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  1. team scooter

    Little Honda

    This is my 1970 (first year made) Honda Trail 70. I recently got it running again after it sat with bad gas in it for several years.
  2. team scooter

    Little Honda

    I'm really liking the new Honda Monkey Bike too. It looks like the Little Honda trail bikes from the 70s. I can even buy aftermarket engine/trans kits to turn my 1970 Honda Trail 70 into a 125cc with a four speed trans.
  3. A local volunteer group runs a small electric train line and our Son/DIL got us tickets for the Burger Train. Our ride was an old restored Chicago Commuter train from the early 1910s. The dinner train is very popular and you need to reserve many months in advance. It was more fun than I expected. All the volunteers have fun and really love what they do. The Conductor was a riot. Oh, and the burgers were good too. They even had Spotted Cow on board. https://www.easttroyrr.org/
  4. This morning it was kinda nice so I started jockeying the cars around to get the groovy little motorbike out.... Then I heard thunder and the skies let loose. Now the sky's are clear but its too dang windy to ride. So I'm trying to seal my leaking gutters again. Instead of caulk this time I'm trying spray tar seal in a can. Cant make it any worse.
  5. I was thinking it needed a wheelie bar as is. What is the blue motorcycle?
  6. Replace the roof and siding as needed and a house will last a good long time. Or get a Lustron home and just hose it off as needed. We have a few of these nearby built in the 40s and 50s and they still look almost new. All with the original enamel paint and metal roofs. www.oldhouseweb.com/architecture-and-design/lustron-homes-part-1.shtml
  7. I've been trying to sell my motorcycle for weeks now with no luck. Seems many dealers have left over new stock of my same model which affects the used bike price negatively. I second getting a convertible.
  8. On commercial airlines no... But last summer the wife and I took an open cockpit biplane ride on a 90 year old Waco Taperwing. My wife got the pilot to do some minor aerobatics. The wife loved it, but they had to pull my azz off the seat like a suction cup after we landed.
  9. Here's a tip if birds are using your car as a toilet. Now that the Robins are nesting in the Arbs near our driveway, they've been craping all over our cars, Especially the side mirrors. We've been leaving the hose out by the driveway so we can hose the cars off before we drive them. Apparently they're fighting with their stupid reflections in the mirrors and windows. So today right before I headed out to buy me a Red Rider BB Gun, I looked on line and found another solution. Tying plastic shopping bags on the mirrors and taping news papers on the inside of the windows. Problem solved, If they don't see their reflections..... And who knew Robins could crap their body weight every hour? I still want me a Red Rider BB Gun. Dang wildlife.
  10. Regrets? I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention...
  11. In high school I bought a '69 Cadillac with a 472 for $1000 while I was getting my MGB fixed up and painted.. It had fancy fold down foot rests in the back. Drove it for about a month then sold it for $1999.
  12. We had about 4-5 inches of snow on the grassy areas, pavement was just wet. And it started melting quickly Sunday morning. I was riding my motorcycle Sunday afternoon.
  13. team scooter


    Still in price negotiations on the trade etc. Maybe next week, maybe not until I sell my old one. Maybe never if I keep getting "the look" from Mrs... Anyone interested in a pristine, Candy Red, groovy little motorbike?.
  14. team scooter


    Yesterday I almost bought a new motorcycle. I don't need it. I don't ride my current motorcycles much. But my reasoning is this one will be better suited for what I want a motorcycle for and I could sell my other motorcycles and just have one. At least that's what I'm telling the Mrs... Anyway, smaller vintage UJM type bikes are all the rage these days. That and I would look awesome riding it with a retro helmet/leather jacket. Just need to work on the number$ with the dealer.
  15. The Robins are NOT happy about the snow. They're squawking up a storm. Great day to stay inside and watch it snow with Maggie.
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