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  1. I ran into him tonight. We were heading up Ferrin's as he was descending. Nice guy, super friendly. He said he's heading back to France in a few weeks for some races and the Giro in the fall. Sagan has been spotted in the valley too.
  2. It looks more like a mall than a hospital. Are you sure you didn't drop her off at the Sharper Image? Seriously-good luck with everything.
  3. Stan practically invented modern tubeless. Prior to his stuff, everything was homemade. I've always used his stems and sealant. They just work well. I've had multiple sets of his rims too. Flows are bomb proof. In more than a decade of riding them, I've had no issues with them. I have an old set of 355s which are super light. I think they've been trued twice in ten years. I've never used his tires. Compatibility between wheels and rims can be an issue with tubeless set-ups. I've had no problems with Maxxis tires, but Kendas give me hell for some reason. I have a pair of WTBs that may never come off the rims.
  4. I've been using Stan's for more than a decade. It works well.
  5. dennis


    Trek called their 45mm tire clearance massive so It's all relative. I bet Giant went with Ginormous. I'm in the minority wanting big tires. I loved the Deadwood with 29 x 3" tires. At the end of the day, that's all marketing. Your new Diverge is a really nice, well thought out bike. Specialized designs good stuff.
  6. dennis


    Nice bike! That internal storage in the downtube is so smart. It's kind of funny that they call it category leading tire clearance at a whopping 47 mm. Salsa's Fargo can clear 76.2 mm and the Cutthroat clears 61 mm tires.
  7. I don't own a scale, but I think I'm about 175. My hunting/fishing license said 150 so I changed that. I don't want to get busted by G&F for being a liar.
  8. Fargo is perfect. It's all gravel, some sections are sandy so bigger tires are better. HT mtb is just fine. My friend rode a gravel bike with 40 C tires.
  9. I wasn't sure it's even open for camping. The host is there, it's gated, but the sign says "Stop, Pay here." All sites were empty and nobody was parked in the lot. Outside the campground, along the road, people were parked.
  10. That sounds awesome. That entire area that skirts the west side of Yellowstone is so beautiful. I'm trying to cook up some bikepacking plans in that direction or into Montana. There are so many roads to wander over there. Will you camp in Warm River or drive back?
  11. Bison repellent otherwise know as bear spray.
  12. Revelate Tangle bag. I think I've had this one for more than a decade. https://www.revelatedesigns.com/index.cfm/store.catalog/frame-bags/TangleFrameBag
  13. Your first photo looks like the spot where we took the wrong turn. I have a mate to your third photo.
  14. We did head over to Mesa Falls. We took a wrong turn which was fun. The conditions were okay, sandy in parts, but not awful. One of the snowmobile ramps was broken, watch it or you could endo. The mosquitoes were present, but not bad. We turned around before we got to Big Springs.
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