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Hey Cheese, it's Dapper Day at Disneyland

Page Turner

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...we need to go next year.:) I will bring my Edith Piaf CD's, and we can play them on our way to the park.



Cheese needs a special day to be dapper?  Jeeze...I picture cheese in Searsucker suit every day...how much dapper do you need when south of the Mason Dixon line?

On a side note...I'm lovin the petticoats. Sassy and flirty.

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Or a zoot soot. :D


Yeah...maybe, but bow ties don't go well with zoot soots....usually....

But, would cheese be the one to pull it off? Possible....


Wait...that's more like a tux. Let me try again:


Helllooooo little school girl. (to the tune of SRV)

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