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  1. team scooter

    Texting among forumites is a cancer on the forum

    Psst, no one mention our group private messaging feature.
  2. team scooter

    Dog days

    Everyday is a doggie day in our house.
  3. team scooter

    Zoom Zoom!

    Speaking of Zoom Zoom, (not so much racing) while getting an oil change last week my sales guy said this year the Mazda 6 sedan is now available with a turbo. Next year it will be available with AWD too. And later, the Mazda 3 hatch will have available AWD as well. While everyone else is killing cars in favor of SUVs. Mazda is making cars worth driving.
  4. team scooter

    the official snow report thread

    Now its the cold after the storm. Its a beautiful snow covered sunny morning but its eight below. We can tell Maggie has been locked up her first year of life because she is getting a taste of her first sub freezing temps we think. She runs out, busting snow drifts, chasing birds, covered in snow, throwing chunks of snow in the air, refusing to come in because she is just having too much fun. Then she starts limping on one foot, then another, then she limps towards the door crying under her breath, probably wondering why she is in pain.
  5. team scooter

    Have you ever been snowed in ?

    Nope, we have snowmobiles.
  6. team scooter

    What is your best body part?

    Back in the day Mrs said she was attracted to me by my butt and my gorgeous head of hair. Sadly I lost both over the years.
  7. team scooter

    the official snow report thread

    Seven to eight inches. Maggie gets upset when I make her snow go away.
  8. team scooter

    Nothing shows your ager like using the phrase Tinkers to Evers to Chance

    I heard it as Iowa. Guess it depends where you're from.
  9. team scooter

    A breakdown of why we like cats and dogs so much...

    This thread made me think of my boss. He only has three jokes and he repeats them over and over. Maybe he has short term memory loss or something. But I take my dog to work once a week just to get her out of the house. The first thing my boss says when he sees her is "Do you know why dogs are better then wives? Lock them both in a trunk overnight and when you let them out you'll get your answer."
  10. team scooter

    Music threads almost always bomb

    The best use of the best ELO song ever in a movie! You have 20 seconds to put on your head phones. And Peter landing on his face at 55 seconds is priceless.
  11. team scooter

    That Gillette ad is pretty dumb

    I think they achieved what the set out to do. It got people talking. And people are talking about it ''a lot''. Myself I use the cheap bag-o disposable razors. When I think of Gillette, I think of my father using them when I was young. When I see a Gillette commercial today, I'm often surprised when reminded that they're still around. Lately I've been reminded about it ''a lot''. I might even check them out the next time I'm in the drugstore.
  12. team scooter

    Please tell me about your luggage

    Some of the bags that people carry on are ridiculous. I felt obliged to help a lady put a huge bag in her overhead but I couldnt get the door to close. Having strained my back lifting it in, I figured I did my good deed and left it. The flight attendant walked by and tried to close it herself, then flashed everyone within view a dirty look. It took her several tries but she slammed it closed. Probably pushed out the aluminum skin on the plane in the process though. I don't know if they got it to open again. I made sure I got in line before her when we exited the plane.
  13. team scooter

    Share a poem with us today

    Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon.... I go off to work on Monday morning Tuesday I go off to honeymoon I'll be back again before its time for sunny down I'll be lazing on a Sunday afternoon Bicycling on every Wednesday evening Thursday I go waltzing to the zoo I come from London town I'm just an ordinary guy Fridays I go painting in the Louvre I'm bound to be proposing on a Saturday night And lazing on a Sunday afternoon......... Freddie Mercury
  14. team scooter

    Please tell me about your luggage

    LOL, I'll purposely get a seat so I can watch out the window as the loader person throws the luggage onto the conveyor up into the plane. On a 737, one spot is usually directly in front of the engines. It seems the heavier it is, the worse the luggage gets treated, dragging it off the cart dropping it onto the wet pavement, etc. They also seem to load the fancy matching luggage sets haphazardly out of order so it gets mixed up and takes the passenger longer to gather it at their destination.
  15. team scooter

    Please tell me about your luggage

    We have our dog's brightly colored bandanas tied to the handles. But unless the handle is pointed in the right direction at just the right moment.... If they were hard sided, bright colored duct tape used creatively would work too.