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About that friend of mine


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How about an update on her?  How is she doing?

She is doing well.  Goes to rehab daily.  Has been fitted with basic walking legs and is trying out different arms.  Can walk now using a walker and is investigating learning to drive again.


She is very independent.  Can brush her own teeth again and is learning to do everything she could do before she got sick.


We just found out this weekend that we will be going to Greenwood Creek Ranch with their family and another family that has been through all of this with them as well for Spring Break.


It was right before Spring Break last year when she got sick.


This is huge, because in one of her low moments, she was very sad because she thought she would never go to Greenwood again.  The place is special too her, as her great grandfather built in in the 1930s and it has been in the family for generations.

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