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  1. Weed in sports

    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2771410-athletes-smoke-weed-interviews-nba-nfl-420?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial Cannabis culture in sports has an old-school stigma. You'll hear vague talk of scientific research here, news of a failed drug test or arrest there. But, to be blunt, real talk is hard to come by. So here's a reality check: Professional athletes smoke weed. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of them do, according to new player estimates. Some even smoke before games.
  2. April photos

    Beautiful day for a ride. Temp in the 50s, but windy. 66 miles. I saw a lot of elk.
  3. Floyd has a new job. http://dirtragmag.com/floyd-landis-launches-new-cannabis-company-in-colorado/
  4. Did anyone even read the article? This lawsuit came from Floyd. He turned in Lance. Doper turns in a doper and walks away with $1.1 mil to invest in his pot growing business. It's kind of hilarious.
  5. Not really. Trek was big before LA. They bought Fisher, Bontrager, Klein, and had an agreement to build and sell LeMonds. Their facility in WI was huge. They were leading the way in carbon frames. They had their own stores. I'm not sure they were #1 like they are now, but they were big.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/19/us/lance-armstrong-settlement/index.html The original complaint was filed in June 2010 by Armstrong's former teammate, Floyd Landis. He admitted that he'd used PEDs as part of the team and filed his complaint under the False Claims Act -- otherwise known as the whistleblower law, which allows private citizens to file lawsuits on behalf of the government if they know the government is being defrauded. The complaint was filed under a certain provision that will allow him to share in the money recovered by the government, the release said. Landis will receive $1.1 million.
  7. So The Hear(t)less Bastards are on hiatus

    Lifter Puller
  8. Blind And Stupid, Nearly Killed a Fat Old Dude

    I don't. It was my avatar for years. I bet Chris has it. It was his photoshop creation.
  9. The Story of My New Glasses

    Well, do they?
  10. The Story of My New Glasses

    I enjoyed your story Kirby. Good luck with the new glasses. I've had progressives for two years and love them. I am about due for new ones myself. I bought my last ones from Warby Parker and would like to get my next ones from them. The problem I have is there is not a Warby Parker store near me. I'd have to order online which is fine, but I need the glasses adjusted. I guess I'd have to take them to a local shop and see if they would adjust them for me.
  11. I found a poem

    trying to keep it PG-13
  12. I found a poem

    Free form jazz odyssey
  13. I found a poem

    Rock Chick RebornKinda Don't Care Deadly Trio: 3 English Mysteries Rebel HeirMiss Hastings' Excellent London Adventure: Brazen BridesVegas BabyThe Birthday ListThe Hot One Accidentally MarriedWrapped in My Wife Hot For The Pool Boy
  14. I found a poem

    Top-Selling Self-Published Titles https://indiereader.com/bestselling-indie-books-list/