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  1. This is unacceptable. You are indispensable both on this forum and in 94% of Virginia. I will call your physician in the morning and underscore the importance that you receive a much better prognosis and relay to him that his own welfare is dependent on your well being.
  2. I am also quite often RR's wakeup call. He prefers AM Gold, 60's - 70's, some Motown, and Chuck Mangione.
  3. I am Road Runner's medical emergency contact. This honor comes with great responsibility, liability, and many sleepless nights.
  4. How did things go? Because I care
  5. Thank you, and back at you friends. RR, I really, really hate that you're in pain. I feel that I must limit my annoyance of you during these times and that's a mighty tall order. Just get well already. I posted some Go Gos on my profile for you. Go listen and shake your money maker. Wilbur my friend. Aire, the Lindmaster is looking good. I was concerned about Kirby's hotel situation last night. Too many young available men running around.
  6. You can tell the pecking order in this family by the size of their crates, the comfort and cushiness of their beds. I know Lindy rules but sheesh, let's show a little love for Tillie and Fontleroy. I'm surprised Lindy doesn't have his own ice cream maker in his suite.
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