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  1. dennis

    September photos

    Last night's ride.
  2. dennis

    Awesome Freaking Ride!!!!!

    The west is calling you. I can hop on a trail just one block from my apt. There is so much singletrack at my fingertips. It is awesome. In the winter, some of it gets groomed for fatbiking.
  3. dennis

    Knee replacement

    Is it a bionic knee?
  4. dennis

    Material things or time?

    http://bicycletimesmag.com/pedaling-toward-simplicity/ Simplicity At its core, cycling is simple. Push on the pedals and your bike will be propelled forward. Just keep riding. Sometimes I see this as a metaphor for life. The simplicity of cycling helps me find what’s important in life. In the saddle I’ve realized things like how few material possessions I need to be happy and how unnecessarily complicated we often make our lives. When it’s just you, the bike, and the passing landscape for a long period of time, it’s difficult to distract yourself from what’s really going on in your head and your life — especially when you’re cycling into adversity, like a strong headwind. Even when you think you can’t go on, you somehow find a way to keep going, settling into discomfort and pushing forward.
  5. dennis

    Fun trailcam pics for Maxx

    It is illegal to feed the animals here. Even bird feeders are discouraged as they attract bears. A fed bear is a dead bear.
  6. dennis

    Surly Bridge Club

    Another addition to the bikepacking scene, especially for those on a budget. The Salsa Journeyman is really affordable as well. It's nice to see some reasonably priced options hit the market.
  7. dennis

    Awesome Freaking Ride!!!!!

    Well done!
  8. dennis

    Summer is over

    I love fall riding. Nice and cool. Winter too. Fatbiking and skiing.
  9. dennis

    What is going on in Texas?

    even better. https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/09/heres-beto-orourke-air-drumming-to-the-who-while-in-the-whataburger-drive-thru/
  10. dennis

    Have you seen this site? (shopping)

    It's the bargain site for backcountry.com and competitivecyclist.com. It used to have a time limit. One item would be offered for an hour or two, then another item. For a while they had a whole bunch of sites like this. Chainlove, huckandroll, I can't remember the other ones.
  11. dennis

    W the actual F

    From the city that gave us this.
  12. dennis

    September photos

    Saturday's ride.
  13. dennis

    September photos

    Yesterday's ride.
  14. dennis

    Material things or time?

    Time. I don't make a lot of money so I live a very frugal life. With a month off, I could ride the divide. I don't get a lot of vacation time so it's not an option now.