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  1. New ride

    Please no bike branding wars. Please.
  2. For Randomguy

  3. A question for you

    Nobody else is suspicious when jsharr posts a thead with 'meat' and 'balls' in the title? Naiveté.
  4. %$&£@..&%♤♧~*% computer viruses

    ×1 Tihread title is in Unicode.
  5. Friday and raining again

    that can be a source of illness. Body's don't always respond well to big temp fluctuations like that. Take care.
  6. Friday and raining again

    After the wettest 6 month span on record and really 7-8 months of hell, the summer has come to us. For the first time since 1996, we are having all 3 days of sunshine this Memorial Day weekend.
  7. I hope to be so damn fat that I die of a heart attack and retirement is inconsequential.
  8. Kinda screwed

    So Napa and Autozone sell a new alternator for about $200 and a new belt tensioner is like $50. I'm going to pay my neighbor to do it.
  9. Sigh. Yard work day.

    I've got some yard work to do as well. Mowing the lawns are in order and it's about time I cleaned up some things in the backyard. Oh crap. The front yard needs weeding too.
  10. I have to go in today and actually work hard. But then I have 3 days of bliss w/ wifey. Supposed to be stellar weather here -- it's been since 1996 since we've had 3 days up in the PNW w/o rain and all 3 days look damn good. I'd go hiking more but it's going to be a zoo out there. Egad. It means we'll probably be biking some.
  11. Somebody better call the cops. That guy is bad news.
  12. Kinda screwed

  13. Kinda screwed

    What a delightful ass you are. RG has you covered.
  14. Kinda screwed

    Yes. But my coverage only covers 11 miles and i live 30+ miles out.
  15. Kinda screwed

    That might be my next door neighbor.