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  1. The first rule of bike club is that you don’t talk about bike club.
  2. Me too, @Airehead. The flu sucks.
  3. And he only needed 200 more games played and 1900 more shots to pass Mario!
  4. I program my coffee maker to start 45 minutes before my alarm goes off. The dog always wants to be let out early, before the alarm, so this works out well. On the rare days that doggo sleeps in, it’s a stainless steel carafe so the coffee stays very hot until I am up.
  5. S.B. Cohen 2020. I had forgotten , or never knew, that the 1990’s was the “get real” decade. One of the many Playboy articles I never read.
  6. Of breakfast stout. Mesmerizing!
  7. I can’t tell if the Flyer wanted to hold him accountable for the hit or just snuggle. Who won the game?
  8. Doesn’t Texas have any medical marijuana dispensaries? Girl Scouts here make bank setting up shop outside of them.
  9. Yeah, I think it’s pretty much a case of pick your poison in a lot of cases. Although Massachusetts does seem to have a lot of poison when it comes to their taxes.
  10. The most gratifying work activity, EVAR.
  11. I don’t hate large images, just dumb ones that no one uses.
  12. Thank you, this is the part that I didn’t really comprehend, that the low car was a) there to help and b) out of contention itself for the win. It seemed like he was trying to pass at the bottom of the track, and was blocked leading to the crash.
  13. That does sound like a long time ago.
  14. Who would have guessed that Haiti wouldn’t work out? 🇭🇹
  15. It’s a crowded TV schedule for me with Curb Your Enthusiasm, Better Call Saul and Homeland all back on, and I recently started watching the Outsider. But thanks, I just downloaded this for my travels this weekend.
  16. That’s what I saw, too, but I also saw him slide down to close the door to keep an attempted pass from happening. So I don’t know what the “rules” are about such a block? I see that the injuries aren’t life threatening/
  17. I’m sure this isn’t a spoiler to anyone who posted here previously, but just in case I won’t use any driver’s names. Was the crash the fault of the injured driver, or the guy who spun him into the wall? It looked like there was a clear effort by the lead drive to cut off the lane the lower car tried to take, which makes me think it was the fault of the guy who crashed, but I don’t watch much motor sports.
  18. Troy Vincent who was a 5x NFL Pro-Bowl selection and now Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the NFL went to my high school, a year ahead of me. Zach Woods from The Office did, too, several years later.
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