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  1. ...color me astonished. You must consider yourself to be close to those other 5 people. I'm not talking about religion, I'm talking about stuff like, "Well, how about that Doug Ford then, eh ? That boy has got some tics and twitches, don't he ? I wonder if he'll be near as much fun when he dries out ? " What the hell do they cover in the newspapers up there ? (*insert professional hockey joke here*)
  2. .. this is where it always goes here. I express my genuine opinion in a serious answer, and someone says, "Don't be a dick." Maybe you have managed to convince yourself that everyone in the world who experiences it differently than you is a dick. I have not (yet). To say this is disappointing understates the case. What is "fair to all" exactly ? What does it even mean in the context of your forum ? Nobody called you a bully, yet that's exactly how you choose to hear me. How the fuck is anything I've said in this thread expressive of a desire for people to less enjoy the on
  3. What's next for us ? ...everyone takes banjo lessons and we all learn to play Foggy Mountain Breakdown.
  4. ...so tell me. Do all us white people look alike to you ?
  5. ...a gentleman does not kinky sex and tell. We just don't.
  6. ...I was expecting some sort of kinky sex punchline. Like the "one time at band camp" stories.
  7. ...it might bring back @FX_James_7.9, spreading the gospel of Veganism. That would be great, wouldn't it ?
  8. ...I can't imagine upsetting any of them, and what the repercussions might be.
  9. ....so he has surrounded himself with yes men ? I rest my case.
  10. ...how long can you tread water ?
  11. ...am I wrong in surmising that's why there was a separate forum for political and religious discussion ? Anyway, I put it to you as well: have you ever eaten breakfast or lunch with a group of people on a semi regular basis at some cafe or restaurant ? Was there some treaty arrangement where politics and the news were off the table for discussion ? I mean, I've done that with some genuinely egregious assholes in the fire department. We all knew where everyone stood on that stuff. We all continued to order the same stuff for breakfast. We all went home afterwards, and we all took naps. N
  12. ...I know that you are convinced that this is the case. Personally, I think maybe you are confusing the conflict with the subject matter. It was pretty obvious to me that I was never gonna be best pals with @Thaddeus Kosciuszko, and I knew @Wilbur's antics from another forum ( the one I cannot name here.) That in itself is different from whatever is the topic at hand....political or otherwise. What I found fascinating in how that all played out on this forum was how the political got dragged into the Cafe, despite repeated pleas and admonitions, by the very people who ha
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