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Sep 4

Square Wheels

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After work rides are where it's at!  I don't remember ever feeling stronger on a bike.


20.2 miles, 15.3 mph, 1,021 feet of climbing.  I beat my best time on the Church Road climb (1.3mi, 2.4%) by 44 seconds.  Made it up a new climb (about half a mile, 6%) without stopping.


Frankly I was expecting to see a faster average speed..... but I guess my max previous was about 16 mph, and that was only over 10 miles or so.


Funny, I didn't ride this morning because I thought it was too dark for me to get a reasonable ride in.  But by the time I got home tonight it was surely darker than it was at 6:15 this morning. :whistle:   luckily the ride ended on some really quiet roads.  Glad I put new batteries in the taillight.


I have 77 miles in six* days - if I've ever done that, it's only happened a couple times.


thanks for reading my gloating.  I'm pumped up if you can't tell.  I believe I have earned this here double IPA.




*edited.  can't count, apparently

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