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  1. Page Turner

    I wish these folks had been my in-laws

    ...I can still remember the first apartment I rented. It gave me some place to stay off base, in the navy, so it was exciting. The parents are puzzling. But they are parents. Child/parent interaction has always been a puzzle to me. All the photos of me as a kid just have me standing there looking lost.
  2. Page Turner

    I wish these folks had been my in-laws

  3. Page Turner

    I wish these folks had been my in-laws

    ...we call them "manufactured homes" now. Much more elegant and with a hint of the mysterious. "Manufactured from what ?" you might find yourself wondering. "Was it manufactured in America? Have I contributed toward boosting the domestic economy ?"
  4. Page Turner

    I wish these folks had been my in-laws

    ...this is me, crying because you did not give me a like.
  5. Page Turner

    This is how you become a whore

    ...if you don't get a job pretty soon in your field of experience, you will be giving hand jobs for crack.
  6. Page Turner

    I wish these folks had been my in-laws

    ...first tornado that blows through, she'll be in Oz, looking for the Wizard.
  7. ...more on windows. The house we had here before this one, a 900 square foot "cottage" style place that was originally built in the 1920's and then expanded with a couple of small additions over the years, had a lot of windows in it. They were all multi-paned, wood, double hung sash weight windows. Over the years, about half of them had broken the sash ropes, and so you had to prop them open with sticks if you needed an open window. I loved those windows, they were beautiful, Not real practical in terms of energy efficiency, but genuinely representative of a certain era in windows. I remodeled that house completely, but I could not bear the thought of ripping out those windows. So I opened up all the sash channels during the remodel and replaced all the sash cords with some sort of modern sash cord that was made out of some marine polypropylene rope that would last a long time. I'm sure whoever bought it from the people I sold it to replaced those beautiful windows with some modern, trashy looking stuff. But I tried.
  8. Page Turner

    Just a Joan Crawford thread

    ...was it ever in question ?
  9. Page Turner

    How many tables are available for seating in the Cafe?

    ...that looks nice. I would breakfast there without reservation.
  10. Page Turner

    Just a Joan Crawford thread

    ...this is not Joan Crawford, but I found it especially entertaining.
  11. Page Turner

    Just a Joan Crawford thread

  12. Page Turner

    Just a Joan Crawford thread

    ...Our Dancing Daughters was the film that rocketed her to stardom.
  13. Page Turner

    Just a Joan Crawford thread

  14. ...when we bought this 1950's California Ranch style house, it had all casement windows. When we had the cash to replace the 1950's casements, I selected vinyl sliding windows, manufactured by Milgard, I have no regrets, and have yet to bump my head on an open sliding window while weeding or trimming in the foundation planting shrubbery. Which I did several times on those stupid aluminum casements. We did have Pella wood casements on the house in the foothills. It had a full basement, and the windows were up higher because the foundation extended higher above ground level. Those were also very fine windows. I support @Airehead 's decision to go with whatever she deemed appropriate for her circumstances, and feel that @AirwickWithCheese might not be seeing the window issue through a clear and undistorted pane.