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  1. team scooter

    I'm Torn

    Our Rotos already bloomed, but not our Peonies, not yet.
  2. Yahoo! Any reason to post this one again.
  3. Lol, sounds like snowmobilers in a motel parking lot. The guys with the huge trailers kind of park wherever its easyist for them, not so much for everyone else. Then they'll run the cords for their engine block heaters across the driveway so we need to lift them over our heads and sleds as we make our way out to the trail.
  4. The card we use for gas has a hundred dollar limit on purpose.
  5. Agreed. I don't use my old truck much. So its easy for me to keep it looking immaculate and "feeling" new. Its killing me that it needs to sleep outside now and its covered with yellow tree pollen. Which reminds me, I have a new pressure washer. A pic wearing it's new shoes/tires.
  6. Lol yep. With four cars and two trailers, I spend more time than most "people watching" either at the tire dealer or oil change places.
  7. Speaking of 4 barrels and police car sound.... Something aboot driving down Lake Street under the El at 120 per. "Its got a 440 inch plant, runs good on regular gas...."
  8. Yep, same here. The dealer had three CX 9s, White, Gray, and Black, two had hitches, one didn't. Guess which one didn't.
  9. We run ethanol free premium in the 9 and Miata. Mrs is working from home, and I drive our old Mazda 3 to work. If we were putting huge miles, we might use regular instead to save money. Sometimes Mrs forgets and puts in regular and I'll call her on it after I drive it. She'll deny it until we check the receipts. "How did you know?" "Because someone stole 35 HP." Its nice that Mazda offers you the option of either grade.
  10. Mrs really wanted a red CX 5, but I needed the 9's extra weight and GVW (same as my 3/4 ton Dakota) for towing the snowmo trailer. Mrs still might get her CX 5, but I'm pushing for a turbo CX 30 instead. The 5 isn't much smaller than the 9, and (to me) it doesn't make much sense to have two midsize-ish SUVs in the garage. And with the gas prices now....
  11. Yeah the boxers have their own sound. Mazda's torque comes from the Skyactivs shared diesel research DNA. I don't have any experience with different exhausts on the 2.5s, but after researching exhausts for our 2.0 Miata, I was able to find an exhaust that gave it an angry growl that didn't sound like a tuner car. On my CX 9, I cant even hear the turbo spool. But I sure can tell I've got one. Have you played with the sport mode on the trans? Its a hoot on a curvy road.
  12. Gave a thumbs up to an old timer driving an old Cutlass. He waved back and woke up his Quadrajet for me as he drove away. Brought back fond memories of my old Cutlass. Interestingly, that old Rocket 350 four barrel V8 had the same HP as the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder turbo in my modern CX 9. But not the same sound.
  13. He does. Its beautiful. I couldn't find the thread, but he posted a picture of it and it looked larger then the F 150 parked behind it.
  14. Kinda my plan too. But I've been known to forget and wear them to work. Some of the places I deliver to require steel toes.
  15. I have a few pairs of Sketchers, similar to yours. Love them. I call them my house shoes, but sometimes I'll forget and wear them when I go out too. And yeah, my kids call them old man shoes. Whatever.
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