up name

    Old people names are making a comeback. Friends daughter recently had a baby...named him Everett. At least Esther is a biblical name...and reportedly quite a looker.
  13. Goat Geddah

    Does this make me a bad person?

    I don't want grandchildren. Ever. I feel having grandkids would continue that pain. Not your call. And the reasoning is selfish. Seems like a pretty distant relationship if your kids don't talk with you and you don't know why. Maybe you should find out. That's the only way you can determine if it's fixable. Can't imagine how awful it would be if I didn't have a close bond with my kids. Even though four of them are away from home, we still communicate daily...sometime individually, sometimes in the family group text. But there's always contact. I think this is normal. Nonetheless, I do feel very sorry for you.
  14. For sure. At that point you have to speak up.