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  1. team scooter

    I want to go to a roller skating party now

    I dont know where theres a party, but I know where you can have your own a rink. I actually skated here back in the 70s. https://www.koenigrubloff.com/commercial-for-sale/548-Delavan-Dr-Delavan-WI-53115-222262088
  2. team scooter

    Critters beware, there's a new Sheriff in town

    Her name is Maggie. I've posted about her before. She's a one and a half year old rescue that had a sad puppy hood. It's been an honor watching her coming out of her shell and finally getting to be a real puppy. The last pic is how they found her during a police raid, locked in a closet, eating garbage, living in her own waste.
  3. With unlimited puppy energy and determination. She'll run from window to sliding door, jumping clear over the love seat to chase them away. Never mind that I'm sitting on it. Cute curls and bows my a....
  4. team scooter

    I am putting winter air in my car taars

    Yep, and its 250 with the turbo. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/mazda-cx-5-turbo-engine-2019
  5. team scooter

    I am putting winter air in my car taars

    I dont think Mazda even offers a 6 anymore. Even their large SUV CX9 has a Turbo 2.5 motor now.
  6. team scooter

    I am putting winter air in my car taars

    The Mrs still has her 2012 Mazda5 mini van. Her next car will probably be the CX5. They do have the same 2.5 liter motor. Her's has well over 100,000 miles, and it has been great.
  7. team scooter

    I am putting winter air in my car taars

    With the low profile tires I really need to watch tire pressures closely. The wife insists I run her Mazda5 tires a few pounds under the recommended pressure or it rides like a truck. Too low and she'll probably crack a rim. The Mazda3 insists I run its tires at the full recommended 36 pounds otherwise the pressure sensors flip out. And I've been running the Miata's tires five pounds under, just because its so light and rides like a battle wagon otherwise. But I noticed a paint chip on one of its rims due to pot holes and all the road construction. The truck on the other hand, doesn't much care about it's tire pressure.
  8. team scooter

    I wonder how much SNOW Sumdgie got?

    Lots. Our snow mo club UP there posted this on facebook this morning. Some roads are even closed.
  9. team scooter

    Are you still cutting grass?

    I need to rake the leaves out of the beds one last time and mulch them with the mowers. The whole lawn doesn't need to be mowed, but I'll do it all one more time and hopefully call it a season. Its been a heavy mowing season. According to the hour meter, I mowed over twenty times, (about every five days+-) since I bought the new mower in late June.
  10. I need to replace the leaking frost proof outside faucets, but never think about it unless I'm using them. And like any home project, if I change those, I'd like to also change their inside screw type gate valve shut offs to quarter turn ball valves so I dont have to fend off the spiders in the furthest, darkest corners of the basement any longer then necessary.
  11. team scooter

    1/2 way into turning back my clock

    All ten changed in twenty minutes. Now if I only had the correct batteries for the carbon monoxide detectors.....
  12. team scooter

    1/2 way into turning back my clock

    Dang it! Just spotted the stack of new nine volt batteries the Mrs left on the counter for me. Time to write the date on and change the smoke detector batteries too.
  13. team scooter

    Bohemian Rhapsody

  14. team scooter

    1/2 way into turning back my clock

    I'll be waking up at the old time for weeks until I get acclimated. :( The Mrs is a stickler on resetting all her clocks (there are over a dozen of them) in a 'timely' fashion. So I spent my extra hour setting all the clocks this morning. Including the seldom looked at alarm clocks in the extra bedrooms. I need the manuals to remember how to reset those. And don't tell the Mrs, but I'm not changing the the clocks in the Miata, truck or motorcycles since they seldom get driven before I set them back in the spring anyway.
  15. team scooter


    Reminds me of Mazda Skyactiv pistons. https://www.autoserviceprofessional.com/article/95724/mazda-skyactiv-technology-what-it-is-and-what-it-has-meant-to-engine-packages