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It's Been a Good Bike Week


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I REALLY like riding the Cx tires at lower pressure.  It is a damn workout.  And it is comfy.  With carbon bars, seat post and 45 psi in the Cx taars that bike rolls over the bumps.


(OK, I am sure it is nothing compared to a fat bike but compared to 115 psi road taars it is a caddy!)

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I'm running 8 and 12 psi on the fat boy and even lower if I ride in the sneau.   :D   Slooow, but it isn't always about speed.  It's about the ride.


That must feel like you are riding in sludge.   :(   I keep my road tires at 125.


I'm off the bike for at least a week, maybe more until my stitches are out and my gash has healed.  

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