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I Don't Think It Is THAT Tough

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...for VeloNews to stay on top of the top teams in the lead up to the TdF, is it????  We all saw a Jumbo Visma took a beating due to crashes in the past week, with Kruijswijk taking the worst of it and Roglic dropping out of the Dauphine while leading.  So, honestly, as Velonews shoots me an e-mail about their great TdF website, I am reasonably shocked that there was no "clean up" of the teams page for J-V.  They got the Ineos squad correct, so why not the J-V roster??? Seems sloppy - almost like Phil & Paul were the two in charge of the site.


What to know

Jumbo-Visma appears to be the only squad strong enough to make a serious run at Team Ineos at this year’s Tour de France. The Dutch squad enters the Tour with three protected captains: Primož Roglič, Tom Dumoulin, and Steven Kruijswijk. Roglič is the squad’s likely leader, and the Slovenian is riding a wave of confidence after winning the Vuelta a España and dominating the shorter one-week races. He can soar in the mountains and blaze a fast TT, and seems to be getting stronger with each year. Dumoulin’s addition to the squad brings more grand tour strength and experience, yet the Dutchman is a wildcard after missing much of 2019 due to injury. How the squad plays its two cards could determine the final outcome in Paris. 

FTR, it's not like the news isn't "broken" about Kruijswijk on their site already:



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2 minutes ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

Carry on with your spoiler news about the Tour. Just remember some people may not have seen it yet.

Last year's Tour or the one that starts in a WEEK?

Ain't no spoilers before something happens!

That's like saying the Browns won't win the Super Bowl this year. Honest? Yes. True? Surely! But a spoiler? NO WAY! 

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And speaking of "spoilers", I wonder how many stages are going to be spoiled this year by over-anxious and idiotic "titled" e-mails from assorted cycling sites?

I generally get a few at some point in the Tour which have an e-mail title like "Kuss Wins Stage 3 to Take Yellow!", and I'm like, "F#*^!  I was waiting to watch the stage when I finished work!"

Good news, with WFH this year, it will be the first time in a decade that I can watch every stage as it happens!!!!!  I haven't done that since 2010!

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