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  1. There must be one out there somewhere. Sram is saying it will out of stock until Jan, 2022. Sram Rear, 746 Hub Axle Kit (For 148mm Boost, Shimano HG Freehubs) not XD Mfg #: 11.2018.029.000 UPC: 710845774386
  2. It's pretty easy on my bike. Our traffic actually increased during the pandemic because of all of the tourists. The parks have had record visitations. Van lifers are parked all over town. It's a bit of a junk show.
  3. I get my onions from a farmer down the road. They are delicious.
  4. I've done big rides at -40F and above 90F. You just deal with it, right?
  5. I think you really need to try it to understand it. Those who have ridden SS get it, others just don't. It's something I enjoy doing. Others don't. Don't like it, don't do it. I know my riding has improved.
  6. I've had both. I put tons of miles on them. I used the CX bike as a commuter, gravel bike, and road bike. It was great. As a year round commuter, it was awesome because of all of the snow, sand, and salt in the winter. No maintenance. Switching to a SS mtb just made me a better rider. It's not for everyone, but it is really fun. I raced on it quite a bit. I had a Redline Monocog and then a Felt Nine Solo. I still have a lot of old parts and thought I might build one again If I found a frame that is compatible with an80 mm fork.
  7. You're funny. I like how you make up "rules" as you go along. This from the guy who posts cycling stuff here. Lighten up man. There was a video. If you didn't understand it, why comment?
  8. My experience was only riding geared bikes for 15 years. I switched to a SS for about 10 years. It made me a better rider. You learn to brake less, use your momentum, corner better, maintain your speed. It's pretty damn fun. Ideally, I'd have two mt bikes, one geared, one SS.
  9. It's obvious that you don't get it. It's weird that you argue from a position of no experience and act like an expert.
  10. It's about mt biking. Have you ever ridden a ss mt bike on trails?
  11. It's pretty clear you don't mt bike. SS is not about riding a flat road in one gear. Flow trails, simplicity, limiting your braking, and improving your bike handling. Those are things to consider.
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