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  1. team scooter

    So tonight I got a sudden urge to pimp the del Sol

    Lowering the Miata a few inches WAS on the list after the brake calipers. But my wife refuses to slow down while pulling in and out of parking lots. Already causing the front spoiler to scrape in the process. And dont get me started on my wife and parking lot stops.
  2. team scooter

    Instead of a trailer, how about this

    The problem with many smaller delivery trucks (mail, ice cream trucks, etc) is they were geared for door to door deliveries, not running out on the interstates. Extended highway speeds much above 50 mph, they may start wheezing or even overheat. I used to drive an old work truck that I could not drive on the expressways because it was too slow and would overheat. Good thing I got paid by the hour.
  3. team scooter

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    Always wanted an old Ford cop car after this movie. RIP Burt.
  4. team scooter

    Martha Ought To Buy This Place!

    This. I deliver the landscape materials to many of the hundred plus year old lake front mansions around here. And many have five + man crew$ that work year round just to maintain the grounds. Many others have burned down or got razed so the properties can get divided and sold to build more mcmanions. Many of the surviving ones get re purposed into condos, museums or restaurants.
  5. team scooter

    So the ghost peppers are in, and they are pretty darn ass-kicking

    We have more Jalapeno and Serrano (my favorite) peppers than we can use. The tomatoes have been slow in coming.
  6. team scooter

    Did you ever get that thing you said you were going to get?

    Yep, but after waiting eight flipping weeks (half the summer) for the manufacturer to ship it, I canceled when I found them in stock at amazon. Got it from them in less than a week. And it sounds awesome.
  7. team scooter

    So what is your favourite CAKE song?

    "Your liver pays dearly for youthful magic moments, but rock on completely with some brand new components".
  8. team scooter

    Weekend plans the middle of August?

    Been working a lot of hours so took it easy all day. But we did go to Gus's for ice cream and the cars. Loved the Desoto (and the guy checking out our car in the back ground).
  9. team scooter

    Wow...I hope this isn't my new normal

    I figured out a way to profit from my inability to sleep. My employer has been begging me to work overtime. I told him I couldnt work late, but I'd be willing to start two hours early and go home at the regular time. He's was so flipping happy he gave me a raise for my sacrifice. So I got a raise and I'm getting paid ten hours overtime every week. Little does he know, its time I used to sit in bed staring at the ceiling waiting for work to start anyway.
  10. team scooter

    Why are some topics off limits?

    Mazda 3 Touring, 1500 sq ft 3 bed, 2 bath, as little as possible, 55, 190, not enough, exit only.
  11. team scooter

    Is your job interesting

    After working an interesting fast paced rat race job for almost thirty years, I thought I'd welcome the less mentally strenuous environment (and shorter commute) of this job. But not so much. A job is still a job. And I still have to wake up and go there if I want a pay check. And some mornings its harder than others. A boring, non challenging job, makes for a very very looong day.
  12. team scooter

    Used Miyata Mountain Bike

    Miata Is Always The Answer
  13. team scooter

    Most of us here had Depression Era parents..

    Most days my parents would feed us their favorite depression era meals. The least expensive cuts of meat or sausage, potatoes and canned vegetables, usually all boiled until it was almost tender enough to eat but all flavor was lost. I needed to salt and pepper everything to choke it down. One of my dad's favorite "old world" stomach fillers (along with green bean soup) was flour, shortening, salt and water mixed and rolled then cooked in a pan. He called them Cement Blocks. He gave my wife a dirty look when she called them salty flour tortillas.
  14. team scooter

    So another long-time friend found me

    I've gotten some friend requests I've declined on facebook. Names I remembered from the past, but without checking their page, couldnt remember a face. I guess its kind of interesting to see whats become of them. Though, some still hang out at the same bar they did 40 some years ago. The name of the bar/owners has changed several times, but the clientele is still the same, just grayer.
  15. team scooter

    Car shopping is dangerous!

    Around here all the retired guys drive new $70,000 pickups or old restored ones. My plan is to keep my beloved Dakota and MX5 until they take my licence away. Then I saw this on the side of the road. Its a 1974, 40,000 miles, all original but the hood and bed were repainted. I could see myself driving this into my 80s.