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  1. I thought this was about @Allen’s pond.
  2. Actually it’s a bit more common than I thought, but most are 7-8 year programs to earn a BS/MD, so I don’t know how that’s much different than a standard undergraduate program and then entering Medical School, except maybe for some support and guidance (and institutional vested interest) in your process. https://www.google.com/amp/s/blog.collegevine.com/admissions-heros-top-25-combined-bsmd-programs/amp/
  3. I was hoping for more about the Medicinae Doctrix.
  4. It was still an interesting snippet of information.
  5. I’m not an expert on the English medical education system, but I don’t think that’s entirely correct. A MD in the US is free to see patients independently, immediately following graduation from medical school. While most go on to do some form of residency for specialization, it is not mandatory. In the UK grads, must first do a 2 year Foundation Program. This appears to be similar to the last two clinical years of an American medical school, rotating through various specialties. I don’t know if there is an additional title to having completed this Program, but doctors are only then able to peruse residency training programs. I would guess the English system might be similar to the Indian system, where High School students get placed into medical school based on test scores. It’s rare to see combined Bachelor’s/MD programs in the US, I know the university of Miami once offered it to very select few students, not sure if they do any longer.
  6. Sourced from confirmed kills using only Acme products.
  7. Bacardi is doing the same in Florida.
  8. I heard there are now @Couch_Incident masks.
  9. @Parr8hed is going to buy a grinder on the way home from work today. You may call them a hero, a hoagie, sub, submarine sandwich, torpedo, blimpie, poor boy, hoagy or wedge, but he doesn’t care, he’ll eat any and all of them (no face to face, able to do it over the "net" and curb side pickup.) What are the odds of him keeping his fingers (and toes 😳)?
  10. Nah, total brain death is an acceptable criteria for death even with continued oxygenated blood flow. It’s the reason the ventilator is disconnected.
  11. For the record, the majority of the US population disagrees with several decisions that have been made which adversely impact our foreign friends and allies.
  12. My mother’s in a retirement community. Someone in a different building tested positive. She was on isolation precautions, but left her room due to a fire drill. The woman’s neighbor has since died of Covid, presumably due to the encounter during the fire drill. No idea how many other people were also in contact.
  13. I wear a mask, along with my coworkers. I wish all visitors would be mandated to wear a mask, but they’re not. Maybe we don’t have adequate supplies for that, idk.
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