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  1. Question it all you want. Do what works for you. I'm fine with my choices.
  2. I want to see his books. It looks like a beautiful library. He is really smart, but he needs an editor, everyone needs an editor.
  3. Worry less, eat more, meditate, just relax. Food should be delicious, fun, and enjoyable, not fast and cheap. This makes it easy. Watch the full show.
  4. Dial it back Dottles. Enjoy your Lucky Charms or Cheerios and all of their Monsanto glory.
  5. Your source shows it was found in the conventional, not the organic. So buy the organic. Or don't buy Bob's. Do I need to teach you how to shop?
  6. So now I need to get a spray bottle? Are you supposed to spray people in the eyes with bleach water if they get too close?
  7. Why are you spraying liquid on an electronic device? Use a towel.
  8. Very sensible. If you have 343 confirmed cases, you probably have 3430 to 6860 actual cases. I shop once a week at one store. I go the last hour they are open. On Sat. there was just one other customer in the store.
  9. This information is from March 26, 2020. The problem is library materials get handled by multiple people and has an opportunity to get reinfected. The Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) recommends a 72-hour quarantine of collection items as the safest and most effective way to disinfect them after handling by staff and patrons.
  10. I use hoopla and kanopy most of the time. They both offer immediate access. You might check again with your library. A lot of limits have been lifted because they are closed. My Hoopla limit went from 10 to 25 a month. Kanopy has been offering certain items for checkout that won't count against your 10 item limit. They have been taking requests for ebooks to purchase for patrons.
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