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  1. The Mrs and I are thinking about heading over to check out the $10/ticket pig roast. (Sorry Wilbur) https://fattireride.com/
  2. Yikes! Glad you are both OK. As a fellow red Miata owner and a previous red MGB owner I can relate. People always cut in front of us. And my MGB met its demise the same way. They say people don't notice red cars for some reason.
  3. Went for my favorite motorcycle ride around the lake and came across hundreds and hundreds of cyclists following my same favorite go-to motorcycle route. But in the opposite direction. This would make for an excellent forum meetup ride as the pit stops along the way are excellent and some of my favorite local places to stop anyway. I saw every type of bike you can think of from road bikes, tandems to adult sized big wheels, but I only saw a handful of fat bikes. Maybe we can all ride vintage three speeds or such. And I could finally get PP the river boat ride on Lake Geneva that I promised years ago. https://fattireride.com/
  4. Yes there are toxic people. Some don't do it on purpose, but some do. I grew up surrounded by them so I learned what makes them tick. They befriend, learn weaknesses, then use them. Most I've encountered are usually insecure about something.... Of the six toxic people at the place I started working a few years ago, only one (the worst) is left standing. And the one left, (the manager) is miserable, stressed out and now ill. You can ignore/avoid toxic people, let them get to you, or.....
  5. Pat B shirley must be in the top ten. The voice of an angel with the ability to bring the house down. This is epic. I'm a big fan of the old school power rock ballads played with real instruments.
  6. We have our own version of green acres. The place I work at was purchased by a rich city businessman who wanted to work with his hands and drive tractors. Unfortunately he's not suited to operate heavy machinery. He destroys customer's trucks while loading, backs the tractors into stuff, and we spend much of our time pulling him and his prized John Deere out of the mud with a chain. He'll often even disk the field wearing a suit. Our code name for him is Oliver, (pronounced Ahhleevaa) whenever he is on a piece of equipment that he may cause harm. As in "Where is Ahhleevaa, and what is he breaking now?" His prized JD.
  7. Over two and a half inches in our rain gauge this morning, didn't get much sleep with all the lightening. Inch and three quarters yesterday morning. A few days ago we had almost two inches. I just saw on the news the official total was over seven and a half inches since Monday. This is supposed to be the dry season and I'm needing to check the sump pumps.
  8. This dude should not to be trifled with. And the no trespassing signs are new.
  9. This is Wisconsin where beer is cheaper then water. I'd guess a scarecrow sitting on a ladder with a toy machine gun would seem pretty scary when you're drunk.
  10. I tried to get his picture while driving by, but missed. This is about a mile from our house. This would explain my Doritos cravings when we get a strong wind out of the SW...
  11. team scooter

    250 grand

    In that area all the N-S roads are all in alphabetical order. I guess in the 1920s when the roads were plotted, Uranus was the best thing they could think of that started with U. Interestingly, back then when they were trying to populate the area, they would give away eighth acre lots with a paid Chicago Tribune subscription. Our family had a cottage on the far opposite side of this subdivision, on Beach Rd.
  12. team scooter

    250 grand

    For not much more money, I can buy a home less then a block away from Lake Como. I even delivered some boulders to this property. Wait, which Lake Como are we talking about? https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/N3189-Uranus-Rd-Lake-Geneva-WI-53147/40747423_zpid/
  13. The last time a deer hit me it caused $3500 damages to the driver's side of my old Dakota. That deer stood up and ran away. This time there are some scratches on painted plastic/fiberglass that aren't worth fixing. But I just noticed that half of the plastic mount for one of the fog lights is broken and hanging by a thread. I used some wire to hold it in place until I can see about congering up another one for a fifteen year old Dakota.
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