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  1. ...as I recall, the bears used to be outrageous at Big Meadows. I can remember a couple of times when a regular visitor bear came in in the evening, knocked over a series of trash cans (going in a line from can to can), inspected the contents, finally found some sack of garbage meeting his personal preferences, then marched away dragging it in his mouth so he could eat in peace, without the crowd that had gathered around. I never camped there, this was just a stop for showers, hiking on through. I imagine they fixed that by now, before someone got killed.
  2. Page Turner

    So Page

    ...I already tried an online ordering system they have set up at the local Honda dealer, (Bliss Power and Lawn Equipment....how can you go wrong with a name like that ? ). I plan to buy that simple side discharge model for under 400 bucks if I pick it up at the dealer, but the online ordering appears not to be working. So much for bliss. I'll need to call them sometime this week and get an order going
  3. ...I think you should go camping over in the area around Old Rag Mountain, which is lovely for hiking.
  4. ...and everything tastes better if you have to wait for it. Have you learned nothing in life @Forum Administrator ?
  5. ...what if there were a special BMW limited edition model, and it came in sunset orange ?
  6. You know youare getting old when you stop laughing at the life alert commercials.
  7. ...said everyone ever trying to sneak into the house quietly after closing down the bars.
  8. ...and I take issue with the solution in this thread.
  9. ...I'm trying to resist buying one of these, which I would wear everywhere.
  10. ...one of those links upstream is to lawnmower decks on e-bay. Maybe if this was some fancy-dancy, self propelled , advanced guidance system mower, it might be worth it to pay $75 and another $50 shipping for a deck, but in this case with a brand new Honda side discharge equivalent mower available for under $400, and I can pick it up locally for free, it makes no sense.
  11. ....I have the earliest apples I grow available on the tree right now. My all out war of extermination on codling moth here seems to have worked. I am pleased, and had fried apple crepes for lunch today.
  12. ...that works, too. But it sounds tedious sitting in a lawn chair, up all night with a shotgun.
  13. ...why would kids who are criminals and thieves pay any attention to bicycles ? Seriously, though, a couple of locals like that can turn building a house into a nightmare. They cruise through your home in progress looking for tools that are not taken home with you at night, and often use your under construction home as a place to party and smoke the killer weed. I think I'd invest early in a video surveillance system that broadcasts in real time to your home computer, and stores the images. You need something to show the cops besides your suspicions.
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