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  1. Calling him an “ass” is a little harsh for a missed word in a song lyric, no?
  2. Their legal defense fund may be already accounted for.
  3. Have you ever noticed how your perception of time changes as you get (much) older?
  4. I don’t think Henry Ford would be posing with his new Buick.
  5. Is she hot? Are the candle light, wine and music just to help you relax?
  6. I wouldn’t condone it, I’d rather they face the criminal justice system. But I could understand the decision and find some empathy with their guilt.
  7. Texxaco VP, probably taken in New Orleans.
  8. It’s the only explanation. Local driver, hits three kids, only a matter of time until discovered. Only benefit to them is the ability to sober up and concoct a better story.
  9. I doubt they mandate that even in California. I’d decline, they’re not treating your blood pressure there.
  10. Ok, now that we think it’s a late 1920’s Buick.... does anyone else think my Grandfather looks a bit like Gomez Addams?!?
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