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  1. Millionth post
    The first nap of vacation

    Yay,  I hope you get another nap tomorrow!


    This is our One Millionth Post!!!


  2. Can We Fix PZ's Image Issue?
    Can We Fix PZ's Image Issue?

    ...since it seems to be a problem.  

    And not just from from Google with an htpps:// prefix.


    It looks like to me that the software doesn't like substitution of characters. These two URLs are "technically" identical:


    ...but only the second one works.  A "%2F" = "/" in ASCII, and it seems odd the "legit" way would fail versus the sort of less legit way would work.




  3. Yo madmaxx
    Yo madmaxx

    My experience with "low glow" led's has been bad.  Their purpose is to not be seen when the IR flash goes off.  The result IMO is dim lighting and a low range capability.  After trying a couple of Bushnell cams roughly comparable to the one you are asking about I realized that "low glow" was not for us.  Smudge recommended Moultrie Game Cams and I purchased one of these


    The first one failed at the end of the first month when I replaced the batteries. (failed to turn back on)  Amazon replaced it for free and that one has been working flawlessly.  Hosmudge also had a problem with one but I believe Moultrie repaired it or replaced it.  I only use relatively expensive Energizer Ultimate AA batteries as it's a bit of a power hog.  Most of the really good pics don't use the advertised range however as they are taken at a distance of about 30/40 feet.  It's a much better camera than my older Akaso which was a 12 mega pixel camera.

    I have a fitting on the side of the house with a cobbled together set of hot shoe adapters so that the camera can be slid in and out of the mounting and aimed in azmuth and altitude.  I bring the camera in every morning and down load from the sd card.  I use the adapters because I don't want to screw into the threads on the camera every day and wear them out.  Out in the yard when the food is back by the woods (the pics you've seen lately) the camera is mounted on an inexpensive aluminium tripod and doesn't have to be removed.  I just bring the whole rig in each day and put it out again at night.

    That should be enough info to start.

  4. RE to the Di2 phone
    RE to the Di2 phone
    52 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

    So, I borrowed my wife bike that has Ui2.  You've mentioned being able to see the shifts and gearing and control what the buttons do.  Do you have a newer Di2 setup?  Did you by the kit from Shimano to get it to work?

    There are two separate topics there - one is display and one is control/mapping.

    From the real time display perspective, it simply requires a Garmin (or similar) that has a BT/ANT+ connection to the Di2.  I think the newest Di2 does this via the smart battery, but my older Di2 needed the D-Fly unit (the EW-WU101 or the EW-WU111) to talk directly to the Garmin. That transmits all sorts of info, so you just need to decide what you want to see.  I choose rear gear selection (on main screen) and Di2 battery level (on a later screen), and the front and rear shift totals are shown in the ride report summary.

    Likewise, the control/mapping portion is controlled via the main junction <-> USB cable <-> laptop OR the EW-U111 via BT ("the Inline Wireless Unit lets you customize your drivetrain and update firmware right from your smartphone or other Bluetooth equipped device"). Adding in Synchro shifting, which I don't use, also requires the newer battery (I think because it has extra memory???)  This video (and ones like it) help demystify it a little bit :D



  5. Bibs
    Time For New Bibs


    Couple things that set them apart, the soft stretchy shoulder straps, and their old chamois. They are so small, that it's made to order, so asking for a different chamois, or anything is no big deal.



  6. What is up with your damn avatar?
    What is up with your damn avatar?
    51 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

    I wish I knew, here are a couple of her.

    Image result


    Image result for cycling chicks

    Sandra Milena Ospina.

    Ask and you shall receive.


  7. Are you the type that likes to get the last word?
    Are you the type that likes to get the last word?

    Is yes, then this thread should easily hit 100 pages.

  8. Bikini pic
    Do you eat a lot of salt?

    @bikeman564™, if she gets mad at me, I did this for you.


  9. Highly recommended
    Highly recommended

    I've watched it twice.  If you haven't already seen it, it is a well done story of the 1936 Washington eight crew.  Based on the book, The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown.

    The "Rocky" story of rowing.  :)

    Here is a link.  53 minutes well spent.


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