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We will follow them to the gates of Hell

Road Runner

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Biden is a degenerate dick smoker. My mom met him one time when she was in the Alaska legislature and he was up with some senators touring military bases. He felt her up. No shit.


so his muslim boss wants to "degrade" ISIS and now jumpin'Joe wants to follow them to the gates of hell?


with what army? the one they decimated with budget cuts so they could afford all the welfare handouts to Obammy's base?


face it....democrats can't govern

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you are full of shit


no shit, that happened in 1991. Well, "felt up" can mean a lot of stuff, but the senators greeted the legislative delegation. the base was in Mom's district, so that's why she was there. Jumpin Joe hugged her, but kept lingering. Mom said it was pretty creepy. Now this was 25 years ago, so mom was in her 40s still, but Joe's a piece of work

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