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  1. WTF is that thing walking back and forth behind the band?
  2. Very cool. What glue do you use? I need to get on this pronto. Edith Piaf could use some tlc.
  3. I think we should send this thread of expert opinion to the commissioner so he can make an proper decision.
  4. Have you had any luck with imperfections like skipping or does it just clean up the crackling noise?
  5. dennis

    Ride pics

    38 cold fucking miles
  6. Not the best pictures, but these are bison And two moose. Group portrait
  7. dennis

    Ride pics

    66 miles. Turned around when the snow got to be too much.
  8. Garrett is suspended for the playoffs too? I thought he played for the Browns. That seems excessive.
  9. dennis

    G's Cx bike

    Your kid rides nicer bikes than me. Just a little jealous. Look at how tiny they are in the photo on the wall.
  10. Hold on Sparky. Dodgers/Angels game 7 of the series in Dodger stadium, you've got tickets. Are you telling us you won't go to the game? I want your tickets. I call dibs now.
  11. Only because we f'd it up. It still works if done correctly. Tin and aluminum still have value and should be recycled. The rest has value if it is clean. Most municipalities mess it up and it is worthless. That crap ends up in a landfill or thee ocean. Places that do it right can sell it for it's value.
  12. dennis


    So can I. Right out my backdoor. Winter or summer. It's just a movie. Some people enjoy them.
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