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  1. NFL doesn’t have the luxury of doubling up games like MLB could. If the Titans can’t play this weekend, when would the rescheduled game be played?
  2. But if he’s no longer psychologically disturbed, because he’s not high, what would you want them to do? If he’s calm, not hallucinating, not delusional, not depressed, not suicidal, not aggressive or threatening. How long should he be held in a hospital, against his will, due to his potential to smoke PCP when he gets out?
  3. As far as I can tell, the laws are written in the State Capital, not this ER. I’d be more understanding of the anger if he were seeking treatment and was refused/turned away. But it seems pretty clear that any evaluation that was done was involuntary, so if he no longer met dangerousness criteria for admission because the drugs wore off, there’s not an option for continued involuntary treatment. Is it a broken system because you can’t force drug treatment over refusal? Absent a court ordered program related to other criminal charges, that is.
  4. A little reading shows that Mr. Prude’s brother called the police for dangerous behavior displayed while high on PCP, requesting an involuntary psychiatric evaluation. This quote suggests that if he sobered up/came down during the assessment, that New York State law makes discharge the appropriate decision. If so, the protestors are effectively asking the hospital to violate his civil rights and keep him in the hospital against his will beyond the assessment of his sobriety. "Those people cannot be held against their will once they are back to their baseline and are no longer exhibiting b
  5. Don’t forget the Browns fans.
  6. I keep scanning in at a cool 86 degrees Fahrenheit each morning, so I know I and my fellow employees are very safe. Although a coworker did report a sore throat last week, and was out a few days waiting Covid test results. fortunately negative.
  7. They make us. I went out and came back in and they insisted I get a new, clean mask.
  8. No, it was purposeful. Protesters upset with the treatment of Daniel Prude who was seen there for mental health issues, released, and dead after a police altercation later that night. Was Mr. Prude requesting treatment and was discharged over his protest? I’ll assume the medical rationale for that decision hasn’t been released and therefore isn’t known to these protestors?
  9. Look a lot like mine? A new mask at work every day, that I don’t remove until I get to my car at the end of the day.
  10. I agree, particularly at a medical center where people are already in crisis. Unless that was an unintended consequence of protesting at City Hall, with the crowd size spilling over to block a garage of a nearby facility?
  11. I’m glad to see this is about South Korea. To the north, they just shoot immigrants to avoid infection risk.
  12. I have one credit card that I believe has a $30,000 limit. There’s no way that I could max that out and pay the mortgage, regardless of whether or not I or my wife kept or lost our jobs. So I tend to see credit scores as a response that you HAVEN’T maxed out your limits, not that how you’d handle it if you did?
  13. Really? I’ll root for my team first, against my division second, and against my Conference third.
  14. Isn’t your credit score the most important factor in securing a loan rate? Credit scores don’t seem to be impacted poorly by unused credit availability, aiui.
  15. I like them in a Cesar salad. Don’t eat them otherwise.
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