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  1. And so it begins. Grrrrr!!!!

    The Mrs has started the day. I hear pots banging, cabinet doors slamming and a little cussing under her breath. If I were foolish enough to ask if there was anything I can do to help, she would slowly turn and give me the same look my MIL would give anyone who would dare walk through her kitchen on the holidays. "You can clean up the doggie pooh outside, and take your dogs with you!" The doggies and I are holed up in the bedroom for a while. At least until the guests start arriving. Thanks Happy Giving everyone.
  2. My parents had one of these

    My parents had one of these, same color. Then I bought it when I got my licence, but I dont remember why? Pretty great car though. Fit a lot of kids for the drive in movies. When cars were cars and big and heavy. Not transportation appliances.
  3. Do you know who Lefty Frizzell is?

    That son of a Saginaw fisherman? Yep.
  4. Do you get Fats Waller mixed up with Fats Domino?

    Fats Domino or Chubby Checkers?
  5. Strange noises coming from my bedroom

    On another note, we were hearing random beeping that sounded like it was coming from one side of the house. Turns out it was our furnace trying to tell us something was amiss. The beeping was coming from the heater vent above the furnace. The igniter finally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago.
  6. About every ten years..

    Dont forget Buck, Don, Silver Sparkle Telecasters and Nudie Suits.
  7. Strange noises coming from my bedroom

    Have you had any remodeling done lately?
  8. About every ten years..

    It depends what day of the week as to what type music I'm listening. However most of the today's repetitive new music has little appeal to me. PS, Back in the day, Garth WAS his own music genre.
  9. Size of home space & amount of living space do you really need?

    Our old house while raising the kids had 900 sq ft. now as empty nesters, we have 1500 sq ft plus a full basement. Weeks go by before I realize I haven't been in the extra bedrooms or basement.
  10. I need to put a roof on an old garage

    Re roofed the old projector house at work this summer and used that asphalt roll roofing? Quick and easy pesy, took longer to prep it.
  11. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    Nice. Yesterday when we left to go Christmas shopping we had such a beautiful near white out of snow, the Mrs let me put on the Christmas music station. When we left the store it was dark and raining. Mrs Grinch made me turn off the radio.
  12. I scored a sweet 1969 F100 pickup

    One of my buddies had a 1970? f 250. The thing I remember about it was the sound of the gas tank (usually near empty) slushing around behind the seat.
  13. I scored a sweet 1969 F100 pickup

    Nice. I'm looking to get a Soul Red 2017 MX-5.
  14. What is your address?

    31 Spooner St