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  1. So did Wisonsin, Fed. know water suck-up

    Foxxconn got pushed though quickly. Those of us who dare question it can suck lemons. https://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/gov-scott-walker-to-the-foxconn-haters-go-suck-lemons
  2. Crappy weather so.........

    It took three passes with the snow thrower to scrap all the snow cone type ice off the driveway. It saved my back again and earned an oil change next fall. This stuff is heavy. And to think the snow thrower sales guy rolled his eyes when I told him to order me the 11.5 horse model over the 8.0 horse model he had in stock and suggested. "But you dont need the 11.5 cause we dont get real winters like we used to". Maybe. But the springs have gotten worse.
  3. Animals I spotted today

    I wonder why I've seen more turkeys this spring then the last several springs combined. The last few mild winters? Some are huge. And they've become a bigger nuance then the ground squirrels were. And they travel in huge packs. The Mrs says if I allowed her to have a gun, we could stock the basement freezer.....
  4. Crappy weather so.........

    We're getting pelted with ice pellets. The doggies do their business and quickly knock to come back in. When I took out the garbage, with the couple of inches of heavy ice on the trash can lid I needed both hands to lift it. Me thinks I better remove the ice on my thin sheet aluminum clam shell trailer cap before it collapses under the weight. Then start chipping away at the ice on the driveway. Its mid April, the wife and I should be out driving the convertible instead dang it.
  5. Hey! Shut it Jack.

    Lol, I already posted this fairly recently. Rocket is a BA.
  6. Do you miss the Crown Vic?

    Growing up in Chicago I remember the Furys the most est. My uncle worked as a cop in the 60s and 70s and said he always preferred the 440 Mopar cop cars.
  7. Can you look at my ash?

    If your Ash is looking sickly or has a D shaped hole in it, you can pretty much kiss your Ash goodbye. https://www.chicagobotanic.org/plantinfo/emerald_ash_borer
  8. Classic country

    We have Sunday morning country classics here too. Just heard this one minutes ago and this scene came to mind. I recommend headphones turned up to eleven.
  9. Go ahead with your favourite Fleetwood Mac tune.

    I've always liked bands that have multiple, different style lead singers. I like Nicks. I think Nick's edgy-ness was the perfect contradiction for Mcvie's silky-ness. Nothing worse than when a band's songs all sound similar. Nevermind that the two combined as backup gave them "the" Fleetwood Mac sound.
  10. Ok....Ok.....I give up....

    But, but, daylights a waistin! And I've got to check my pee-mails! And...
  11. The apple falling from the tree thing again

    Nice. Love the Nighthawk too.
  12. Go ahead with your favourite Fleetwood Mac tune.

    I ain't waitin
  13. Weekend music

    Its the Sunday morning country hall of fame here.
  14. Do you use your neck all that much?

    While operating the loader, I'm traveling backward as much as I travel forward. Add the costumers that dont know what a backup alarm is and walk up behind the loader to talk. My neck is on a swivel all day. The Mrs doesn't understand why I always have a kink in my neck.
  15. I fixed my new coffee cup

    Noticed we're selling these now.