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  1. dennis


    Why would you assume everyone is like you? You play video games?
  2. dennis


    My library has video games for checkout. They have consoles too so you can play at the library.
  3. dennis


    Weren't they owned by B&N at one time? We could use a record store here not a video game shop. I had a Magnavox Odyssey 2. I was awesome at baseball and golf. I kicked butt at Matel Football 2 as well.
  4. Jim and Robert were awesome. It took me a while to realize they were in different cities. He wrote a bunch of books. I met both of them. Super friendly.
  5. Ely and northern MN on a bike.
  6. My point was that these companies have bigger problems, it wasn't a local economic downturn that caused their demise. Kroger's divested from Lucky's. They closed 32 of their 39 stores. Kroger has had their own financial problems. The grocery biz is very competitive. Pizza Hut has too much competition. In addition to specialists like Domino’s, Hand Fire Pizza, Pinky G’s Pizzeria and Pizzeria Caldera, there’s a long list of restaurants with pizza on their menu, including Calico Restaurant and Bar, Sidewinders American Grill, Dornan’s Pizza Pasta Company, Cutty’s Bar and Grill and Trio An American Bistro. Lucky’s and Whole Grocer also sell pizza. “Maybe we’re over-pizza’d,” Schechter said. Kmart has been sinking for years. Walmart and Target are crushing them on the B&M front and Amazon is crushing them online. It won't be long before Kmart/Sears is defunct.
  7. Yay Ely!!! Great place. Gateway to the Boundary Waters. Highest concentration of wolves in the lower 48. Home of the Steger Center. I used to stay at the Paddle Inn. I did a bikepacking trip there too. Are they riding dogsleds with Wintergreen sled dog tours?
  8. I went over tonight and loaded up on some of the staples like coffee, olive oil, bulk items, beer and wine. The shelves were already bare. I bought the last three pounds of coffee from the bulk section.
  9. It's on Broadway by the Chevy dealer. It doesn't face Broadway so you could drive by it and not see it. It's kind of small, that's what I like about it. Lucky's is a decent place to shop. Fair prices, easy to shop. I could ride my bike there. We have a lot of pizza places so I think Pizza Hut just couldn't compete. I don't eat a lot of pizza, but there are three local joints near my apt and I like all three. Kmart is just struggling nationwide. The hard thing is there is we no longer have a department store. No Target or Walmart. Maybe one will takeover this location. I have three other grocery options. Smith's, Albertson's, and Jackson Whole Grocer. All are a little farther away and big. Whole Grocer is nice, but expensive. I don't like Smith's at all. Albertson's is okay, but big and always busy.
  10. We are losing three chain stores. Our economy is booming. Kmart, Lucky's Market, and Pizza Hut are all closing up shop. We don't have a lot of chain businesses here. Most are locally owned. Kmart is struggling nationally and closing stores every where. Lucky's just lost their financing from Kroger. Pizza Hut just couldn't compete with all of the local pizza places in town. Lucky's is the one I shopped at for groceries so this kind of blows. Lucky's Market is closing
  11. And you people want me to get a roku so I can start watching tv. Four minutes to Wapner.
  12. I was looking at this route. Being point to point makes the logistics challenging though. And the flight is expensive. Do you have any better suggestions? Ever since reading the books of Howard Norman, I have wanted to visit. https://bikepacking.com/routes/newfoundland-trailway/
  13. The idea of taking a tv to a game just sounds weird. Shouldn't you be drinking beer and eating brats at a tailgate party? Do we need to send some WI residents to TX to show you how to tailgate? Taking it to your parents house so you can watch a game with them is awesome. You are a good son.
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