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  1. The Paul R is leaving Duluth. You cant see the ship yet on this cam, but look how cool the water looks in the moonlight.
  2. I'll toot for our grandkids when they pull on my finger.
  3. Its cool that they toot for the camera.
  4. Looks like the itty boat moved, but right into the Frontinac's path.
  5. That itty fishing boat taking pictures better watch oot!
  6. She was converted to diesel from steam power a while back. It must have been a turbo diesel...
  7. She didn't waste any time getting loaded in the harbor either. She came in at 5:30 am.
  8. She seems to move around the harbor, though the channel faster than the 1000 footers.
  9. Its starting to peek its head around the corner.
  10. It looks like the Michipicoten is already fixing to head oot. https://harborlookout.com/ships/56#0
  11. Lol, yeah I did the 2x thing yesterday when I was watching for that critter.
  12. I missed the Michipicoten (built 1952) that came in this morning before sunrise.
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