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Yesterday we rode the Chama scenic train into the northern New Mexico mountains to kick off our Christmas holiday season.  Bring canned foods and ride the train for an hour with cookies and hot chocolate and a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Then we decorated the house and a tree, which is beautiful.  It snowed a little last night, and even though the scant amount isn't anything to compare to what you're getting in other parts of the country, the snow makes me feel as though winter is really here.  One more week of school until break.

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It's nice to be able to feel the Christmas spirit without some of the other stuff that goes with it.  I have not been a fan of Christmas since my kids turned into adults, and then when my marriage fell apart, even less so.  In fact you could really have called me a grinch.  But, this year is different - India has changed my perspective on a lot of things, one being this season.  I still don't believe Jesus was the son of God, but I believe that for those who do, this is such a beautiful way to celebrate him and his birth.  I do believe Jesus existed and that he changed enough lives that we should all be celebrating his time here on earth.  I would love to see more people celebrating that part of the season!

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