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Covid testing lineup


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This morning I biked over to the facility which is tucked away in a nice neighbourhood just off a major arterial road.  It was beautiful bright sunny and cold.  I wore short shorts, short sleeve jersey, with thin sleevless vest under thin summer long sleeve cycling jacket.  Approx. 7:35 am I was abit cold standing in shade with others at 5 degrees C (41 degrees F). 

They wiped clipboards  and our loaned pens, after we wrote our essential personal info,, public insurance health card ID.

Then abit more waiting until we were allowed in 1 by 1, slowly at 9:30 am.  Chatted with a couple ahead of me who were travelling from Toronto  area, on their way driving to Vancouver.  They wanted to get tested before reaching Vancouver....which made no sense to me.  'Cause they were staying with a relative who had an elderly parent.  It made little sense to me, because they still had another 900 km. west to drive with stops in wine country (Okanagan Valley) before Vancouver.  I bet they won't even mask at their Vancouver friends' house..which they should for lst few days.

Anyway, while waiting in line outside, we all had to mask on the property of the health authority.  There is a masking bylaw for all indoor public facilities and spaces in Calgary in effect as of Aug. 1/20.

I noticed I was given testing priority....probably because I was a resident in city.  It was a mouth swab.


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