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  1. I had a very busy weekend. Went to bed exhausted at 9:30 pm Sunday, slept through until 5 am. Very good for me. Went to be at 9:30 Monday night, too, but without all the physical exertion and stress that the weekend had, I couldn’t clear 3 am. Now my wife is up and wants coffee, which means the cats will want to be fed and the dog wants to go out and the day has begun. But it’s only 4:34 am!
  2. I got oversaturated with Bruce as a teenage listening to WMMR. Him, and Hall and Oates. I used the think The Tubes were a Philly area band, too, but I guess they just liked “She’s a Beauty” and overplayed that, too.
  3. I would doubt many in the press or bloggers bother to read the coroner’s report. I think “likely drug overdose” is the conclusion reached at the scene and carried forward, unless something to contradict that gets announced after the autopsy. The “accidental” tag gets thrown in to differential from suicide. Three guys died this week near me, accidental fentanyl overdoses. Apparently they went to an apartment after a club, and someone cut into a bag of what was believed to be cocaine and offered “bumps” off the end of his knife. It wasn’t cocaine. Which has me wondering what happened to cutting drugs with an inert substance, if you’re trying to maximize profits? Why use something that is going to most likely kill your clients? Fentanyl is so freaking toxic, it’s not like you can make weak heroin seem better if you use just a little.
  4. Prophet Zacharia

    Eff me

    Me too! Periodically they send updates of broken pipe repairs in the area in an attempt to solicit new subscribers. I always check to be sure I’m not on the list, then throw out the payment option form.
  5. FIFY. Lemond may be a tough personality, but a) he’s literally been abused throughout his life and b) he was right and no one listened. Honor the man.
  6. At least scooters seem to have finally gotten rid of the Segway problem that inhabited cities for many years.
  7. I had sugar free peanut brittle before bed. I didn’t cry at the hospital today.
  8. Prophet Zacharia

    Eff me

    Have you ruled out “under the platform” as the approach of the waterline to the house? Because it would seem fitting for the pipe to chose to break just under your new construction. Does anyone pay for the water/sewage line insurance offered by the water company? That pays for any repair from the main all the way to your house? We had a HUGE water main break nearby on Friday which left us with water boil advisory all weekend. Making me reconsider the age of all the pipes nearby and if the insurance may be a good idea. Although my house was built in the mid to late 1980’s. Lots of much older construction in the area.
  9. I’m going to go with “no”. And soon it will be covered in snow and no one will see it, so what is the point? Also, I’ve heard that leaving it longer during the winter helps the health of the grass. I try to apply that strategy year round, just to be safe. For the good of the grass.
  10. It’s 57 degrees out. Now would be a fine time.
  11. Free airfare is amazing. As are direct flights (difficult for those of us away from major airline hubs) or easy connecting flights. Southwest is flying my wife for free anywhere I go this year, and with credit card points, my flight is free, too. So Pittsburgh->Oakland->Maui (with a short stop in Honolulu) seems like a mandate.
  12. So your vacations are at/near and around the time of the races? Or you avoid vacations during racing season so as to concentrate on racing? I try to avoid vacations during our brief (10-12 weeks) Great Lakes sailing season. Of course, this year we had three trips out of town between Memorial and Labor Days.
  13. I am always interested in how people ended up where they are and what paths or obstacles they faced. Just out of curiosity though.
  14. At least it’s good grilling weather. Sorry for your pain.
  15. I think even you could burn through $154,000 before tax and agent fees quickly. He’s got 4 more kids than you, and some vehicles and properties that I doubt are paid in full yet.
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