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  1. team scooter


    It was a balmy minus 1 degree when I rolled the garbage can out early this morning. Beautiful clear star lit sky, snow crunching under my feet, and the smell from everyone's fireplaces in the air. Winter time in Wisconsin.
  2. My wife and I both took the test. And according to the results, and taking into account both our family's life histories, I will die ten years before my wife, about the same time my wife wont remember who I am anyway.
  3. I wish I looked this danged adorable.
  4. We rode snowmobiles from Cochrane to Moosonee/Jamesbay and back in the 90s. Loved the area, people were nice, but it was cold and everything was pricey. The tour guide pulled a sled with fuel and stashed cans of fuel along the route in remote areas. I dont remember the cost in Canadian currency, but the jist was a two gallon can of gas cost an arm, a five gallon can cost an arm and a leg. The other guys could afford to have steak every night. I survived on ground beef, fries and gravy. Good times.
  5. We tried to find nearby reservations in Landolakes Wi for the Three Bears sled dog races, but decided to go up Valentines weekend instead. https://events.bytepro.net/3Bear2020. The place we stay is also where many of the sled teams stay too. It has trails though the woods and out to the lake. I'll buy the beer there if your dogs agree not to eat my dog...
  6. Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or you can come down and hang out with us and eat ice cream samiches at the vintage snowmo show this weekend. We're supposed to be getting 6 inches of snow with temps in the 30s.
  7. The petroleum companies aren't taking electric vehicles lying down. Look at the cheap fuel prices making it possible for everyone to drive larger SUVs and trucks. How quickly people forgot the $5/$6 per gallon prices a decade ago. For commuting, both my wife and I could get by with today's electric vehicle tech. I'm looking into finding a first generation MX5 and converting it to electric.
  8. team scooter

    Bald Eagles

    We have at least one nearby. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a small kid with a white cap sitting out on the thin lake ice.
  9. Our 8 to 12 inch snowpocalypse turned into a few inches of snow over a layer of ice. I even went out, right before I went to bed, to do a quick shovel so it would be easier this morning. Apparently it stopped snowing shortly after that. I wish I had just finished it. Heard on the news that some people in surrounding communities are still without power. The plows haven't even been by yet.
  10. You're getting off easy with vise grips. If the roof mechanism on the RF fails, I'll need to dig out the separate 12 page instruction booklet (not exaggerating) on manually closing the hard top. I'll need some kind of a wire thingy, an adapter, two hex wrenches, two ropes (all provided) and a second person (not included). Sadly, its not something I would feel hopeful that AAA would know how to fix.
  11. team scooter


    Its blustery too. The cars outside are solid ice. I'm thinking rather then chip away forever with an ice scraper, I'll pull them in the garage with the heat going to let them thaw for a while before the snow comes.
  12. team scooter


    I think I'll stay home today and catch the next vintage snowmo show next weekend. So far, the first part of the snowstorm was an icy bust. Neighbor left for work and came right back, and barely made it back home. Said he'd wait till after the salt truck goes by. The roads are glare ice. Even the salt truck is sporting tire chains... Still calling for some snow later.
  13. While visiting family a few years back, they took us to explore Concrete City in Nanticoke Pa in the middle of the night. Before I learned the history of the place, a whole city made exclusively of cement with stairways that led to dead ends seemed creepy as heck. Kinda still does. While I don't believe in ghosts, I believe different places give off different vibes. This one did.
  14. This is in the area I used to work in and passed this way a few time per day. I remember when they shuttered it and moved the last of operations to the new buildings. Its amazing how fast a building decays when they turn off the heat and utilities. Then the vandals find a way in and its over. And this is in a bustling medical campus with new building going up every year, not a run down neighborhood. A quick google street view shows they're finally starting to rehab it for office space. Sad they let it decay beforehand.
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