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  1. I don’t think gun safety training or marksmanship is at anyway the issue, @jsharr. Quite the opposite. I think some gun sale laws could make a positive difference. But more training and safety courses would, too.
  2. I’m saying dogs are lazy, cats industrious. Whether cats steal is probably a reflection of their economic background and moral compass.
  3. That’s why this thread is about cats, not dogs. We all know dogs are dependent on Amazon and other home deliveries.
  4. I think cats prefer fast pass or using Apply Pay or some other virtual payment system.
  5. Pad Thai from an Italian caterer? Ok. I’d ask for context but know I’d just get fret buzz.
  6. I’m glad I am not the only one to select Touch before Tough.
  7. Stop selling drugs and get a real job?
  8. No, jerky, because asking here gives me the context as to why this term is associated with this forum. Uncle Google would not link said issues.
  9. An electric guitar term? Or something else?
  10. We don’t have that sport in Pittsburgh.
  11. My man’s thinking of making a gravy here. Nom nom.
  12. Call the FBI. They seem to be able to recover lost HD data fairly easily. Tell them you’re from another country, that usually increases their interest.
  13. Can I have your gallbladder as a change purse? I don’t use a lot of change, but that seems the best utilization of the organ. After it’s been removed, of course.
  14. Prophet Zacharia


    I think we need Couch’s denim shrinking guide to know what the real size of these pants will be after a few washings.
  15. Did you study for the test? We’re all counting on you!
  16. Glove? In late March? No thanks.
  17. 1 friend. He just retired. I hope to visit his retirement home some day, it’s in the foothills of the Himalayas. The rest? Friendly. I’ve done happy hours with them, nothing more.
  18. I think my BIL goes to Vienna Vintners. But I know they’re also Fresh Market shoppers, so they probably go to Norm’s, too.
  19. Lots of sick people in horspittles. Best to avoid whenever possible.
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