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  1. I hear that is a Burton snowboard jacket. Bernie likes to send it.
  2. She gave him the mittens four years ago. Amazing he hasn't lost one. Maybe they are attached to his sleeves.
  3. Mittens made by a teacher. https://www.npr.org/2021/01/21/959335867/meet-jen-ellis-the-woman-behind-sanders-meme-worthy-mittens
  4. skimo. They race everything now. A friend of mine won the Fatbike world championship last weekend.
  5. Lance needs to work on his transition.
  6. Looks like we both ski Atomics. Those skins don't make you go faster. They allow you go uphill without slipping.
  7. dennis


    If you like poetry, she is impressive.
  8. JFK, Clinton, Obama, & Biden
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