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  1. Buttermaker didn't seem to feel any pain. Be a little more like Buttermaker.
  2. Too funny! The report said rewards under $400 are too small to get people to change behavior. Essentially, the people who participate are doing the right things to begin with. I'll keep doing mine because I get paid to. It's easy, just keep track of what I am doing already. Get a day off. Most of my co-workers are not doing it. Their ears perk up when I tell them I'm going to get a day off. It has very little to do with exercise, just behavior. Quit something, don't read email when you are not working, put your cell phone away. I think there is a meditation one coming up.
  3. You would wait an hour to save a few bucks? I fill up about once a month. Filled up Apr. 7, it's still full. It'll be mid-May before I need gas again, possibly June.
  4. and delicious. How about these? Otherwise, I will purchase the beverages of your choice. I will bring a dead bison so that we can make chili.
  5. We do not kiss the bison. We shoot them and eat them. I had an elk steak for dinner last night.
  6. I have an idea. I will drive to Texas and bring good beer and whisky. We will pour your gas on the lawn and set it ablaze. We will feast on chili without beans and you will have more money in your pocket and more time on your hands. We shall celebrate your new found freedom from the lawn mowing man.
  7. Isn't a Pina Colada the Coors light of mixed drinks?
  8. I like this idea. It seems to me(someone without a lawn) that fertilizing and watering is a waste of time and money. You spend time and money on fertilizer, time and money on watering(sprinkler system sounds crazy expensive), and more time and money cutting grass. If you let it grow slow you have more free time and have spent less money.
  9. Why do people fertilize grass?
  10. Next weekend is the Bluebird Classic. Weather looks iffy. The last opportunity to ride the park road without cars. I rode to the Granite Canyon trailhead today.
  11. The Orbea Gain is $1100 less and 14 lbs lighter.
  12. I went back and just rode up Signal from Moose. The snow and ice have melted. The rain held off. Very light wind. Not bad. 45 miles.
  13. But when did we start wearing ties? And shoes must have come later.
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