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  1. ...perspective is everything in life. I would submit that neither of you have any idea of mine. I would need hip boots to continue this conversation, because it's getting pretty deep in here.
  2. ..is it ? Thank you for this. I had not, prior to this, understood that pre Kindergarten was the appropriate level of communication. ...I'm not sure why you think I have not accepted the hiding of that thread. Indeed, in my first or second post in it (I would quote it for you, but it's hidden now), I mentioned that to address the CRT aspect of it would quickly veer off into the political, so I just wanted to restrict it to my puzzlement over why so many people in America were upset about common core math teaching. If you were somehow interrupted in your Easter festivities, I'm sorry. It certainly was not me who interrupted you. I thought I dealt with it pretty effectively, at the time. I posted you a classic piece of American music, that I sometimes use to take away the sting of disappointment. I gave you the Barry Manilow version, which cis about as apolitical as I am capable of being. Here is the slightly more political (but better musically) Billie Holiday version. This is a great deal of ado about precious little. If that's moderation, I must misunderstand the concept. Tucker Carlson talking about the End of Men is funny. It makes me sad that between you and @Thaddeus Kosciuszko, it now qualifies as something else to be hidden.
  3. ...and for the record, whoever marked that as the solution, you really haven't solved much. Just sayin'.
  4. ...I think maybe that irony gets manipulated a lot here. And it's in keeping with the topic, because Tucker can't take a joke either. That's what I think. As for the rest of your contribution here, maybe your opinions and my opinions will never, ever, in a million years, coincide. I'm fine with that. But this idea you keep referencing that, somehow, if we were all better adults, things would go more smoothly here, is nonsense. Adults can talk about adult topics without needing to hide stuff. I would suggest that you lighten up, Francis. This was a pretty obvious joke about hiding threads and testicle tanning. I'm sorry if you didn't get it. But you appear to be easily offended, by just about anything I manage to post. When you speak of conflict being essentially non existent, I have to wonder where you've been all the years you've spent on this forum. Conflict is not non existent, it simply goes along unresolved, because you cannot resolve conflict without meaningful exchange of words. Sometimes, even then, it continues. To expect or to strive for a level of conflict here that is less than that in an average Disney movie strikes me as a highly unrealistic expectation. Good luck with setting that as the goal.
  5. ...my father and I were heavily into the Swanson's frozen pot pies, on the weekends, when my mom worked as a nurse. I've eaten literally hundreds of them.
  6. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/04/tucker-carlson-consider-testicle-tanning-end-of-men ...see, Lance Armstrong figured this testosterone thing out years ago, but he was crucified for being ahead of the curve.
  7. ...I want everyone to just sit back and watch it. Then think for a moment, and explain to me what Tucker Carlson is saying here ? Because this promo video is just delicious. https://twitter.com/i/status/1515130557675581442
  8. ....notice how Macron is smirking. That's because he's playing with himself up on stage, with the hand in his pocket.
  9. Complaints of poor construction are on the rise in new luxury rental and condo buildings, after two chaotic years of New York real estate amid the pandemic. New development is rarely perfect, but a crop of pandemic-era apartment buildings that have hit the market show that two years of stop-and-start construction, global supply chain issues, pressure from lenders and yo-yoing housing prices have taken a larger toll. Complaints and legal claims are already emerging, signaling that a confluence of all factors amid the Covid crisis could continue to be a problem for new construction — from entry-level studios to top-tier penthouses — for years to come, according to lawyers and development consultants.
  10. ...I think @Randomguy must be loaded with cash. I bet he lives in one of those co-op buildings with a doorman, like on Seinfeld.
  11. ...there is at least one species of hummingbird that winters over, here in Sacramento. By the time January of February rolls around here, with nothing in bloom, they hit my feeders pretty regularly. Right now, they are occasional visitors, but seem to prefer real flower nectar to the sugar water I serve up in my feeders, even if it is more work. We get a couple of other species as migrant visitors over the fall and spring migrations. None of them seem to be particularly interested in eating at the feeders together, except for the younger small ones who sometimes show up in pairs. There is one guy on the neighborhood Next Door forum who has a nest observation camera set up in his back yard, who posts videos sometimes that are interesting. https://nextdoor.com/p/nKj_Zz8qhChg?view=detail&init_source=search&query=hummingbird
  12. ...the logical conclusion is that the weather forecast is always suspect.
  13. ...and I woke up this morning realizing that this entertainment trend of spending some time with the rich and beautiful people wandering around New York City, from palatial apartment, to taxi, to a romantic scene in Central Park or along the East River, has absolutely zero connection to the NYC I experienced in real life. I wasn't born and brought up there, but I did visit pretty regularly in my first 20 or so years on the planet, and had both relatives and friends who lived there, so I could see how they lived. Here's some footage from A Rainy Day in New York: ...and here's the trailer from Modern Love: This weirded me out a little bit, because it is an exact formulaic replica of the movies set in NYC in the 1930's, during the Great Depression, starring people like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, or those Thin Man movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy (with their dog, Asta). I enjoyed the movies. I cannot help but wonder if it is because they allowed me to cast aside all concerns with the realities and worries of the little people for a couple of hours ?
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