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  1. You have some smart residents. Also, those lemon cookies are very tasty, one of our favorites. We have to find a new saleslady this year.
  2. I was alive 2 September 1942. I was in college in Colorado 1967 and getting ready to go work in South Dakota.
  3. Just a bit of graupel for us this morning. Currently 32F with a forecast high of 36F. Rest of the week looks pretty good. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Miles+City&state=MT&site=BYZ&textField1=46.4083&textField2=-105.84&e=0#.Y_zdgi-B1DN
  4. Pretty big ego, forecasting snow depth to the tenth of an inch.
  5. I view a camper like a tent or motel room. About all I do there is sleep or work on photos on the computer. Not much room is needed for those events.
  6. My wife makes egg plant dishes that are pretty tasty.
  7. Yes, and we are loving it.
  8. My water tanks were filled last night, and the happiness carried over to Sunday. Also, it is 36F at 1:00pm MST with forecast high of 39F.
  9. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/billingsgazette/name/alice-adams-obituary?id=48474087
  10. No, avoid it like the plague.
  11. A band is usually made up of 1,000-1,,200 head of sheep.
  12. I don't remember ever getting an annual bonus. Such is life when you work at universities and for the government.
  13. McDonald's burrito - hard to beat. I wouldn't mind having one right now.
  14. 7F at 9:00am MST and wind chill is -7F with a south wind. Cold south winds are not the best for us.
  15. Lenten fish at the Catholic Church was very good tonight.
  16. Actually the livestock were out enjoying the sunshine and staying out of the wind. Dogs ventured out for short periods of time and then happily returned to their crates on the porch.
  17. When I was paying attention to such things, I would say anything by Henry Mancini.
  18. It is different when you start young and live in bigger towns. They don't have a candy jar at the local ATMs. Now, I use the drive in most, but before covid, I went inside on most trips, partly to look at my photos hanging on the walls.
  19. https://milescitylive.com PT tech told my wife to not come in on cold mornings, but not as cold as this.
  20. Still -24F here, but we might get above 0F today, all the way to 6F.
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