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  1. "I am risky and decisive woman and I am ready to change my life and start it from the very beginning with my future husband. Flirt and games are not for me. I look only for serious relations and marriage in the future." I think RG is fucking with me. Mudkipz
  2. Maybe two years from now. Mudkipz
  3. He wants to watch cat videos on U2. Mudkipz
  4. Sure you do. You are bright. And if I can do it, you can do it. There are tons of U2 videos out there. But, I understand if you want a pre-built computer. It's easier and if it goes crazeh, you have someone to call.
  5. I've never used Tinan; I build my own. But, the last few computers I have built have all been AMD. In fact, I'm building another AMD computer in the next few weeks with a 2600 CPU (I've used this CPU several times). For what I do, AMD fits my needs and you tend to get a little bit more bang for your buck. I've used several of the Ryzen processors and they have always worked well for me. Mudkipz
  6. I went out to try to relax tonight. Someone launched a firework over my head and then someone complained about dog poop in the back yard. Yup. I thought buying a house would help me find some a piece of mind. So far, I can't find any peace. Mudkipz
  7. I just moved. It fucking sucked. But, I just finished moving the last of the crap from the apartment so hopefully this bullshit is over with. I thought I had alot of stuff. I did. But my better half probably had three times what I have. Moving that stuff sucked. There was alot of it. It really sucked moving it. Anyway, moving sucks. It's not fun. I'm hoping to finally relax now but I'll probably caught Covid while moving all that shit and I'll probably die soon. Yay! Mudkipz
  8. I like your moxie. Let's smash the reality well. Mudkipz
  9. The guy stops posting here and the forum goes all to shit. Normally, I would blame SW but he's actually still using the forum; it's much easier to blame the person who doesn't post here anymore. Anyway, I think we need to erect a statue of AWWC and then tear it down. It's seems the proper thing to do these days. Then, we need to change all of our names with 'AWWC' in the name, and then change our names back in protest of AWWC. That sounds about right. Also, RG is from Ohio. You can't trust people from Ohio. Mudkipz
  10. At least it wasn't database corruption or something like that. I use something called New Relic to alert me for OS related issues; specifically for drives. It works with Linux as well.
  11. If I put Meep in one of those, she would kill every mother fucker in Rochester. Which means, everyone in Rochester would be dead. Mudkipz
  12. I don't know about that. The day isn't over. I'm considering sending her off. Mudkipz
  13. Seriously, one day I'm going to drop her off at Air's house and never come back. Mudkipz
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