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Max the doggie needs surgery


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He limped through the doggie door last night. I got him to the vets today. Seems he tore a tendon in his left rear knee. Probably about $2,500 to fix at a specialist in St. Louis. Plus it's about a coin flip that he'll tear up the other knee sooner or later.


Poor Max.


the same thing happened to my buddy's Scottie dog(named Mac). It sucks to see your dog in pain, but he's good as new since the surgery. 

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Actually, I've been wondering if our cat did something like that yesterday! We went for a little "walk," and then he hung out outside for about 10 minutes. (They have harnesses and are tied out w yellow, nylon ropes.) I went back out to get him inside while I ran some errands, and he was gimpin' pretty hard on his rear left leg! The neighborhood kids/adults are pretty respectful of the cats, so I don't think anyone messed with him; but I can't help wondering. He seems to be moving better today, so I don't think it's as bad as Max's situation. But it sure came on as suddenly!

Good luck Max (and parents of Max!)

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