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  1. Mine is old enough that it dates back to the pre-Thule days and still works fine. It’s been left on, rained on, backed into and has no issues. I replaced the bolts with stainless a while ago, when it started to get creaky when folding, but that probably wasn’t necessary. It’s a bit of a beast to pick up, shove in the receiver and get the bolt lined up, and it’s awkward as hell to store.
  2. I have the SportWorks version of this Thule rack. (Thule bought SportWorks). Has held everything I’ve thrown at it, including a short wheelbase recumbent. (Had to buy the wider tray for the fatbike tire). Loads securely in about thirty seconds. Fairly idiotproof idiot resistant. Pretty much bombproof - someone backed into me in a parking lot (no bikes) and all it did was bend the rack a little. The only drawback is that it weighs quite a bit - makes it a little hard to put on and take off, but nothing really bothersome.
  3. They’re really great at letting you know your poultry is overdone - theyre complete crap. They are just a plunger and a spring held in place by wax, with the melting point conjured up by liability lawyers. They make no allowance for “carryover cooking” - the fact that the temperature of the food continues to rise as it rests. I have one of these. I’ve been told these are just as good and substantially less money, but since I use the hell out of my Thermapen - cooking, baking, maple syrup, brewing - I don’t begrudge the extra couple of bucks. The nice part about the instant read is that the display changes as you slide the probe through the food - this lets you find the coolest spot and be sure of your measurement. I have one of these for smoking and BBQing, but it can also be used in an oven. (There’s also some sort of Bluetooth app for it, which I guess lets you know your food went up in flames, when you’re somewhere else and can’t do anything about it anyway...) There’s also the Maverick, which I used to have - it works really well, but the UI is a pain in the ass. I had to keep the instruction cheat sheet on the side of the fridge and refer to it every time I used it.
  4. I just read an article about different brands of ingredients, so I have a better idea what to look for. Funny part was, I had just come home from the LGS with a can of coconut milk to make Thai curry. I started reading the article and when I got to the part about different brands of coconut milk and what to look for on the label, I said “Huh....I wonder what’s in the stuff I just bought...?” That was when I noticed I’d picked up coconut cream, not coconut milk. “Dammit.....”
  5. I just want someone to accompany me to the Asian grocery store and read labels for me, so I know I’m not buying anything with “dog” in it.
  6. It’s a Murder Chicken. Maybe the reason Canadians are so polite is they channel all their belligerence into the geese?
  7. “Reflective darts” - does that require a concealed carry permit?
  8. More expensive than $50 for a 12 footer? (And that’s the “cheap” color. The ones I used for the “picture frame” around the outside were $75 ea). Only about $1500 for decking a 12 x 12 deck. And the screws were a bargain at only $150 a box!
  9. We can’t know for sure. That’s why it’s called the Uncertainty Principle. Did you hear about the time Schrödinger got pulled over for speeding? The cop came up to the car and said “Do you know you were going 90 miles an hour???” “Great! Now we’re lost!”
  10. I got nothin’. I used Azek for the front steps and the back deck, and the front deck is going to get the same treatment. It’s only money.
  11. I go on an annual rampage with the chain saw, after the first few times I mow the lawn and branches piss me off.
  12. I kept hoping to get rained out of yard work today, but noooooo. It didn’t rain until I was all done. (And even then, once again the “good stuff” missed us. Damned microclimate).
  13. One of my former co-workers came home hammered, from bowling. Middle of the night, he woke up, still trashed, went in the bathroom, flipped the lid up and took a whiz. The next morning he was rudely awakened by his wife beating the shit out of him for pissing in the clothes hamper.
  14. That is so thoughtful of you! No, because the problem would still be that nothing got done....only indoors. I forestalled the inevitable by finishing the deck and switching to moving mulch. That doesn’t lead me into temptation.
  15. What’s wrong with strawberries and cottage cheese?
  16. I’m working on my deck. It’s hot and humid. My tools are in the basement.....the nice, cool basement.....the basement where my freshly kegged chocolate porter whispers to me every damned time I go downstairs for something....
  17. Roast beast sammich. Whoresradish damned near took the top of my head off.
  18. This stuff’s not good enough for you?
  19. We already send all our old people to Florida or Phoenix, so why shouldn’t we jettison our hipsters, too?
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