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Weekend cooking


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5 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

Ran out of time and energy last week to make the baked ziti....so it is on for this weekend...I have hot / spicy Italian chicken sausage (they did not have sweet :angry:) but it should still be tasty.

I made ziti with hot sausage this week and we finished it up last night. I couldn’t believe my wife could eat it. The hot sausage was extremely hot and I had used a whole package of it.

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Speaking of taste better, that nanna bread was amazing. We both really liked it. When I had the cafe I cheated on the nanna bread because I had so many things to bake and a short amount of time to do it. I started with a mix and added extra bananas and nuts. I also added chocolate chips sometimes but your nanna bread was better.

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I just googled a recipe..my nanas were not as dark as I would have liked..but :dontknow: I remembered how much my mom liked someones banana bread and the recipe used oil in it...so I looked for something like that....I have to say...I worry with nana bread cos sometimes the middle isn't quite cooked and the outside is dark.  I enjoy baking, just don't do too much of it.

Glad you guys liked it...

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