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  1. 25 mg tabs? If you’re not asleep I wouldn’t worry too much. I’ve seen 200-400 mg daily maximum doses.
  2. Crosby passes Joe Sakic for 8th in all time playoff scoring. Needs two point to pass Brett Hull for #7.
  3. It’s a matter of moderation. Two sausages and suddenly it’s awkward.
  4. Pirates did well for about 4 seasons. That’s as long as a small market team lasts. And getting back to the earlier “nobody cares”... I meant no one cares if the championship resulting from a 182 or 162 or whatever season length. A championship is a championship... except for the haters. Like @Razors Edge
  5. I am frankly surprised that it is a seller’s market at this point. I would think people would be downsizing, or not buying while the economy is down.
  6. Hip wins. She’s not in Ohio.
  7. Music playing nearby, but it turned out to be a neighbor playing nursery rhymes. It’s amazing how similar they can sound. i fixed that. Rocks Off cued up.
  8. Until MLB has a hard salary cap, I can’t say I’m a fan. I’ll watch playoffs, but know my profit-whoring owner will never spend to win. So I don’t go, or watch. But I wouldn’t say that nobody cares. Johnny Rotten: “It’s not ‘We don’t fuckin care... It’s we don’t care’.” Sid: “I don’t fuckin care”.
  9. Ah yes, we all remember H. Green, the unpaced road cycling champion.
  10. Over-attempts to justify makes you look defensive.
  11. Who doesn’t want a house with an over-engineered wood pellet shed?
  12. Was Barney shot with bullet, died of an Oxford comma, or something else?
  13. We’ve been 75 degrees most of the week. Won’t heat up before the weekend, which seems odd for August.
  14. How will the Bruins know the playoffs have started if they can’t eliminate the Leafs in the first round?
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