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  1. Another FYI... When Mrs got her new "real ID'' drivers license so she could travel, they insisted (after 40 years) she needed to change the way her name was worded on her license. No maiden names or some such. Last night, while checking for other stuff, she found that she needs to re register with the new name on her drivers license/ID. You would have thought they would have told her about that at the time. If anyone else got their license updated, check that your name on your licence/ID and your voter registration matches. Weren't the real IDs supposed to prevent voter fraud, not votes?
  2. My favorite home away from home is just over the border in the UP of Michigan. Its where I need to go to clear my head. The smell of the pines or a campfire. Even the food tastes better. I've been known to just sit on that lake shore for hours. Sadly family/friends have moved on to more exciting places they'd prefer to go these days. But thats OK. I've just learned when they plan their Disney or cruise trips, Maggie and I make reservations UP North. She even remembers which cabin we always stay in and leads the way.
  3. The County just sent us the three year notification that we need to get our septic checked, and pumped if necessary. $99 for the Honey wagon to come and check it, another $60 to pump if necessary. I'll need to roll the flower filled wine barrel off the lid.
  4. Yum Salsa Time! Yowsa my nose is running and my mouth is on fire. These Serranos are sneaky hot, but yummy.
  5. Here 99.9 WJVL is playing in the background. Sunday morning country classics (50s thru 70s) until noon. Then its retro country classics (80s thru the 90s). https://lightningstream.com/player.aspx?call=WJVL
  6. This morning's loot. Tomatoes are still green and a few weeks out. I think I'll hop on the groovy lil motorbike and check out their tomatoes at the corner farm stand. Mmm homemade salsa.
  7. I'll admit, I'm not tech savvy and I don't keep up with all the latest technologies. So when we bought our Miata back in 2017, and our salesman suggested we wait until 2018 to get the new updated infotainment/GPS system, I had no idea what he was talking about. Besides, we have goggle maps on our phones. But the system in our new car is centuries ahead of the one in the Miata. Where the Miata has an SD card that you need to remove to update the maps. The new car updates itself and has even warned us in real time about accidents, road closures and severe storms/tornadoes and suggested different routes to avoid them. Which reminds me, I should probably look into updating the SD card in the Yata since its never been...
  8. Our DIL is addicted to those home remodeling TV shows, and will often watch them while they are visiting. And more often then not, changing our 20 year old light fixtures comes up as they gang up (including the Mrs) to guilt me into "joining the 21st century" to replace our white light fixtures. But I couldn't help but comment on their silence when the last show we watched changed the dark colored kitchen light fixtures, very similar to the ones our DIL recently had installed in their kitchen, to ones that were very similar to our 20 year old white fixtures. Their only argument was that if you wait long enough, everything comes back in style. Mine is that I'm thankful that I don't watch those home improvement shows to know how incomplete my life supposedly is.
  9. Is his name Turbo?
  10. Now the on board cameras I love. The CX has them on all four sides. Perfect for backing that huge girl into the garage. It even shows the direction the front tires are pointing and if you will clear obstacles on the sides (yellow lines).
  11. I've never been a huge fan of the nannys. And I think drivers are beginning to rely on them too much so they can text. But I'd be lying if I said my mad driving skills are what they used to be. Our new CX 9 has all the nannys. And while driving it on a not so crowded expressway with miles of viability, I did my usual shoulder/mirror check, turned on my signal to pass some slower traffic, when the blind spot detector went ballistic. Some ninja on a sport bike shot past us at Ludicrous speed. I don't even know where he came from. The visibility in the CX is excellent. But Fran eliminated what could have been an unpleasant experience. That being said, don't get me started on the lane departure warning in the Miata. I pay taxes for the whole lane, right up to the line. I'm going to use all of it.
  12. Its hit or miss around here on trying to make appointments. Getting the cars serviced has been great because our dealer is great. But other stuff.... Like making appointments to get our furnace repaired, they cancelled twice. I had to call several places until I found someone to come out. Or when I booked a 9 am appointment to have our dog Maggie groomed last week, I dropped her off at 8:55 am, they said they'd call in aboot an hour when she was almost ready. When I called them at noon to ask if everything was OK, they seemed annoyed that I called and said they'd call in aboot an hour when she was almost ready. With no call at 3 pm, ready or not, I started to get ready to go pick her up when they called and said she was finally ready. They obviously hurried the job because she had hot spots, shaver burns and she didn't smell like the mild shampoo that we pay extra for. Mrs had to re-bathe her because she was itching like crazy, file her jaggedly cut nails, and trim some hair in and around her eyes. Interestingly, they didn't send us their usual online questionnaire aboot how Maggie's "spa visit" went this time.
  13. At least the RWD Chevettes skipped the steering rack failures that the FWD Chevy Citations and Cavaliers suffered.
  14. The Pintos and Vegas were the Escorts and Chevettes of their time, but more memorable.
  15. Why so fancy? I may have already mentioned that back in the day, my wife and I used to attend our snowmobile club's annual snowmobile trailer camp out weekend. Basically, we'd travel UP north to our favorite snowmo destination in the summer, put some indoor/outdoor carpet, a battery powered lantern and an inflatable mattress in our clam shell snowmo trailers, and we called it camping.
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