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  1. Peanut butter MoonPies? Did nature's perfect food get better? I will have to alert my MoonPie distribution center. Last visit, they only had vanilla, banana, and one lonely chocolate on the shelf. I even asked the clerk to check in back for more.
  2. If they offer an e-bike option, I'd go for it. You still need to train and ride hard, but it's a bit like having the wind at you back when you need it.
  3. I live at 6200 ft in the valley. We ride up to 8-9000 ft. There is a lot of climbing around here.
  4. https://www.bicycling.com/training/a20026691/eight-week-training-plan-to-ride-a-century/
  5. Saturday, you can catch a ride up the pass. Usually people hitch, shuttle, or pedal up. It's about 6 miles on the path and 8 or more on the dirt. I took the shuttle once, it was pretty sweet.
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  7. Downhill forks can approach $1800. The high end Fox 36 is about a grand I think. Trust doesn't give numbers for travel that I could find, but they say it replaces 110-140 mm forks. My Yari fork is 160mm. Options are good especially since the Trust is rethinking design completely. And Weagle seems to be a suspension genius. I have not ridden a Lauf. It's kind of crazy looking. I'm curious to see what Trust does with bike design or if it will be Weagle's split pivot design.
  8. yes. Looks awesome, but $2k is out of my reach. My Rocky Mountain was $2k.
  9. dennis

    As seen in Texas:

    I did thee screwdriver in the ignition for years. Actually any sharp object would work. Hell, even a butter knife did the trick. Mike Perry tells a story of using a bean bag chair as the passenger seat in his truck.
  10. Crazy expensive for a fork.
  11. dennis

    June photos

    Another day of trail riding.
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