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Don't look now but the Cleveland Browns are kicking the Bungles ass


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35-14 CLE at the end of Q3!

I don't think Marvin Lewis will be head coach next year.  He had a talented team to work with this year and, even with injuries, they should have done better.

A team strong at WR, TE, RB hasn't scored as it should and the defense hasn't done as well as it should either.

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The Ravens are leading the Raiders 34-17 thanks in part to a long punt return TD and a fumble recovery TD by 36 year-old linebacker Terrell Suggs who outran a Raiders wide receiver 43 yards to the endzone.

My Raven-laden fantasy teams are projected to win: 144-65, 118-94, 147-129, and 121-120.  The last game is a tossup and I may need it to make the playoffs after next week.  The 2nd game will put me in at least 4th seed of a 4-team playoff beginning wk. 15 and CBS says I'm a 75% favorite to win.

Still, though he's only led the offense to 20 points with 6 min. left in the game, I think the Ravens are going to keep 1st-round-drafted Rookie Lamar Jackson at QB next week even though Joe Flacco's hip will probably let him play.

He scrambled to the wrong side- were no receivers were, took a sac where a veteran would have thrown the ball away, tried to force the ball to well-covered receivers resulting in 2 interceptions and has not put the loft and touch on his passes that Flacco does.

But he threw a perfect long ball to John Brown and his incredible 4.3-sec/40-yd gives the Ravens other RBs better avg. runs because the opponents have to designate one of their defenders as a spy for Jackson.  He just ran the ball for 39 yds and Ty Montgomery ran it for 9 yards on the next play.

Joe Flacco isn't the guy who used to be Joe Flacco.  He was an elite QB with a lousy O-line and lousy receivers for a decade and that resulted in Flacco getting whacked way to much. His mobility is back this year, but he's not making too many bad decisions.

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