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  1. ...why would anyone but you be a consideration ? I don't get it ? ...suckup much ? ...once you figure out where the toxic is coming from, it's not that hard to avoid it. The tricky part is stepping back for a moment, and trying to figure out why the taste has changed.
  2. ...do you think the State Fair traffic pushed her over the edge ?
  3. ...stay strong. Most eating is all in your head, anyway. Think of the money you'll save on food. And no bothersome dishes to wash.
  4. ...you're probably not old enough to know, but Lucille Ball started her Hollywood career as quite a sexpot.
  5. ...less working, more riding. Image loading not working for me now.
  6. ...State Fair here is terrible now. Used to be my favorite thing to do, but they've gradually eliminated everything I liked to save some money. No tractor pull, no demolition derby, no RV demolition derby, no chinses acrobats. And they hired some hypnotist for the stage show who is terrible. And the horse racing was cut way back this year, because of the heat. they didn't want to explain why some of the horses dropped dead on the track. I hope the MN state fair is still as wonderful as it was when I lived there.
  7. ...as an OT 8, I am a member of Sea Org. We don't need no stinking Greenpeace when we want to go to sea. "We Come Back"
  8. ...I heard he joined the Church of Scientology, and had enough cash to make OT 8. You shouldn't believe everything you hear. But it seems to be going around, so what do I know ?
  9. ...so why continue to exaggerate it ? Let the poor man rest in peace.
  10. ...much truth in this. What do you call it when someone chooses to escape an abusive environment ... healing ?
  11. ...it's not exactly the same smog they get in LA, but it's similar. The prevailing wind patterns in summertime often push the air particulates generated in the Bay Area in our direction, and the valley itself is a giant bowl, so if the wind dies down and there's an inversion layer, it gets pretty nasty.
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