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  1. ...I have a large collection of British and Italian Royal family commemorative forks, that will someday increase in value.
  2. ...IDK, if you draw the imaginary line along the head tube down to the wheel axle, it looks less radical.
  3. ...some of us are 1%er's here. Not you of course, Mr. Common Man.
  4. ...no really. And it's not even a collectible British Royal Family commemorative fork that is guaranteed to increase in value.
  5. ...I actually do fear hospitals and emergency rooms. Having worked in emergency services, I'm familiar with the staffing qualifications.
  6. ...the RB-1 road bicycle. For years they commanded high prices on the used bike market. The Cult of the Bridgestone RB-1 Can you say, "Grant Petersen" ?
  7. ...that's dumb. You just add glycol antifreeze and you're good to go.
  8. If you’re a consumer and you want to see what Bridgestone is up to, you can get a glimpse of the airless tire solution during the Tokyo Summer Olympics in a few months time. As the official tire company of the Olympic games, Bridgestone will be outfitting the entire area with publicly available bicycles with new airless tires. https://jalopnik.com/bridgestone-says-airless-tires-are-coming-soon-to-bicyc-1841140591
  9. ...everybody dies. You can't fear what appears to be a universal human experience. Unless maybe you believe in hell and eternal torment. In which case you ought to get your shit together while you still can.
  10. ...you don't actually live in Texas, do you ? I've suspected this for some time now.
  11. ...he was overdue for his semi-annual anal probe.
  12. ...are you gonna ask the doctor to dress up like an alien ?
  13. ...when I was a lad, we had no reality TV. Me dad made us make do with reality. But we were 'appy in those days.
  14. ...when I was a kid, we used trot lines with chicken parts and those string dip nets to take crabs. Getting them out of the net and into the 5 gallon bucket was part of the adventure. I can even remember wading around in the weeds near Chesapeake Beach and catching them as they dodged away. It wasn't very efficient, but we were kids so it didn't matter.
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