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Lots of tomatoes picked Nov. 5th!


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I'm pleased with the unusually warm November, so far, and the number of tomatoes still growing and ripening.

The big 4+" Brandywine Pink one is 12 oz.  The rest are smaller Brandywine Pink and Cherokee Purple, San Marzano Plum, Wapsipinicon Peach, and cherry tomatoes: Yellow Pear, Sun Gold, and Supersweet 100.  I'm having some of these with the Alfredo Linguine with Shrimp, Asparagus, Peas, and Onion I made yesterday.

The big ones are firm and taste great, but maybe a little reduced in firmness from the summer tomatoes.  The cherry tomatoes still taste great.


I hope the killer frost holds off until later November - it's due by Nov. 14th.  The are hundreds of unripe tomatoes that I hope will ripen on the windowsill as the plants get killed off.

There are lots of 3 - 4+" beefsteaks:

20221105_150121_crop_900p.jpg.582a77bbe805a3394b55ffe2a3489c9c.jpg 20221105_150545_crop_900p.thumb.jpg.b3e1514c061bfb45ebf8ae18ae02497f.jpg

The vines have grown at least twice as long as their 5' tall cages and different varieties are all mixed together.

20221105_150115_crop_900p.thumb.jpg.3e2d81f45ccda726a5d670193e288edb.jpg 20221105_145858_crop_900p.jpg.eda46107d7413ddd93802c7a8883339f.jpg

The cherry tomatoes are growing in clusters of 1" diameter tomatoes, as are the San Marzanos.  A couple weeks and they'll be good!

20221105_150149_crop_900p.jpg.c5acd16aeac979862c68d613b7822945.jpg 20221105_150204_crop_900p.jpg.470f58c4b87085e8cbdb94f44f41c857.jpg

20221105_150623_crop_900p.thumb.jpg.bc3e7e26b9916d022ab241611dda570f.jpg 20221105_150605_crop_900p.jpg.348d7e19fec8c15141c704eb4f762d9a.jpg


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