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The Story of Roger Daltrey Performing Tommy with the DSO

Mr. Silly

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Once upon a time Mrs. Silly purchased some concert tickets to see Roger Daltrey perform at Meddowbrook.  This made me happy because I've never seen The Who and at this point, seeing him perform solo was probably the best I'd be able to do.  I was also pleasantly surprised to learn the Detroit Symphony Orchestra would be accompanying him at show.  My excitement peaked when I learned that he would be performing Tommy in its entirety.  This all made me happy.

The day of the concert came and we left for the show.  I checked Android Auto and they said to take Adams road to Meddowbrook.  That is the fastest way.  It is about a 20 minute car ride or an hour and a half by bike.  Since Mrs. Silly doesn't ride, I thought it was best we drive,  This made me feel responsible. 

We were about 3 miles from the venue and there was a sign saying Adams road was closed for construction.  I felt confused because Android Auto is pretty good at warning you about construction.  That's OK, I ride in that area and know of a second option.  This made me feel clever.  We turned around and headed for Squirrel Rd.  But there was construction on Squirrel as too since the intersection was paved with bricks instead of cement and snow plows would chip and dislodge the bricks.  This made me feel frustrated that Plan B might not work but also a little relieved because riding over bricks on a bike is literally a pain in the ass.  I followed the detour signs and got past the construction area and after going through another construction zone, we made it to the venue.  This made me feel relieved.  

When we got to the part place where we park Mrs. Silly asked the attendant where VIP parking was.  Apparently the tickets she purchased included VIP parking.  We showed the attendant the ticket with the indication that we paid for VIP parking and the kind attendant gave us directions to get there.   This made me feel special.  To get to VIP parking, we had to leave the way we came in so we had the opportunity to be assholes as we drove into the traffic of people arriving at the concert.  This made me feel a little embarrassed but since we had VIP parking, we wouldn't see those people again.  

We got to our seats.  They were pretty good, row M about 1/3 to the left side of the stage.  We were in front of the violin section and where the guitarist Simon Townsend (kid brother of Pete) would stand.  20180705_193608.thumb.jpg.387f1c6c375954bbb137f237faaaf714.jpg

The venue was packed.   This was the view behind us.20180705_201801.thumb.jpg.872a737fe2fdc3e410c44a5521132469.jpg 

We were in front of the violin section and where the guitarist Simon Townsend (kid brother of Pete) would stand. 


The show started with the Tommy Overture and the sounded very good.


The Roger Daltrey came on stage and sang.  


Most shows start with everyone on their feet then after a song or two everyone sits down.  This is what happened for the most part.  The exception was the drunk guy behind me.  He wanted to stand.  This didn't bother me but it bothered everyone behind him.  They urged him to sit and he argued back and it got loud.  This was bothersome.  He also would talk to Roger Daltrey, "You're killing it tonight, Roger", "You're sounding good tonight" and so on.  I don't think Roger heard him.

Simon (The Lesser) Townsend sounded good too.  His voice sounds just like his big brother Pete's


Roger played tambourine  too. 20180705_203905.thumb.jpg.d66997c7ea242ba41ace166e9325e474.jpg


They performed Tommy playing one song after another with no intermission.  The album is only like an hour and 15 minutes.  So when they finished they played a couple Who songs.  They played Who Are You and Bobba O'Riely then some piece of crap song off Daltrey's new album.


We left before the piece of crap song off his new album and missed most of the traffic leaving.  We also knew about the construction and chose a third way home that avoid all construction.  Once we got home, Mrs. Silly and I enjoyed a cocktail on the patio to unwind then we went to sleep and dreamed of a wonderful evening enjoying Roger Daltrey performing The Who's Tommy.


The End.

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