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  1. NHL Playoffs

    SJS were seeded lower than the Ducks.
  2. NHL Playoffs

    Figured out how to embed tweets. Whew.
  3. NHL Playoffs

  4. 95 year-old man accused of sexual misconduct

    I said could.
  5. NHL Playoffs

    TML go home with a less than impressive third period. Big win by the the Bruins.
  6. Another DWB!

    So I suppose not much of that contract is guaranteed money.
  7. NHL Playoffs

    He’s a 4th line player who’s been up and down to the AHL the last two years. He was a Penguins draft pick who got traded in the package that brought Kessel to Pittsburgh. Brutal goal for Anderson to give up.They got him with the first round pick Pittsburgh sent to Toronto for Kessel.
  8. NHL Playoffs

    Really nice goal by Kapanen. Leafs fans will tell you that made the Kessel trade worth it. And then Krug happened.
  9. NHL Playoffs

    Why do you play on a broken ankle that occurs in October? I can understand if it happens in the playoffs, or down the stretch, but when there is time to heal?
  10. NHL Playoffs

    The 20 types of depressed sports fan. Funny read on the eve of the Round 1 Big Game. And if you just want to relive the video: https://youtu.be/u8GCH5qf9IY Why do all my YouTube links get rejected when I try to “insert other media”?
  11. NHL Playoffs

    Sure, as a Penguins fan I can relate to just getting through the regular season. But I wouldn’t discount the Bruins as being the lesser of the two opponents and the TML as giving the better competition.... I certainly don’t think the players are.
  12. 95 year-old man accused of sexual misconduct

    With dementia comes a lack of awareness. If Stan is executing legal documents and acting at 95, I suspect his cognitive faculties are intact. I wouldn’t be as quick as many in this thread to discount that he could sexually assault a woman who came to his hotel room to give him a massage.
  13. NHL Playoffs

    Didn’t the Bruins spank the TBL 3 out of 4 meetings this season?
  14. NHL Playoffs

    Game 7 should be a doozy. I still like Boston to win, but now would be the time for Austin Matthews to show the world what he can do. I can’t help but think he’s still injured, though. I saw him in the Pittsburgh airport 6 weeks ago, coming back from what I believe was his orthopedic surgeon’s office. Geno and Hagelin ruled out for game 1 against the Caps, looks like Sid will have to carry the load to start the series.
  15. Any Vacation Plans?

    I ate a lobster daily during my time in New Bruinswick and Nova Scotia. Some days, two. 😜