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  1. Trying that dog sled thing might be fun to try.
  2. My experience with that S&S carburetor they can work ok but have a flat spot under hard acceleration. I took the S&S off and I'm running a stock Harley CV carburetor. I took the stock carburetor off my 1977 Harley and cut it up and welded the mounting flang to the CV carburetor....works great.
  3. I always tell Wo46 that we are one bad crash away from going back to work.
  4. I don't think we have a gun problem we have a society problem. Shooting over sunglasses https://www.wisn.com/article/family-man-killed-near-marquette-university-over-designer-glasses/35440711 Shooting over a missing hamburger https://www.wisn.com/article/milwaukee-woman-sentenced-shooting-george-webb-server-face-wisconsin/43342306 Yelling slow down https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/2023/03/20/police-arrest-man-in-fatal-road-rage-shooting-on-milwaukees-northside/70030283007/ Too much mayo on a sandwich https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/28/us/subway-worker-mayo-dispute-killing/index.html
  5. That's a 8 letter word....I manly use only 4 letter words
  6. BR46

    Happy Monday

    My sister has been keeping me updated while we are on the road. No changes. Sleeps a lot, eats and drinks very little and wants to home.
  7. BR46

    Happy Monday

    Just stopped at a Cracker Barrel somewhere in Kentucky.
  8. BR46

    Need tires?

    That depends on size of bike, hp, riding style and track surface. My 500 will get about 7 weekends of racing. My son's 650 about 8 races his honda f2 bike about 4 races or works out to be about 100 miles. Little Talladega 3 practice sessions and 2 races and the tires are done.
  9. BR46

    Need tires?

    Depending on size and rubber compound $150 to $350. Sidecar tires are $250 each.
  10. BR46

    Need tires?

    Stick Boy racing (the tire vendor) asked me to watch his trailer while he runs to the food stand for lunch. I think I'll have a boss is gone sale.
  11. The temperature is at 46 and sunny....I like it A little cold for racing but I don't have control of the weather.
  12. I had the tire warmers on hi. On the warm up lap a rider went down hard in front of him and I went between the guy on the ground and the bike missing both by inches. I ended up out in the grass and was able to keep it upright.
  13. 38° and we are in race 1....burrrrrrr Cold tire are no fun
  14. BR46

    Not much help

    Doing some last minute adjustments before loading up the trailer and Jackson is not helping
  15. I was a maintenance guy and my son is a test engineer for yamaha off road Hobbies....yes all the way.
  16. I like the way the narrator sounds amazed that the crankshaft may turn as fast as 5,000 RPMs. Those are rookie numbers. The bike we were working on last night should be good for 3x that.
  17. A great band from the past
  18. When he said...it can do this quietly and reliably for years.
  19. We got it running....no WD40 We were using the wrong size hammer
  20. With the biggest hammer we could find.
  21. Trying to solve a carburetor issue on the kids Next Generation Middle weight Superbike.
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