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Community Answers

  1. Yummy chicken soup made with turkey instead.
  2. We've gotten an inch or two. The snowplow trucks even made an appearance today.
  3. Even though this morning I woke up to a light dusting of snow, I haven't even looked at my snow thrower yet. I have a feeling I won't need it. History has shown, that every time I buy a new snowmobile, we won't get measurable snow.
  4. Well, yesterday It only took us 40 minutes to spend $10,000. Does that count? And Mrs has ordered over $1000 in the accessories too. So far...
  5. With my new motorcycle, and our prolonged summer type weather, I'm weeks behind on prepping for winter. Yesterday I finally prepped the snowmo trailer (scrubbed off a summer's worth of bird doody, greased the bearings, fill the tires with autumn air, reinstalled the rearview camera, etc) and took my snowmobile in to the shop for repairs that I cant do myself. I should have dropped it off back in September to beat the rush, but.... The leaves are starting to fall, so I'll switch from mowing grass to mulching leaves until the snow flies. Need to bring the patio furniture in, prep the snow thrower, find the snow shovels/salt and disconnect the garden hoses in case we get a hard freeze.
  6. My wife's new car has that erratic driving alert and it has been driving her nuts since we bought it. Last weekend she needed my larger car to move some furniture, so I drove her car on some errands. I BSed her that the alert sent a message with congrats that driving skills have improved dramatically overnight. She dug out her owners manual and finally turned off that feature.
  7. We didn't get a lot of tomatoes this season. I have to wonder how many got snarfed from the tomato swipers?
  8. Last week, this one spent much of the day on the forklift at work until I took it outside. Sadly, the next day I think I saw it smashed on the sidewalk outside.
  9. Went to a Best Buy today. I couldn't help but notice that the cell phone section is now much larger then the computer/lap top section.
  10. Royal Enfield sent/gave me a goodie package after I bought my new motorcycle. They sent a windscreen, skid plate, small engine guard, saddle bags and the brackets to mount them. I feel bad because its all about $650 of stuff that I wont use. I asked the dealer if I could trade it all for their large engine/crash bar so I could mount some highway pegs and auxiliary lights, but they said no. So if you know anyone that has an INT650 and wants some genuine RE accessories, they'll be sitting in my basement. On another note, while I was at the dealer, I did buy a new tail bag.
  11. Everything is expensive these days. I'm dropping off the new motorcycle this week for it's overdue 300 mile valve adjustment, oil change and overall first checkup. Three hours labor and two and a half quarts of synthetic oil = 720 dollars. All stuff I can do myself, if it weren't for the three year unlimited mileage factory warranty.
  12. We have flashlights stashed everywhere. In the cars, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom drawers. During a tornado warning Mrs started to walk back upstairs because she forgot to grab her a flashlight. I told her stay downstairs because we had three or four in the map bags in the downstairs snowmobile clothing closet.
  13. Yep, I figured they would low ball us but when they made us the offer I let out a big "YES!" when they turned away. Got WAY more for my groovy little motorcycle at the motorcycle dealer too. They say used prices are dropping now, but I ain't seeing it.
  14. I guess they sell a ton of them overseas, but they never caught on here.
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