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  1. I dunno. I contracted Syphilis years ago from RG. It was worth it though. Best fuck I ever had.
  2. I go to the dealership.
  3. ^^^ is there a punch line here jsharr d harr? You always have them. Please don't let me down. I don't handle disappointment well.
  4. I love the badgering in here. You guys ok.
  5. I thought that was our national health policy?
  6. Tried that too. Poor resolution.
  7. 2 other things: the place i took it to is a mile from where my wife works for logistical reasons and 2) i just moved out of the area so i don't have any established mechanics. Cut me some slack you asshles.
  8. It did. But my prescription glasses couldn't read the tiny print. Thanks for calling out that i am a cripple.
  9. So yesterday i jumped into my old truck but the engine, buddy, she ain't turning. I had just driven 30 miles into the city for my doctors appt and 35 minutes later everything is dead. I am in a parking garage and can't see dook and grab a slip of a shop that worked on it from the glove box. Get a jump and hear clicking noises and dash flashes and truck fails to start. A couple days before holiday weekend and i need to get this towed to shop. Call shop and confirm they can take it -- they can squeeze me in -- but realize it's a Ford dealership and not the other shop that worked on it before. It's also the most expensive burb in the city. But they could take it and get it done most likely before weekend. The problem was it was pitch black in my truck which was in the parking garage and i was only able to locate the dealership receipt. I only had it worked on at one other shop and i couldn't remember their name or number. It was late and i needed to get the truck out of the garage and towed somewhere. But now i have an undriveable truck sitting at one of the most expensive dealerships in town. And i am guessing the starter needs replacement. Can somebody please send me money??
  10. Let 'em duke it out
  11. Why does jsharr post then??
  12. Sean is da man. You lose Goldfinger.
  13. I will not give up cycling but where we moved to- - hiking just took front and center