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Post-covid work interactions- probably changed more than known


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Today at staff meeting we discussed near future of handling informal scrums,  staff meetings if they are best hybrid (some people remote while others in office), problem of hearing colleague not far away also talking via video on same meeting , then mega-meetings other times involving approx.  80 people and  IF  people would even bother to come to classroom training when we get back to normal.

Normal for us this spring, is still working at the office only part-time, and other time remote from home.

Honest:  I really think lots of employees we know, will just prefer to remote in.  Except maybe for office employees who find it better to work at office, 'cause of kids, other home distractions or whatever. In my organization, I think for some depts., the new normal...will not be the same pre-covid.

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  • shootingstar changed the title to Post-covid work interactions- probably changed more than known

28 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

I am operating in pre-covid style.  Life is good. 

Same here. There are some precautions in place. I think people are more likely to stay home if they are ill than in the past. That's probably a good thing. Fewer colds and flu buzzing around the workplace is fine by me. 

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