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  1. No fancy wheels on my vehicles, as they are used for work.
  2. Yep, all 3 vehicles have full size spares. Carry 2 spares for both of my stock trailers.
  3. sheep_herder


    Some of us live in 'older' houses.
  4. Via routing or talking to someone? I've had trucks pass by, but upon further checking the package never left the center.
  5. Depends here, sometimes tracking indicates it is on the truck, but it is still at the distribution center. I have phone numbers.
  6. Arthritis in shoulder and assuming the same in knee, as it pops periodically. Sure helps to keep them both warm.
  7. 23F and clear with 14F wind chill.
  8. I just finished rubbing arnica salve on my shoulder and knee this morning. I need to consider the steroid injection for my shoulder.
  9. Funny, I read the book Casino Royale and really enjoyed it, but I've not seen any of the movies,
  10. Probably also don't need to check your mail.
  11. Eggs over easy, patty sausage, canned biscuits with butter and honey and hot tea made at home from ingredients purchased at the LGS. Every once in a while Reynolds has a 'meal deal' special. This time it was a dozen large eggs, pound of sausage, can of biscuits, and a package of gravy mix for $3.99. Beats getting the breakfast sandwiches from one of the fast food places.
  12. Sorry to hear this. We'll pray for the best outcome.
  13. Albertson's had pasta on sale last week, and the supply did not last long. Only two types available when I went shopping. Shelves had not been restocked today.
  14. Our house is so tight, that we don't hear outside sounds in the cooler months. The dogs will usually tell us if something is happening by barking in the three-season room.
  15. Sorry to hear of her plight. We'll keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.
  16. Doesn't surprise me one bit. Those of us that have met you, know you are a nice fellow.
  17. Happy Birthday! Hope you all have a Great Day.
  18. I was referring to sugar laden garnishes, as a diabetic. I've never been a fan of maple syrup.
  19. Every day I go to town, and some days when I don't, if I have someone come over to help with chores..
  20. A better video of her interview.https://www.cbsnews.com/video/105-year-old-louisiana-woman-julia-hawkins-sets-world-record-in-running/
  21. https://www.newson6.com/story/618a87615ab6850cb86bb015/105yearold-louisiana-woman-julia-hawkins-sets-world-record-in-running
  22. Fixing it is probably beyond their pay grade!
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