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  1. I don’t know if any of the guitarists are doing an open G tuning. It seems to make or break Keef songs.
  2. I didn’t know @Square Wheels was into sex toys... or that @Randomguy had access to a car, and was going to a bike store for his purchase.
  3. Neither did we. We sit 6’ or more apart, trying to limit it to 4 people or fewer to a room. Everyone wears masks, everyone gets temperature scanned and screening questions at the door. Group meeting via Teams.
  4. I sit with a mask on for 4 hours at a time, eat lunch and do it for a few more. It’s not that hard.
  5. Delaware has more Philly people visiting, a high Covid rate area. The Maryland beach is a bit more diverse. Eggactly. Close the bars and protect those who aren’t going but will interact with those who do elsewhere.
  6. Yes, the Cup will be awarded. Yes names will be inscribed. In some ways, this year will be more difficult, because some teams would need to survive a fifth, play-in round to the post season. Those teams would need to win 20 games, not 16 for the Cup. The only real benefit is that injuries won't play the usual factor, at least at the start of the games. And the haters will always minimize the achievement. The Capitals couldn't win a Cup against a non-expansion team, afterall.
  7. Yeah, TV revenues. And the owners aren’t paying the players for the playoffs, but the players want to maximize income so to bolster the salary cap for the next season. There are lots of reasons why they want to do it, and given the structure, it’s as safe a means of doing it that will be found in the next 12 months. I have more optimism about these playoffs coming off than I do the next regular season.
  8. Yeah, and they played a bunch of games in the Finals in 1919 before having to cancel (I think they played 6 games?) due to too many ill players to finish the series.
  9. I had a third coworker test positive this week. I haven’t been there for three weeks, but don’t really want to go back after this coming weekend as scheduled. Millennials going to bars will be the death of me, it seems.
  10. I don’t see how. You have to test negative to get into the restricted area. Once in, you don’t leave. Your hotels, all practice and game rinks, restaurants... all activities of daily life are contained within the bubble. No family, only prescreened, tested and quarantined media members and team employees present. this isn’t baseball playing before no fans but traveling around the country, this is sequestration.
  11. I tend to skip the sweet and go straight for the Nashville hot chicken menu item.
  12. Sweet Dixie Kitchen? Long Beach restaurant Sweet Dixie Kitchen is in deep water after customers found out a few weeks ago that they were essentially re-serving Popeyes Louisiana Chicken on the menu. The brunch specialist offers several fried chicken options, and did not disclose on their menu that they use Popeyes chicken tenders.
  13. That’s a hell of a breakfast beer!
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