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  1. It’s retro. It’s LF golden years.
  2. 30-40 if I have to pick a decade.
  3. Or you can just not post Tour de France subjects here for the next 3 weeks. That would be great.
  4. Or did he mockingly post stage results from a previous year to taunt the spoiler policy? Asking to determine just how much of a dick he is, and if I should bother watching tonight or just call it a loss.
  5. I think he sold his car to Parr8 at such a huge profit he went off on vacation.
  6. They refer to it as a “basement garage” at some point.
  7. Congratulations! Question: does coffee break the fast? I can wait until noon for a meal but I’d miss a morning coffee. At least at first.
  8. That’s referential thinking there, Ralph!
  9. You’re fasting 16 hours and eating during 8? And how long have you been at it?
  10. It’s not what I meant by social development. Yes, some people do that in college, some don’t do it much, if at all. But there are other aspects of personal growth associated with the college experience that I think are benefited from having a similar age to your peers. And there are obviously different ways to develop after high school, college is just one. I’m sure this young woman will be fine. But it’s not how I would have developed best, and that’s probably true for many others (but obviously not all).
  11. I assumed this thread was bumped as evidence that RE has been preparing for @ChrisL’s MIL to stay with him for some time now. But you’re going current events? So what did the dildo-at-the-race’s sign say?
  12. I’m sorry you missed your ride with @Parr8hed.
  13. I think the leading suspicion is that years of water damage caused the problems, and that any patch work done along the way was superficial. I guess a drunk hitting a structural support could have been the final straw?
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