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  1. dennis

    Electric Bike Kits

    Take a look at the Orbea Gain. They are lighter and less expensive than many e-bikes on the market now. https://www.outsideonline.com/2335946/orbea-gain-e-bike
  2. dennis

    Cranberry whore

  3. dennis

    Cranberry whore

    cranberries are good for your prostate.
  4. dennis

    Cranberry whore

    I love cranberries. This one has an orange in the recipe. I made it twice recently. I'll make it again soon. Wash it down with some whisky. https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/cranberry-sauce-with-orange-and-cinnamon
  5. dennis

    Why can't we get rid of useless letters?

    sord just looks weird. I believe there must be a powerful member of congress who gets kickbacks for the use of useless letters. Every h in John nets this person a penny. We're stuck with these useless letters just like we are stuck with pennies in our monetary system.
  6. dennis


    It is quite easy. You might not get a lot of crop in year one, but after that it will explode.
  7. dennis


    https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2018/12/13/676047048/the-bitter-boom-and-bust-tale-of-colorados-bet-on-local-beer-hops I've been to Yakima and Willamette valleys. Their hop fields are impressive. I found some wild hops growing in WA and have been told there is something growing in my neighborhood. Back in 2010, there were high hopes in Colorado that locally grown hops, the plant that gives beer a bitter or citrusy flavor, would help feed the then-booming craft beer market. In just six years, the industry had sprouted from almost nothing to 200 acres, according to the trade association Hop Growers of America. Riley has ripped up his hop plants and moved on to something else that many farmers are hoping will become the next big crop in Colorado — and maybe across the United States: industrial hemp
  8. dennis

    Christmas stories

    Love it! I'll drink to that.
  9. dennis

    E-bike laws

    DH, I respect your opinion and all that you do for cycling and access to mtb trails. I can't speak for every town or community, but for here, e-bikes work. We have a traffic problem. E-bikes offer a lot of people the opportunity to use a bike for transportation that would otherwise drive. I believe that reducing auto traffic is a good thing. Here's an analogy to consider. Ferrari(or any sports car company) designs cars to go 100 mph. Yet, we have traffic laws and speed limits. Those cars are legal as long as the driver obeys the law. Riders of e-bikes have to obey the laws and use commonsense. Most will, some won't. The same is true for drivers. Most obey the laws, some don't. We're not outlawing cars because some drivers don't follow the rules or commonsense. A person I know wrote a great piece about why she bought an e-bike for commuting. I'll see if I can dig it up. The e-bike allows her to ride to work pulling her daughter in a trailer. That's not a bad thing.
  10. dennis

    E-bike laws

    I'm faster than many e-bikes. It comes down to common sense. They are working pretty well here. I'd rather see someone riding to work or through the park on an e-bike than in a car.
  11. dennis

    E-bike laws

    They are allowed on bike paths here as they should be. Reducing car traffic is a good thing. It really should be up to each community to decide where they are allowed.
  12. dennis

    Christmas stories

    Fireside Al's reading Forsythe's the Shepherd. It's long, but good. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-the-shepherd-edition-2017-1.4455219/fireside-al-maitland-reads-frederick-forsyth-s-the-shepherd-1.4458378
  13. dennis

    Selling my favorite lens

    Send me the coins and I'll keep your weird shell lamp our little secret.
  14. dennis

    Selling my favorite lens

    Shells? wtf? $.90 on the tray of coins.
  15. dennis

    Selling my favorite lens

    I'll give you a buck for the tray of coins. Is that a doll off to the right?