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  1. Choosing a book cover was fun. Deciding whether or not to publish a book is hard. Determining how many copies of a book to print requires psychic abilities.
  2. I used to sit in those meetings and choose covers. It's fun, nitpicky, and difficult. We tore apart everything, especially what a cover would look like on a phone. The most important component was does the cover convey what the book is about. I once gave an author all of the rejects. She loved it. I love Chip Kidd's cover designs.
  3. Good for you and mr. I hope you are getting your fill of good music.
  4. Maybe we could be neighbors and take turns blasting music out our windows so we could get two for one. Or better yet, live in a cul de sac and find a Monk fan and a Billie Holiday fan.
  5. Maybe an insurance broker could help. I have friends who retired and semi-retired in their 50s. Financially, they are in great shape. House is paid off etc. She is fully retired, he works part-time as a nurse so they have health insurance.
  6. bingo. This is challenging. I've got a bike habit that is hard to turn off. That seems to be the riddle right now. I figure I will follow their plan, save as much as I can, and figure out the insurance question when needed.
  7. Read Your Money or Your Life. You probably don't need to read the entire book, but the section on spending is worth it. My car is 16 yrs old, I buy used bikes, my phone is refurbished. Tech doesn't do much for me. I still listen to vinyl records.
  8. Love that old Suntour stuff. My old Stumpjumper had Suntour XC pro. I think I still have the shifters and brakes in a box. Nice bike. Pretty cool you are still riding it.
  9. Is it the purple one with Deore?
  10. https://bikepacking.com/bikes/conans-1989-bridgestone-mb-1/ He finished the Silk Road Mt race on this bike.
  11. Everything is cheap during mud season. 2 for 1s at the restaurants. But it's called mud season for a reason. If you can find something for under $200/night during the summer, that's a good deal. On the plus side, this is April riding in the park: Keep in mind we had snow in late May/early June. Tonight's forecast: The National Weather Service has issued a special weather statement for the region: expect one to three inches of snow, 4 to 10 inches above 10000 feet through Wednesday night. This photo is from earlier today:
  12. Unpossible. Did you use off season dates?
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