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  1. We got 6”, with an additional 2” projected for today. Windy at times at 35 mph.
  2. What time does the Eagles game start? Asking for a friend.
  3. But probably still a good barker! Welcome back, Couch.
  4. Erie is the right city for a Scalawag, but it’s the wrong season.
  5. This thread’s better. Thank you for starting it. I knew he was anti-vax, but didn’t know he had been recently Covid positive. I knew the Australia Tennis foundation had given him an exemption, but the Australian Immigrations office rejected it, because their law, I believe, is that all foreign travelers must be vaccinated.
  6. I think I got the presentation set. Figured it would fit in a small frame in my office.
  7. You won’t like him when he’s mad.
  8. I never used that here, and I never changed the spelling elsewhere.
  9. 0.5 % of the world’s male population (16 Million people) are a descendant.
  10. Strike that, I was able to order them myself.
  11. I saw that. I considered having a friend in London send me a set.
  12. You didn’t happen to go to the University of Wisconsin, did you? I have a friend from there who was always saying that.
  13. Then you asked the wrong question.
  14. Are you following the Perdue Pharma court cases at all? It’s interesting, because multiple States keep challenging settlement offers as being insufficient to address the damage the pharmaceutical company did by intentionally minimizing the addictive properties of their drug (and then turned a blind eye when prescriptions skyrocketed beyond reason). But then Heroin is far cheaper than OxyContin on the street once the addiction takes hold. And fentanyl seems everywhere now, my region had a huge streak of OD deaths a few years back. Interesting CDC graphic in changes in opioid prescriptions over past decade:
  15. You should be fine. I once talked to a woman at work for about 30 minutes, the LAST thing she told me was that her cousin was positive and she was waiting for her results. Fortunately I wore a mask and stayed about 5’ away. Now, this was an early variant, not the omicron. But I have a lot of faith in masks, still. I had a coworker yesterday state how terrible she felt, but intentionally hadn’t tested because she was afraid she’d have to stay home. Yeah, we’re short staffed, but that’s ridiculous and not helping at all!
  16. The view from my kitchen window is that Tennessee has a tougher opponent this week than the Chiefs do. While the Steelers beat the Titans and Bills this year, they have no chance at Arrowhead, and were embarrassed there recently.
  17. I think it’s that we have pictures of him in a Speedo.
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