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  1. team scooter

    Waking up

    I've become such a light sleeper, sometimes I cant tell if I'm sleeping or not. I'll hear the dogs stirring and get up to let them out, and not realize what I'm doing until I'm standing at the back door waiting to let them back in....
  2. team scooter

    Denim / Blue Jeans

    I used to wear jeans everyday up until about 20 years ago when I started wearing cotton/polyester blend uniform pants. That day I became my Dad. Now when I wear jeans they just seem heavy and uncomfortable. I guess its what you get used to. To me jeans are hot and dont wick moisture well. Nothing worse then needing to unstick your pants before you climb in and out of a tractor or truck for the hundredth time. As for safety, jeans are better then naked skin, but I prefer other options. While using a chain saw, I'll wear safety chaps. On the motorcycle I'll wear riding pants with armor. I still wear jeans (sometimes) but mostly because everyone else is wearing them so I dont look like an outsider.
  3. team scooter

    Who the heck dreams about a coming Blizzard in JULY????

    Us snowmobiliers dream of winter year round.
  4. team scooter

    More car shopping - Economical SUV?

    My Wife's next SUV. In Grand Touring trim, and Soul Red. https://www.mazdausa.com/vehicles/cx-5
  5. team scooter

    Holiday weekend

    In case you missed them last weekend and Wednesday, you'll get to experience the left over fireworks bought at half price this weekend.
  6. team scooter

    Nothing Says Let Freedom Ring

    Sounds like what we did. Except I was also waking the neighbors at 5 am, wrenching and hammering putting the new exhaust on the little car before the garage got too warm. I also ran it up and down the road to test it. I almost felt bad, but they kept us up till past midnight with their fireworks.
  7. team scooter

    The UP

    I'm still hoping to get UP there this fall to see the fall colors. Its already been four years since we've been UP there. If you need any suggestions on places to stay, etc, let us know.
  8. team scooter

    So who here brushes their dawg'z teefers?

    Yeah, if you dont start doing it while they are puppies, its a losing battle. We could do it with Scoot because we got him as a pup. He was always pretty laid back though too. While he'd still curl his lips sometimes to show his disapproval, that just made things easier to brush. The girls we've always needed to take to the vet.
  9. team scooter

    This oil stain on my garage floor

    My wife was bragging how she made record time driving her little van down south to visit our son, drafting and running at ludicrous speeds in both directions. Until I pointed out the oil leak from the oil breather when she got back home. It looked more like this though.
  10. team scooter

    By show of hands, how many of you like the Chrsyler 300?

    For decades, we rode the perceived Chrysler quality issues to the bank. We had excellent results with all seven of the ones we owned. And we bought them at discounted prices because, "someone's brother's uncle's parent's" had issues with them in the past. My issue with Chrysler today is they no longer offer anything we need or want. I intend to drive my trouble free '04 Dakota to my grave.
  11. team scooter

    Buckingham Water Fountain Chicago

    The company I used to work at for 30 years, has maintained the grounds (Grant Park) around the fountain for many years. If you see my amigos with the green and tan landscape trucks, tell them I said hi.
  12. team scooter

    I love my Element, but

    We had four Chrysler minivans and loved them all. They met or exceeded our expectations every time. Even towed our snowmobile trailers with them. But like with anything, I'd recommend getting the better trim level with better amenities/more comfortable seats etc. When it comes time to replace the Mrs's currant car, we'll need to decide on either getting a new Pacifica or follow the herd and just get an SUV instead.
  13. team scooter

    What ever happened to Andy Kim?

    Back in the day, I always miss took him for Neil Diamond.
  14. team scooter

    This is the last day I have to

    They told me I would need to work every other Saturday until late June. But the new guy they hired didn't walk, he ran, for the exit and never came back. So I've been working every weekend since. Its not my fault people aren't breaking down the door to work for them. So today I'm telling them this Saturday would be the last that they can count on me. I need to think of a sly way to get a pic of their reaction.
  15. team scooter

    I need a new car

    We were planning on buying a Soul Red CX5, until we saw a Soul Red MX5/RF in person. The CX5 will need to wait another year or two.