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  1. Page Turner

    I go to the Dr. today

    ...deep vein thrombosis was one of my first thoughts, too, but it doesn't jive with all the other fever and miscellaneous symptoms. Also, there is almost always some distinct and unmistakable swelling with CVT, and the patient has made no mention of swelling. Certainly the sharp pain on the lower extremity, the redness and the band around the leg are all symptomatic of DVT. But I presume that even in Greenville a GP would have enough experience to spot this and rule it out.
  2. ...I'm not a doctor, but I played one on TV. The patient is presenting with a set of confusing symptoms, some of which may not be related to his chief complaint of pain, redness, and rash in the lower extremity. Tests to rule out local infection, circulatory disorder issues, and more general infectious disease issues have been ordered. Advised to avoid sugar. Return in one week for followup and evaluation. Please make sure we have a current copy of his insurance card.
  3. Page Turner

    Red flag warning

    ...mostly, the training is big on going for the spot that's already burned over, or for the rocks, IIRC. They give everyone one of those emergency shelter, mylar reflective thingies, but they also tell you if you use it you're probably gonna die.
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  5. Page Turner

    I'm going to curse now

    ...that house (on the inside) looks exactly like the place a bunch of hippies from Asheville would pool their money and buy to start a commune.
  6. Page Turner

    I'm going to curse now

    ...I think maybe the last house that sold near me went for about that price. And these are two and three bedroom California Ranch houses from the 50's.
  7. Page Turner


    ...best username ever !!
  8. Page Turner

    Red flag warning

    ...if you can't get to the river, dig a shallow hole, crawl in, cover yourself with a space blanket, and kiss your ass goodbye.
  9. Page Turner


    ...I learned about how I react to sleep deprivation in the fire department. It's not pretty.
  10. Page Turner

    I'm going to curse now

    ...that's a shame. It goes without saying that the new owners don't deserve it as much as you do.
  11. Page Turner

    I need an update

  12. ..."A pig that smart, you wouldn't want to eat him all at once."
  13. Page Turner

    Cycling question, sorry

    ...rim tape will work on them, too. Apply as needed, strategically placed around the mouth, hands, and ankles
  14. Page Turner

    Do you get all the blame?

  15. ...will you be exploring new career options ?