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  1. Twelve words there is none in the immediate area where there was cell signal. Nothing but asphalt, concrete and buildings. If I went inside, no signal at all.
  2. Wrong. I gave up full suspension and I’m riding a fully rigid 29’er off road. Try that on trails you thought were too tame and suddenly.....they’re not. Gravel roads are boring....on a full suspension MTB, but try them at road bike speeds on a gravel bike and suddenly they’re not. Basically you want full suspension-worth MTB trails or road...and yet you ride in Central Park.
  3. So riding on the road to the trailhead on a full suspension MTB would be "enjoyable"? The point is, he's talking out his ass about something he's never ridden.
  4. You bastard. A preemptive strike on my jokes....
  5. Where the necks are just as red, but there's fewer of them?
  6. Noooo. it wasn't "in the army....." ...although it does fit the meter....
  7. I was mountain biking with Zoe and she stopped to take a dump, so I stopped and was riding in circles, doing wheelies, while I waited for her. I had a wheelie go bad on me and I was clipped in. I went right over backwards and knocked the wind out of myself....and she came over and looked at me laying there gasping, like "WTH did you do that for?" I told her I wasn't waiting for her anymore.
  8. You don't cover Madison County, do you? South of Rt 20 the banjos get pretty loud.....
  9. Saw the post title, was going here....and you beat me to it.
  10. I just wish it would synch with my ipad and let me do the creating and editing on a bigger screen. I had to create that on my phone, outside because there is ZERO cell signal inside. Between the glare on the screen and not having my goddamn glasses, I couldn't see shit.
  11. My god! Did you see how many times they had to stop and switch wheels?
  12. Damfino, but I'd bet my 10 year old 705 still has better battery life than my 2 year old Wahoo.
  13. I'll never claim they're faster, but they're surprisingly not that much slower. I average 17-18 cruise pace on my Roubaix. On my heavier, 650bx42 Slate, 16-17.
  14. I've never had a Garmin die. Somewhere around the house, I still have a 305 Forerunner watch that still worked, last I knew. Last time I checked, my Edge 705 still worked. Their programmers should be shot and pissed on, but their hardware has always been solid.
  15. Meh. It's no problem. She steps back and lets me do it. I say bad words in multiple languages and have been known to throw things (and make the dog puke), but she just rides it out like battening down for a hurricane.
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