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  1. Are you currently planning a trip?

    The Mrs gave me the OK to plan a few road trips with the new car this summer. One trip I hope to pick a section and explore all the old landmarks, etc and stay at a few old motor inns along route 66. I've also been plotting another trip to explore all the sites and curvy roads in and around the Smoky Mountains. In return, I need to go on an extended family trip to visit the Micky Mouse next December.
  2. Robins

    We're watching the Cardinals and Woody Peckers at the feeder as it snows. But no Robins here yet.
  3. Should You Ever Want To Burn Down Your House

    If the light fixture is mounted in a washroom, that outlet should be a GFI.
  4. Fat Tuesday morning thread

    Happy Paczki Day! Get em while they're warm. Save a raspberry one for me.
  5. Wow

  6. Forty years old this year

    Not bad for a machine that was designed and built to a target cost of $999.00 back in 1978.
  7. how does yours measure up?

    None. Its been too cold. For icicles to form that is.
  8. Man, Amazon is killing local busynesses

    Welcome to the future. https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/1/16958918/amazon-patents-trackable-wristband-warehouse-employees
  9. Saved myself $700

  10. Snew

    LOL Lol, around here the old timers tell stories (in the '40s and '50s) about the school buses driving across the frozen lakes to save 15 minutes on the route. Different times. Imagine if they tried that today.
  11. Snew

    Six inches? Pffft! I thought this was Wisconsin. I think its because we haven't had much snow yet this year. Heck Chicago is getting almost a foot. Wife said she was one of a few cars on the road, stuck behind a plow truck going 35 mph. I'm sitting home watching the mobile news crews at the nearby truck stops measuring snow and interviewing drivers getting fuel and coffee.
  12. Snew

    We only got six inches. But work called and said stay home, schools are closed, etc. The snowmobile trails are finally open though.
  13. 60s pop songs that you enjoy

    No one is posting the '60s Bubble Gum music?
  14. Do you have a home theater sound system?

    http://www.yamaha.com/dealers/bestbuy/RX-V373/pop_tabs1.htm No complaints and the neighbors know when we turn up the base. Its even outlived the TV we bought it for.
  15. Stapling is a violent activity