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  1. Shorts and a t-shirt until the temps hit the 30s. It was in the 40s for my ride in this morning so I threw on a flannel as my jacket. If I want to get fancy I'll throw on a tuxedo t-shirt. It might be time to dig out some gloves.
  2. The Kansas Comet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIpgdo9Ab38
  3. Yes. Bear spray is your friend. Five your front yard.
  4. I think I owe you. I still have the screwdriver set you sent me. Must have been ten years ago.
  5. WY to ID and back to WY over Teton Pass. Climbing the pass once is hard. Twice in one day is really hard. About 100' into the ride we had our first creek crossing. My friend balanced on a log and I decided to ride it. One of us had dry feet for the rest of the ride. The view from 9k' We did a lot of pushing. Another crossing. They are building a new bridge. We took the old makeshift bridge, a plank of particle board disintegrating into the creek.
  6. Awesome trip and report. Next time try a pedal wrench on your stove. It's unlikely to fix the problem, but it will solve a problem. It's been a while so here are some waterfall pictures for you. Hidden Falls in GTNP YNP Mesa Falls in Idaho
  7. dennis


    I've done a bit of everything, bikepacking with frame and seat bags, rack and panniers, trailer, and get a airbnb and base out of there. Each has it's pros and cons. Last summer we stayed in Kelowna and took road and mountain bikes. It was nice to do some of each. Having a shower and place to cook was awesome. It was a great trip. Would have been even better if I had remembered to pack bike shorts. If you like your road bike a trailer is a cool idea. Haul it to a place to camp, drop it, and ride unecumbered until it's time to go home. If you want an excuse to buy a new bike, get
  8. It took me more than a year to hit 3k for an oil change last year.
  9. Of course they should have been better prepared. That is so easy to say after the fact. So is that how you judge? After the fact, you assess their gear list and say, nope you didn't have the proper gear, you pay. SAR has been busy all year here. Who decides which rescues are free and which ones pay? We live in danger of avalanches Nov-April. Should you be required to have level one avalanche training to enter the backcountry? If not you pay for the rescue. Should we check for bear spray at every trailhead? The weather report I read said snow above 8000 ft. That cabin is at 6500 ft an
  10. It did not snow the entire month of July. It was glorious.
  11. Where do we draw the line? If you are shitty cook and start a kitchen fire, should you pay the FD for showing up? What if you buy a mylar balloons, they get away, hit a power line and cause a wildfire? SAR has been very busy here this summer. Tourists falling off horses, rolling ATVs, getting lost etc. Should they pay?
  12. I was planning to ride this trail last weekend. Our plan was to finish by Monday, but I had Tuesday off just in case. I tried to reserve the cabin mentioned for Sunday, but it was booked. My friends backed out so I switched gears and was planning to ride part of the Divide route instead. Seeing the weather report I canceled my plans. To be clear, the storm was bigger than predicted. We were warned of a flake or two, but some areas in the valley received 3-4 inches and two of my co-workers lost power. I rode Monday in shorts, temps were in the 70s. Later it dropped to the 20s or 30s
  13. If they kept it in SD, I'd be okay with it. JH was crawling with Sturgis attendees. I woke up one morning to a group working on their bikes below my balcony.
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