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  1. I mowed last evening...we are up to 13 piles. I'm guessing that most or all got dropped before I got here last Friday...also evidence of bears climbing my trees. Again, unusual activity...
  2. ....bear shit. That's what I've shoveled up so far as I'm opening up the lake house. One bear sighting...hanging around in my yard. Neighbor who has been here all spring has seen numerous...including one putting his head in through an open window. This is unusual activity.
  3. As is the case with banking. Clear, well defined, SENSIBLE, laws, rules and oversight. That is the legitimate function of government.
  4. I'll answer indirectly. Look at the banking industry. Huge companies, (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, etc.) always mergers and acquisitions. However, there are always start up small banks popping up regularly. So, small and large can co-exist...and the small, in hte case of banking will ultimately get acquired by the big, only to have a new small bank start it all over again. The more the government is involved the more fucked up it's going to be. Health care industry has no chance of being efficient.
  5. It's a race. Between the HC system and illegal/illicit dangerous drugs.
  6. A free market fixes these things quite quickly and efficiently.
  7. John, I'm unaware of what you are afflicted iwth. If you feel like it give me a thumb nail sketch.
  8. why this? Why not IG for both inside and out? Just curious.
  9. John, get well soon. I'm sorry you're going through this.
  10. So, it appears to me that P8 is bragging about his kid getting chased out of the girls swimming pool changing room.... Yeah, G done good!
  11. Very nice. I enjoyed that.
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