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  1. I was off yesterday, today and next Tuesday bike some, bike some more, bbq at mom's this weekend so I'll ride the fatso there. Not much else other than relax.
  2. I haven't had this in so long, and am wanting to get a fillet some night.
  3. Homemade BBQ chicken pizza. It turned oot delicious Made a very thin cracker crust, which is what I like. I'll definitely do it again.
  4. very nice, I like views like that
  5. HAHA If Ford still made cars, I'd consider them
  6. prayers & vibes that things go well
  7. I buy Motorola phones, and they have excellent reliability.
  8. maybe she can buy a car, and get a free phone
  9. I had a couple odd jobs as a kid, one was helping an aunt w/ her catering, so she paid me some cash but can't remember what. My first paycheck job was in HS at a farm market down the street from the school, where a friend also worked. That was $4 something/hr;. I then worked at a carwash closer to my house, and that was up to IIRC $5.25/hr. From there I got a job at a company doing CAD work and it paid $9/hr. This was my first 40 hour job w/ benefits.
  10. which is this under magnification
  11. BCC's daughter graduated w/ a B.S.
  12. awesome, looks like great place.
  13. Great idea. I'm not sure the brand, but BCC has one that we used for camping. It's very comfortable. I was amazed.
  14. After I typed what I did, I thought about this too.
  15. Socially, I was more comfortable with people older than me, sometimes a generation. One of the local restaurants I hang oot at, there's a few people that do also, and they're my parents age. We sit at the bar, drink, eat, chat Good times always.
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