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  1. Now I'm a jet fuel genius, I can solve the world's problems, withoot even trying...
  2. We were getting every sized Woody Pecker stopping at our feeders but we stopped feeding the birds for a while after the Starlings and Grackles took over our backyard. There are just too many of them and they chased all the other birds away. Then, after the Robins finish battling over the Service Berries and fighting with their reflections in our car windows for nesting sites next month, we'll try putting food out in the feeders again.
  3. Nice. A few weekends ago when we had those 60 degree temps.
  4. That was a l-o-n-g day. The owner was following me in his Vette engined 350 Buick Roadmaster with similar HP to the the 351C motor in the Pantera. He even stayed with me when I'd kick it pulling out onto the expressway, so I wasn't too impressed After a few hours the seating position got uncomfortable, it was twitchy, loud and a car that looks like that shouldn't sound like the Ford trucks we had at work.
  5. He recently picked up and started restoring that orange Power King in the center. I'd like to find me a vintage Cub Cadet and restore it, but I have no room to store it.
  6. I need to introduce you to my diehard Case Tractor friend. His family always had Cases, mine had Farmalls/IH, lots of good natured ribbing back and forth.
  7. Have I ever mentioned the time I drove my bosses' yellow Pantera from Louisville Kentucky back to Chicago? One morning when I got to work, my boss asked if I was willing to drive down to Louisville in his parent's station wagon, take a set of back tires for their Pantera, and make sure they made it back safely. His parents were driving back from Florida and the inside edges of the back tires were worn down to the cords. And apparently, tire stores don't stock 1973 Pantera back tires. After I drove down, and we changed the tires in the motel parking lot, they asked if I would be will
  8. Or this guy... Thunder! Thunder!
  9. Safety first. One 4x4 could easily hold up that 2500 pound truck. He has two.
  10. I took the hint when my neighbor sprayed the dandelions in his yard, and then continued on into half of my yard until he ran out of chemical. Must have waited until I left for work. Like I wouldn't notice, or guess who did it.
  11. My wife's realtor listed her mother's fixer upper house two days ago, there have already been several showings, with a dozen appointments to see it this weekend. There's just not enough houses on the market. A seller's market for sure. Our son has been trying to find a house for months. They have all gone into bidding wars. He has even started looking at more expensive houses, as they're on the market a little bit longer.
  12. I've had good while results using Morbark chippers.
  13. Every day is National Pet Day in this house.
  14. Sounds awesome to me. Maybe late September? I've been putting out suggestions to take the Miata to explore Duluth, see some waterfalls, fall colors etc, but Mrs hasn't said yes or no. Who knows, it might only be me and my shotgun seat travel buddy Maggie. Pic from last weekend when it was 75 degrees.
  15. Heres a handsome old gal, The Wilfred Sykes (circa 1949) that made a rare appearance in Duluth last week. I love the old vintage freighters. I believe she still has her steam turbine engines too. http://boatnerd.com/pictures/fleet/WilfredSykes.htm
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