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Picture Rocks - Ride Report from 2/17/14

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The goal today was to reach the picture rocks.  I was joined by my husband for this ride.  I loaded 2 bike bottles and a separate 40 oz bottle in the pack. I know this ride.  It is not short one and I knew I would be riding it faster due to the company I will have today.


Weather was in the high 30's.  The temps were predicted to be 45F in the warmest part of the day.  Not ideal temps, but warm enough for a decent day.  I opted for 3/4 tights, knee high socks, winter cycling shoes, long sleeve jersey, thin vest, rain/wind jacket and a thin skull cap.  


We started out.  The route is well known to both of us.  I find it interesting that there are so many ways to get from point A to point B.  My husband switches up the route on me slightly, and I am cool with that.  It's really great to have company today.


The first climb and I've already gotten dropped.  I am not letting this bother me.  Not many people can ride the pace of my riding partner.  He will no doubt ride back down and loop up again.  He usually gets more miles and elevation than me when we ride together.  It is obvious why man and women do not compete in events against each other.  We would lose.  I hear two trucks roaring up behind me and the first truck, an ugly Ford jacked way up on giant wheels and tires,  passes on a solid yellow and nearly runs the car coming the other direction off the road.  Why must people act so stupid?


We crest the first big climb and begin out descent into the dirt section of Old Fort road.  We pass a farm house that I always call my dream home.  It is the Lazy K Ranch.  It looks to be listed for 2.6 million dollars.  Let's just say that it will remain only a dream home.  It has a beautiful pond and nice pastures.  Something about this spot is so serene.  Here is the listing:




The pond at the lazy K was only half frozen today.  That stupid groundhog should be retired.  It doesn't know an early spring from a hole in it's backside.  I predict a warm Spring out here.  I stop and take off my jacket and notice some strange looking animal that looks completely squished.  I say "Wow....this is so flat."  K says "Yeah, there is nothing in it.  It's just an empty cow pelt."  


Back on the bikes and pedaling along we now pass raptor village.  There are multiple birds of prey flying around.  One of them flies up to the utility pole above my head.  It's just huge.  I get a good look at it and it is staring right at me.  The birds really like this area.  It is teeming with rodent life.  


Almost to Hagelstein Park now.  Again, the park is deserted.  We skirt to the back and do the fence go around to the sand pit.  Our bikes just cruise right through the sand and now the steepest part of the climb must be done.  We grind up the hill.    Today, we don't see many trucks on the mountain.  Will we have Hag to ourselves?


Before long at all we reach the picture rocks.  I feel so better about the area now.  I know all the little short cuts now.  I take but a moment to snap some pics.  I have taken hardly any snaps today.  My ride partner doesn't like to stop much on rides.  Some of our younger friends have joked about him riding with a cattle prod in hand.   :blink:


I snapped 4 pics today.  I plan to go back next weekend and show you more sights, as I will be alone and have more time. I might bring a can of red spray paint and fix the heart on the rock.  




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