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  1. Page Turner

    Edgy In This Place Lately?

  2. Mango is like a drug. You must have more and more and more of the Mango until there is no Mango left. Not even for Mango!
  3. Page Turner

    Edgy In This Place Lately?

    ...it's the new, longer pagination format. It gives people more time to be offended.
  4. ...pic assist. It's just like one of these guitars:
  5. ...wait until you price one of those "professional bike fit" places before you make that call.
  6. ...also, why is this not in the cycling topics ?
  7. ...bar ends make a big difference, in terms of additional hand positions. Also, thosr ergonomic grip thingys are pretty good. I have them on most of my straight bar setups. If your hands are falling asleep after 15-20 miles it's usually related to too much weight on your hands and arms, which is addressed by saddle tilt and position fore and aft, not by a different bar. Balance on the saddle is something a lot of people never quite figure out, which is a shame. You need to be pretty neutral fore and aft, or at the most with a very slight forward balance. Some of it depends on fitness and flexibility, which changes depending how much you're on the bicycle at any given time. I have a number of setups with some backward tilt on the saddle as the only way I can get a good wietght balance. Also, too long a stem will pull you forward and put too much weight on your arms/hands. None of this will be fixed by a different bar.
  8. ...the guy I met here who has done the most miles on a bike (he was taking a break from doing an around the world by bike tour) had a straight bar setup on his bike, with bar ends IIRC. Every time I see someone go by me out on the bike trail hunched down low on a set of aero bars, I feel sorry for them. Part of the reason I'm out there riding is to look around at the scenery, not down at the ground.
  9. Page Turner

    Is it a bad way to be?

    ...this is how raisinists always argue. They deflect onto someone else, in this case @jsharr and his udder as anti-rodeo. #sad!
  10. Page Turner

    Is it a bad way to be?

    ...that looks like a pretty real cow mask to me.
  11. Page Turner

    Is it a bad way to be?

    ...you're a raisinist. You're a rabid raisinist.
  12. Page Turner

    Why I admire Petite

  13. Can you take the blue from the sky? Can you put the wind in your pocket? Can you catch a rainbow? No! Such is Mango!