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Wanted to try a few things at Duluth Trading company..like the pants I tried on...but did not like that I would have to cut off 3 to 4 inches...they do not have petite sizes :(..bought one of their tank tops and..decide to try a couple of their unders :whistle:  tried on a lovely flannel shirt that matched the tank top...but a large would have been better than medium :( And they had no large :wacko:  That was my big shopping adventure  on a weekday.

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2 hours ago, petitepedal said:

These were on sale..I bought 1 each of 2 styles just to give them a try..

Yeah, if they were on sale, Id prolly buy a pair to try. I go by the store in Birm on my way back/forth to the project

I’m reaching the point in my underbritches cycle that I need to throw out the old & buy the new. 

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