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Being directed to sign in when returning to the forum

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Then can't sign in Error code: 2S119/1

However I'm clearly signed in because I can access my profile and then enter the forum through the back door.  It's happened to me 3 times today.

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4 hours ago, Square Wheels said:

Still happening?  More than one browser?  I have not made any software changes, none, so not sure why it just started.

Hasn't happened since, but it did happen on 2 different computers, both using chrome.  Perhaps just a momentary glitch.

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Happened again.  I was signed in with a remember me, went somewhere else and when I returned I was asked to sign in again (the basic white screen).  When I did so the response was OOPS something happened sign in again.  Did it 3 times before I remember the "out" which was to click on the square wheels header top left of screen from the OOPS page.  Access granted as it seems the site knew I was already signed in.

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42 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

Do you allow cookies for this site?  That's how your login is maintained.

Yes.  I had cleared cookies earlier in the day but when I signed in legally with password I got the "oops something went wrong".  I assumed that something went wrong and signed in 3 more times before realizing that the software has a problem there somewhere and entered my way.

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