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  1. He’s blocking traffic on my commute.
  2. It’s his good coat, after all.
  3. I bet you miss going to the office and learning that it’s no big deal for players to violate NHL Covid regulations and hang out in hotel rooms since they practice without masks. Besides, Ovechkin and Orlav already have antibodies.
  4. I saw that story yesterday. Pretty funny.
  5. Pfft. Can’t retire on $10,000. Barely even worth the effort to redeem it, after taxes. She can send it to me for disposal.
  6. Good time for an evening swim when the water warms up.
  7. Yeah, I just checked... mine came in at +30%. But it won’t mean a thing if it’s down when I need to start withdrawing.
  8. Best wishes. Hope all goes perfectly negative.
  9. Not tonight’s, unfortunately.
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