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  1. It's a good way to know what your voice sounds like.
  2. It looks like Bitch Creek in Teton Valley Idaho. Midway between Ashton and Tetonia on the rail trail. Beautiful area.
  3. This should be a sport in the Olympics or anything with Danny MacAskill
  4. Suni Lee has got to be the first Hmong athlete to win gold. How cool is that?
  5. More. Usually NBC shows the big sports like gymnastics and just highlights of the lesser known sports. I've seen full competition of archery, BMX, badminton, rowing, kayak, softball, triathlon, cycling, skateboarding, soccer, basketball, 3x3, swimming, volleyball, fencing, and beach volleyball. USA vs Argentina beach volleyball was a great match. USA vs ROC 3x3 was great too. Super exciting game. No timeouts, just play. They only stop for fouls. 10 minute game with a short shot clock. I have not seen a human interest story yet. Just sports and interviews.
  6. Bam! well said. Don't like it, turn it off or watch online with no commentary. I've been impressed with the sports I've seen so far.
  7. The skateboarding is awesome. I'm looking forward to the park competition. The 3x3 basketball is great too. Non-stop action. Sport climbing should be cool too.
  8. Competitive Cyclist or backcountry. They are the same company. They seem to have the best selection when my LBS can't get something. Their service is top-notch.
  9. Rogers is notorious for being generous with his teammates. So he didn't get along with a couple, big deal. How many people don't have conflicts with co-workers over a 17 year period? He said in the interview it's not about the money, he is paid a lot. The guy wants to win a title, isn't that the point? Standing up for teammates who were mistreated is pretty good in my book. He's not perfect, but he is damn fun to watch especially when the game is on the line.
  10. Not much. I have one closet in my bedroom for clothes. Most of gear is stored under my bed. I have a locker in front of my parking spot that holds four bikes and four sets of skis.
  11. denniS

    Fence me in!

    I did not replace anything on my suspension. I just took it apart and cleaned the pivot points, as well as the headset, and seatpost. We did replace a set of hub bearings. That was a pain in the ass. We took the entire hub apart, cleaned it, greased it, put it back together and it was still sticky so we did it again and replaced the bearings.
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