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Community Answers

  1. Back to pre-Covid levels. But we too have bridge construction delays now. That’s going to last another year.
  2. Wear a cup and protect the balls you already have.
  3. He prefers cool mustard over hot mustard.
  4. Unfortunately, it’s not on their website. I’d be curious as to what a room with a porthole, let alone a balcony would cost. Not sure I’d want to do any ocean crossings in an interior room. Actually, I’m sure I wouldn’t.
  5. That’s were ours live. I only keep the hot mustard and duck sauce packets, we have a bottle of soy sauce in the fridge, so the packets get tossed.
  6. I’ve never taken a cruise, but ordinarily, I might be intrigued to go to many places I would likely not, otherwise. But I wouldn’t go on a cruise while Covid seems to want to infect everyone still.
  7. I’ll focus on the two athletes cited in the OP. Thanks.
  8. So they’re ill, not morans? Or maybe both? Could be.
  9. Agreed. Although the identified morans are the particular exceptions.
  10. Reflecting back on the OP, the morons (or morans, in forum speak) aren’t the athletes using their talents to get very well compensated. It’s the athletes who are screwing up their mega million dollar contracts by getting suspended by the teams or leagues they play for. Losing 1/4 of your annual salary for forging Covid vaccination cards, or being suspended without pay for conduct unbecoming to the team is the issue at hand.
  11. So you’re like me and just watch hockey? Cool Beanz!
  12. Hand delivered with ice cream sandwiches.
  13. He’s a cancer. In a huge amount of debt and still screwing up his chance to claw his way out.
  14. I think that suggests that we all hate Belichick the most. Or Kraft/Belichick.
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