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I need money! :(


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I was talking to the wife and she said we don't have enough :(


I was trying to get the WoBK to do a great bands tour this summer.. I want to go see some bands of the years past we have not seen yet or haven't seen in a while...


The Cure

Dead Milkmen

Public Image Ltd.

and so one the list can go.........


For every dollar you contribute to my needy fund to make me happy, I will insult the person of your choosing at your workplace. It could be by phone, letter, email, or just an evil way of my liking so you will not be found out about.


Thank you in advance for your kind donations! 

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Have ya'll considered having your wives dance on picnic tables?

Been there done that, but if I keep paying for her to dance.... we are only exchanging money, not making it! 


I would give you guys money, but you know the old saying about giving a man a fish as opposed to teaching a man to fish.


I think it is important that you guys learn to fish.   :)

I can't pay for a concert with fish... Fish is not good tender unless the other person is hungry! 

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