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  1. I have an older friend who mentioned his wife does a lot of favors for older folks in the area. She also feeds and lets other people's dogs out while they are on vacation. But she is no longer comfortable driving her car. So she is having a hard time riding a tapped out department store bike with mismatched tires that creaks and squeaks while riding it. He mentioned he was going to buy her a new department store bike and asked me what kind he should buy her. I told him not to do that, and I gave them a shiny, like new vintage rebuilt 3 speed from the Team Scooter Vintage Series Collection. Its a beautiful burgundy color with pin strips and whitewall tires. She said its the most beautiful bike ever. She even gave it a name. They bought a basket for it and she now makes excuses just to ride it. This is the third bicycle that made its way out from the basement to a good home. Ten more to go....
  2. AC guy just left. $220 later we have AC. Who knew that furnaces have flux capacitors?
  3. I turned on the heat at 2am a few nights ago, smelled something burning and found the blower stopped working. The code was flashing something about a limit circuit malfunction. They cant come look at it until late tomorrow. So no AC for us. And Mrs wanted to give away all our electric fans that have been sitting in the basement.
  4. Growing up in Chicago, the bread was as important as whats in it. And if you're using them for hot dogs, Italian sausage or brats, they're buns. For Italian Beefs, subs, etc, they're rolls. https://www.gonnella.com/product-lines/fresh-breads/french-breads/
  5. While I was growing up in the 60s/70s there were dozens of roadsters in our area. Alfas, Triumphs, MGBs. But the only time we saw them was when the garage doors and their bonnets (hoods) were open and getting tinkered with. So when I showed interest in buying one, everyone tried talking me out of it. So naturally, never one to follow the crowd, I HAD to buy the 1971 MGB that a neighbor had buried in the back of his garage. We got it running, painted it red and my love for roadsters began. An old friend recently sent me this old picture of it on the facebook. Its a really poor picture of a picture taken circa 1978/79. Probably right after I got it on the road, because its still missing the passenger side mirror and I hadn't repainted the wheels yet. My friends all ribbed me about it and called it the M-ba G-ba B-ba, but I wish I had a dollar for every time the cute young wemens asked me to take them for a topless ride in it.
  6. We cancelled three vacations this spring/summer. We're saving a tank or two of gas each week. And I've been carrying the same twenty dollar bill in my pockets since mid March. On another note, I talked to my ex coworker yesterday. In past years in preparation for the big weekend, last week should have been their busiest week/weekend of the season. They should have had two trucks running nonstop, delivering mulch and landscape supplies and barely keeping up. But probably due to the virus thing, they only had a handful of deliveries leading up to the weekend. And no deliveries on Saturday (the busiest day of the year). And almost no activity for the small engine sales/repairs. It almost makes me feel bad for ordering my mulch from someone else. Almost. I guess I picked a good time to change employers. I start my new job next week.
  7. Tell him he should split the cost for a new motor. https://v8roadsters.com/product-category/engine-conversions/engine-conversion-lsx/
  8. Yep, we had several trips planned this year. We wanted to take a zig zag road trip out west to meet our new Grand Daughter. Then take the Miata down to Pigeon Forge, see Mammoth Cave again, then the Tail Of The Dragon. And this was the year I was finally hoping to do my road trip up to Alaska to see the stuff you cant see on the public tours. Even bought a new SUV to traverse the low maintenance roads. Now we're down to hoping Gramma can at least fly out for a weekend to visit our Grand Daughter before she learns to walk and talk.
  9. Other than my work boots and dress shoes, I'm not sure when and what age I started tying my casual shoes loosely enough to just slip them on and off quickly. I even have a few favorite elastic shoes now. Maybe velcro is the next step. Next time I visit my dad, I'll need to check oot his shoes to see what lies in my future....
  10. Waiting for the sun to burn off the morning haze, and see if Mrs wants to take Mags for a ride to a dog park and maybe a takeout lunch since the lock down has lifted some.
  11. team scooter


    This morning's Turtle. Maggie spotted it from across the yard. This one is aboot three feet from head to tail tip and not a snapper.
  12. We still see the old wooden ones around here in the farmlands. But those still standing are the ones maintained for decoration and or she sheds. The metal ones are more common, probably because they last longer. As posted above , the popular thing here in farm country is moving them to re purpose them as gazebos.
  13. team scooter


    We have snappers walking across the yard once in a while too. Hopefully Maggers won't run across them. This guy was huge with an attitude.
  14. team scooter


    Maggie is not a big fan of them messing up her Poodle Corral.
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