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  1. At one point I think we all had to add “.bic” to our user names
  2. I had Hog Fish, blackened last night. A nice fish, sweeter than grouper.
  3. A good Balsamic for salad dressing. Malt vinegar for my fries. Lime on fresh seafood. What your favorite acid with food?
  4. So you don’t know why they’d want to turn (hundreds of ) millions of people gay?
  5. They’re giving 1,000 vaccines today and 1,000 shots on Monday at our local VA. Why not on Sunday, too?
  6. How is tipping effected by a (near?)doubling of a waitperson’s current wage? Do we become more European?
  7. Like the Illuminati, the Freemasons are often cited by various conspiracists. But do they even exist? https://www.israelhayom.com/2021/01/11/popular-rabbi-warns-followers-covid-vaccine-could-make-you-gay/
  8. I agree with that as a reasonable-to-aggressive prediction of a timeline made as late as October. I’d have guessed 1a would have been February, to be honest. But when they got the 1A distribution out quickly, I hoped 1b would be completed this month, not March.
  9. What was the hiker’s (the mod) avatar? Was he “Bpbikes”?
  10. You would have thought it’d be easy to recognize his writing under any name. Direct.
  11. Or when you’re loading your Civic full of chicken eggs?
  12. Hardest? Probably Alp D’Hues? Although Brass Town Bald after a long, climb-filled ride was tough. Surprisingly my double century wouldn’t be on this list, nor my fixed gear century, as I’ve had 2 or 3 bonks that trump them.
  13. Mad City, I think? I see @jsharr got it already.
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