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  1. If we are talking of transporting these on the subway or bus then Brompton would still be the smallest and slickest for folding I imagine..... but expensive with proprietary parts. Bike Friday and Dahon should feature as well though. Something more akin to a road bike, and used by triathletes is the Airnimal Chamelon which is light and quick but is a larger package. The Airnimal Joey would be the touring equivalent and I've owned both of these bikes and loved them. All of their parts are standard so easily sourced.
  2. Ermmm........let's just say that I'm having problems. I do have thoughts even outside the toilet you know......well...at least some of the time.
  3. Oh....I don't know.....there's something strangely admirable about aiming low and missing.
  4. Why is it every time I see a dog I feel my heart lift?
  5. I'm sorry.....but now you have gone too far. I have never promulgated in my entire life and am on record as condemning it as a filthy habit. This is a new low even for you... and you are reported.
  6. Indeed it does involve differing opinions.....but then only when you allow it and don't insist upon closing it down. I find it odd that you insist upon injecting politics into almost every one of your posts...as with this one, and extending this even to your signature. Even more odd is that you do this while complaining about tribalism and of politics injecting itself into the Cafe. Never mind.....as you say people here just want to get along and indeed there is much to be admired about those who support others and are kind. It's my fault entirely of course.....it's just when I see arrant hypocrisy flaunt itself I can't help myself. Put it down to me being so old.
  7. Good heavens.....my age yet again? Just think.....now wouldn't it have been swell if back then when P&R was created you had followed the advice you give now.....you know...that stuff about not whinging and if you didn't like a topic then just don't participate. That's golden advice.....right?
  8. Sorry.....your attempts to rewrite history won't wash and using personal abuse indicates that you're aware of this. You have your own perspective of course but I'm unaware that any "bully pack" ever existed..... though I do get some flavour of what you mean when you refer disparagingly to my age, tell me to grow up, doubt my ability to practise my profession and question my cognitive abilities. I mean that all very fine....but it doesn't change what happened I'm afraid. Is this where I say.....bully much?
  9. This differs from my version of events.....you opposed the creation P&R from the beginning, you lost that one but then participated, but clearly while doing everything you could to undermine it. You actively then undermined max in his well-intentioned attempt to act as Moderator of the sub-forum to the point of him giving up. You then complained that politics was leaking into the Cafe and made life difficult for SW resulting in the closure of the sub-forum. It's ironic that you now protest when someone resists your attempts to bring politics into the Cafe. So please......don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.
  10. Same here........but I find it better to say nothing.
  11. Well....I happen to be old and I have to agree with the sentiment displayed....dear me yes. Yesterday on my daily walk I was forced to offer advice to a woman jogger regarding the advisability of a sport's bra. My advice was offered in the spirit of help and support.....support that was clearly lacking. I can tell you that this was not appreciated by the lady concerned but I do seem to be healing nicely.
  12. Good heavens no......it's much clearer than that. It may be uncomfortable to feel that max is right about this.......but then.... max is right about this.
  13. It is indeed strange....yet that is exactly what happened. It was clear what was happening then.... as those most opposing the existence of P&R were the ones vigorously participating...... and it's clear now.
  14. I've just finished the second series and thought it brilliant. A bit painful to watch at times as it does seem to mirror life only too well.
  15. This goes for me as well......though I do take a little stroll beside the river every day.....nothing too strenuous as I find I run out of puff quite quickly these days. Does make me think though. Today…..as befitting a greybeard I sat awhile on a bench and dozed in the Sun.. down by the side of the Eden it was the Sun warm on my face…the air deliciously cold and birdsong of every kind surrounding me and it was perfect….lacking nothing….complete… walking home I thought…how strange it is my world has drawn-in to become this small thing all of my wanderings have come down to this just another old boy dozing in the Sun causing the odd passer-by to smile a little.
  16. To answer the question......I think it very possible that many will end up having an close affinity with mint sauce and new potatoes. Something which doesn't go particularly well with those shots of cuddly lambs gambolling among the daises.
  17. Snowdrops All over my garden promises are being made.. in half-hidden corners we hear the whispers.. it comes….Spring is coming….it comes... a day past and there was nothing to see…. yet here they are…. foolhardy messengers newly born from the still-cold earth dressed in green and pristine white they dare to speak of new life to come when all around them is dead... and desolate and we do not doubt these promises….but choose to believe... we believe for it has always been so…. and we forget that this is momentous...astonishing….. and so the miracle becomes common-place.
  18. If this is true then we are really in trouble.
  19. Reading the strange combinations that people chose to eat in this thread...... only confirms me in my belief that this forum has combed the entire continent for a membership that is solely comprised of the weird and unhinged element of the population. I fail to understand how I ever allowed to get into this forum.....being a normal person and all.
  20. Wow! This takes me back about sixty-five years when I used to lure my dates into cocktail bars in order to seduce them with my worldly sophistication. Not that it did me any good.....but I still have fond memories of Tom Collins and John Collins.
  21. It's true that I'm drinking a little more.....but I do mean a little as I don't drink much by most people's standards. This Lock-down has meant that I'm learning things though. Things I have learned from this time. It is not possible to sit down for five minutes without putting something in your mouth. Those jobs…delayed until you had time… now have other reasons for not being done. Someone….somewhere….and without anyone noticing, has done a time-shift. It is now perfectly permissible to have your lunch at four-forty while still in your pyjamas. There is now no appetite to watch serious programmes on television or read serious books…..you find that you have an appetite for rubbish of every sort…and the more rubbishy the better. That before you store your empty bottles, it is imperative that they be thoroughly washed…..as not to do so means that storing these in bulk causes an enormous stink. Not to do so means that you run the risk of the Postman reporting you for running unlicensed premises…..the officious idiot. It is acceptable, when answering a wrong number…..to engage the caller for a good hour and a half listening to him talk about his wife’s bladder weakness…and for the whole thing to be really engrossing. Quinine pills may serve the same purpose as Tonic in preventing cramp…..but Gin and Tonic means that you don’t care if it ever gets any better. I have learned that there is no good reason to change your underwear more than once a week. To do more…. is an affectation and a mere sop to the overly fastidious.
  22. Hey! Stop being so hard on yourself.......I mean you're human after all. One without any backbone and gumption it's true.....or any self-respect or moral fibre........but still human. There....now don't you feel better? Your problem is that you're far too hard on yourself Sweetcheeks.
  23. It's great being a Lumberjack....right? I just love being able to slap my thigh and spit a lot.......do you wear women's clothing? That's a bonus.
  24. Be comforted......not being able to sleep is something I've had to come to terms with and it's said that it comes with growing old. There are various things one can do and my favourite is to drink Brandy.....not that it helps at all but eventually you just don't care whether you sleep or not. If it would ease to your conscience you can drink Brandy in a mug of hot chocolate...or Horlicks. Reading is good....or even writing...but it doesn't really matter, as whatever you do you're going to be completely knackered the next day. The trick is....not to care to much as otherwise the worry about not being able to sleep....will stop you sleeping.
  25. At my age I have to think about what's likely to happen and I certainly wouldn't like to die in care. On a lovely morning on the Island of Mull our Cycling club left a Youth Hostel and freewheeled down the hill. My friend, now ninety-seven was last, and as she descended she found one of our group laying on his back on the grassy verge and quite dead, his bike neatly parked alongside. He was a pal of mine with a heart complaint who had chosen to have a normal life rather than one as an invalid. The whole group returned to look at him laying there and all said exactly the same thing...."That's the way I want to go". My sentiments entirely.
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