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Life in a van down by the river

Chopped Liver

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Was peacerful last night.

We had trout for dinner. I caught them on a 5wt 6'6" fly rod with a mayfly on the end.  I do use a tippet btw, my Dad doesn't.

We cooked them in butter over the coleman stove.  Around 6:30, the homeless people started showing up.  The first wave were pretty nice people, just down on their luck types.  Then the crazies started showing up...so we got in the van and locked 'er up nice 'n tight and set the alarm.   When I got up this morning, all the homeless had disappeared.  Don't know if they stayed around all night and left early, or if they left last night.

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Oh...man...I remember the mayfly hatches up in Quests neighborhood. Wholly crap...driving down the street all you'd hear is the crunch of the things under the tires. So many flies that they'd cover the street lights to the point where you couldn't seen the light any more. Truly kinda awesome.

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