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Sweetwater Non-motorized trail


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The Sweetwater non-motorized trail west of Baldwin, Mi is maintained by the Michigan Dog Drivers Association.

Several roads in Manistee National Forest are closed to vehicle traffic from December 15 till snow is gone or March 31. 

Roads won't be closed to vehicles for a few days yet but today the trails had 8 inches of snow and were groomed.

Closure date has changed since this sign was made.


Trail map.


More information can be found on the Michigan Dog Drivers Association facebook page.

Come out and use the trails or even watch our sled dog races.

I will be there with the dogs Dec 26-28

Great Lakes Sled Dog Association and Mid Union Sled Haulers both hold races there.

I will be there again Jan 18-20 for the M.U.S.H. races.

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Although it may be slightly slower on excellent hard packed trail I prefer a fat bike for bikejoring.  Lots of grip and control.  Much easier to avoid crashes. I strongly suggest that you have your dogs well trained running single before starting with 2 dogs. A few do use carbon bikes but most use aluminum or steel. Those stand the extra stress from the dogs better.  There are people who bikejor on Walmart bikes but most of the good ones are using good bikes. I haven't done a race on snow but most of the races I have been in there were 15 to 20 in the class and 2 or 3 fat bikes. The race the first weekend of November the fat bikes were all at the top of the class.  Very wet trails with mud and deep sand.  Saw many mountain bike crashes.  I'm old and like the ride and control I get from the fat bike.

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