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  1. About 5,000' of climbing, and then, to cap it off, a KOM!!!!! And a proper @Dirtyhip-type of KOM - all down hill!!!! BOOM! At about the 1:50 mark, you see the turn off to where the downhill section starts. A totally accidental KOM, and also a climb I had done earlier with cold legs, so a nice reward to the end of a ride. Only 211 folks even ride this bit of road, so not really a big "KOM", but you take em where you get em I also imagine Kevin is planning a trip back up to Skyline to retake the lead.
  2. WOOT WOOT!!! I hope you all are as well! Stick to Da Man and his stupid rules!!!!
  3. I love this. I could totally see @Dirtyhip doing this.
  4. I gotta say, I like their van! But not a fan of the black trail stuff. My poor little MTB might snap like a twig!
  5. ...that I am way behind MTB tech and skills I rode this weekend with my buddy at a park with some green, blue, and black trails. He's a regular MTBer over the past 5-10 yrs, while I am a very occasional MTBer. Anyway, I am luckily in far better biking shape, so his massive lead in skills is partially offset by my general fitness. That, though, for the most part goes right out the window when the terrain gets sketchy. His bike is a really nice full suspension Specialized he got a couple years ago. I ride my Trek - a rigid steel "classic" MTB. There is NO comparison between the t
  6. A couple weekends ago I went MTBing with my buddy. About a quarter way into the ride, I noticed the front brake (old school rim brakes) was getting soft, so I did a little tension adjustment and kept riding. A little later, soft again! As we were turning around to head home, <bloink> the brake cable snapped at the connector point on the front brake. So, already riding a MTB with less than stellar braking performance, I was stuck riding home through similar terrain as the ride out, but this time with no front brake to use. Not being @Dirtyhip (who likely laughs at using the brakes!),
  7. ...on a very short little Strava segment that I didn't realize was there until a few weeks ago. Four seconds between me and #1. I'm tied with the former Olympian right now, and fine with that. I've done it 519 times, and the first 500 times it was just a piece of trail I rode normally. That has changed!
  8. I think @Longjohn's grandkids might like this in his backyard
  9. We're having a virtual birthday party for @petitepedal on Zoom Friday, May 22nd at 7PM Central time. That's 8PM on the east coast, 5PM on the west. Bring your own drinks, snacks, and party favors! Feel free to come and go as you please. I'll keep the meeting live until the room is empty! You do not need a Zoom account to attend. To join the party, click on the link in the invitation below and follow the instructions on your screen. If you do not have Zoom on your device, the client software will automatically download and run. You may be asked to give it permission to run on your device.
  10. ChrisL

    Oh Shit!

    My nephew sending it..... and not sticking the landing.... A few scrapes & sore but good to go. He rode back to his car. IMG_0159.MOV
  11. Spring fever, coronavirus, kids off school, and folks working from home (or furloughed/laid off ) means there is not enough "open space" on my regular route during the afternoon to ride safely - both from a risk of contagion and a risk of accidents. Since I am not riding my commuter to the Metro right now, I swapped on a set of MTB tires a couple weeks ago, and have been taking the Trek out to new adventures. I regularly walk the dog at local lakes, and a favorite is Lake Fairfax (you can also see Lake Newport and Lake Anne), we rarely leave the park & cross Hunter Mill Rd, but whe
  12. ...but I bet @dennis could trade a fat bike for a tall bike! Or @donkpow could spot stray cell phones from much greater distances! And @Dirtyhip could rock it on a downhill!
  13. It seems right up your alley, and it can be fun. He really likes the Mopar stuff.
  14. ...on the insanity that is sidecarcross! Jeebus! Watched some this weekend and was like WTF am I even seeing. Ruts almost waist deep. Left and right sided sidecars. Some bouncing around that should have jettisoned the co-pilot. Just wild stuff!
  15. Okay, I probably missed the thread where this was vigorously discussed here, so I apologize in advance, but WTF is the deal with the Amgen TOC being cancelled? Finally a bike race I could watch on the telly after 10 a.m., and it was where I first heard of Sagan and Alaphillipe and actually saw Taylor Phinney win a real road stage, and they're dismissing it like a cheap suit. What gives?
  16. ...and have determined she suffers from "bicycle face"! Tell me “usually flushed, but sometimes pale, often with lips more or less drawn, and the beginning of dark shadows under the eyes, and always with an expression of weariness.” doesn't ring a bell!
  17. ...and probably @dennis. On the negative side, I went for a ride yesterday despite getting an awful night's sleep. Couldn't find my zen It is very rare when a ride doesn't do it for me.
  18. You don't see a lot of Roadsters out there.
  19. Yesterday I got a tuna melt for lunch, and it came with chips. However, it was also "free cookie" day, so I also got to choose between a Chocolate Chip or a Oatmeal Raisin cookie. I opted for the oatmeal raisin. Anyway, the lunch dessert showdown was set, and I expected the cookie to easily beat the kettle-style chips (which came in a distant third a while back). This time, though, they won! Not because they were much better than before, but because the cookie was so damn disappointing. ? It was dry and crumbly which is NOT what I want or expect in an oatmeal raisin cookie. A real sh
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