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The green tunnel


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This is my access road to the Airline trail.  The trail is 1/2 mile and -300 feet from here.  I can no longer make it up or even down without stopping.  Right now during tick season you don't want to go this way as you have to walk into deep leaves to get around some downed trees.


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18 minutes ago, donkpow said:

That's a nice looking place.

It's a very old road that has turned into a seasonal creek.  Because of the slope all the top is washed away and rocks, roots and sand is what's left.  DH would love it but it's too short for her.  At the bottom however, is one of the nicer bike trails around.  It's an old railroad line converted and it spans more than half of the state.  One can easily do 40 milers and never see a road except to cross one.  It can run for mile after mile though at a 3% grade with sudden hills where the trail has been built up to roads that used to cross on bridges.  

The 3% grade is one of the eventual undoings of the Airline Railroad venture as it severely limited the number of cars that could be pulled by the engines available.  The final straw was during the hurricane of 38 when the 1000ft trestle went down.  That is replaced by a viaduct today.  The valley depth is 139ft at that point.  

The grade on the trail however is preferable to the roads around it that go up and down constantly.  This part of CT looks like the egg crate foam you put under a mattress pad.  We don't have mountains but we seem to climb a lot.

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