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  1. dennis

    Turn It Up To 13!

    Is this like the macbook wheel?
  2. dennis

    My cellphone died

    I have an LG tracfone. It's a pretty nice android. $50 for the phone, $110/year for service. If you need more data you just pay $10. It works well for me as I don't use my phone much at all.
  3. dennis

    I just had a crown come off. What do I do?

    I had a ceramic one come off and the dentist just glued it back on.
  4. dennis

    Sagan's Worst Ad

    I think we are all going to have to agree to disagree. I see so much bad behavior from drivers on phones etc. Yes, a rider on an ebike can be an idiot or follow the rules. The same is true of a person a non-ebike. Should we outlaw those too?
  5. dennis

    Sagan's Worst Ad

    E-bikes are legal on bike paths here. They are not on mtb trails. If we take the approach that we should ban them because someone broke the rules, then ban guns and cars too.
  6. dennis

    Sagan's Worst Ad

    Yet we allow Porsches on our roads. Common sense still has to prevail. Just because you can go fast doesn't mean you should.
  7. dennis

    Don May Appreciate

    For years, I attached my sleeping bag with two cheap straps. It worked, but wasn't as secure as my Salsa Anything Cradle. It bounced around too much. I read this article a couple of years ago. Thought about making one myself, but I'm not terribly handy so after testing the Salsa harness on a bikepacking trip, I was sold.
  8. dennis

    Sagan's Worst Ad

    I'm with parr8hed. I think for grandma Joan, an ebike is perfect. Okay, selling speed via an ebike is not the wisest marketing tool, but ebikes have their place. Our National Parks are overcrowded with cars, trucks, suvs, and rvs. I saw a couple around Grandma Joan's age enjoying the park on ebikes. I'd rather see them on ebikes than in a car.
  9. dennis

    July Photos

  10. dennis


    At last night's group ride, I asked a friend about his bikes. He has a Tarmac and a Venge. Rim and disc brakes. I asked his preference. Disc brakes, he said he never buy a bike with rim brakes again.
  11. dennis


    That's what I thought. $900 for a pretty nice bike. I've never owned a Scandium bike. I'm curious why they have stopped using it.
  12. dennis


    The brakes are probably a mid to long reach brake. They are Tektros. The stock tires on both are Conti 28C. Both bikes are 10 sp. The Zone is 11sp (didn't catch that). Old closeouts 2015 and 2016. The Esatto comes with Hayes mechanical disc brakes. I would sell my Salsa Casseroll. It has cantis and can handle a 42C tire so I ride it on pavement and gravel. I'm tired of cantis. Long descents in the mountains make my hands hurt. It is a steel frame with a tall headtube. It's more of a rando or touring geometry. I do love the three bottle cage mounts on the Salsa. It's a fairly heavy bike though.
  13. dennis


    Always thinking about a new bike. Thoughts? Same price. Disc brake vs rim. Tiagra vs 105. Alex vs Mavic. Endurance geometry vs racier geometry. My initial thought is the Esatto is more my style. I like that they both can handle a 32C tire. Or I could do nothing and keep riding my existing bike. http://konabikes.com/product/2015-zone/ or http://2016.konaworld.com/esatto_d.cfm
  14. dennis

    Handlebar bags?

    I've had good luck with the Banjo Bros. bags. My messenger bag is probably 10 years old and I use it daily. I've never tried the Minnehaha bags though. I do find their stuff to be well made and a good value. And I used to live on the namesake creek.
  15. dennis

    Have you ever gushed blood before?

    Yes. I hit a tree once with my face. Another rider rolled up behind me and said "Man, you're bleeding like a wounded deer." I replied "Thanks, can you help me find my glasses?"