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  1. Put on your headphones, sit back with a cup of coffee, and slowly turn up the volume to forget all your troubles for four and a half minutes. Take a ride though the sky.
  2. What does it mean when Rebel Rouser plays in my head every time I'm riding my snowmobile?
  3. A few more inches forecasted for tonight on top of the five we got a few days ago. And its too cold to melt until maybe this weekend. This is late December/January weather.
  4. Today everyone is a google genius. I cant count the times a customer has accessed my thirty five years of experience to ask a question about their project, then say "But, but, but, I watched a youtube video that says something different?" Well then, if you saw it on the internet.....
  5. team scooter


    For sure new living room carpeting before Christmas. The house is over 20 years old and the original builder's grade appliances, flooring, plumbing and electrical fixtures are all nearing the end of their life cycles. The stove is spoken for, but if anyone needs a fridge that needs a $700 compressor, or a noisy dishwasher that sucks at washing dishes or a microwave that sounds like a train wreck every time you turn it on, its yours. Come pick it up before the guys take them away next week.
  6. team scooter


    This morning we discovered that our 17 year old refrigerator had stopped working. Rather then fix it, Mrs decided we should replace it with a new one in that newer Black Stainless color. While at our local appliance place, Mrs was checking out the new Samsung fridges and I was checking out the over the range microwaves. Ours has been making a loud racket while in use. Mrs decided it didn't make sense to have a white stove with a new Black Stainless fridge and a new Black Stainless over the range microwave without a new matching stove. Besides her mother would just LOVE our old stove. So I said half jokingly to the salesman to give me a reason to replace our last kitchen appliance left, our noisy old dishwasher. He said that if we get a Samsung dishwasher with another Samsung appliance we'd get a rebate. "Write it all up before we change our minds!" So with the early bird black Friday discounts and rebates, we saved well over $1000 dollars. And Mrs gets all new Samsung kitchen appliances in her favorite color. It all gets delivered and install sometime next week. We're fridge-less until then. Good thing with this cold weather its 38 degrees out in the garage.
  7. WTH? I need to watch the weather. I woke up to this. And 2" to 5" forcasted. I would have saved my lawn and waited another day to put the snowmos away had I known.
  8. Bring it! This year I'm ready. I think need a bigger garage though...
  9. Mrs found out most of the family wont be coming for Thankshappygiving. That, and with this early cold and snow, I suspect the Christmas decor may make an early appearance here as well..
  10. team scooter


    If that wasn't two-three hours away, I'd meet you for a beer.
  11. team scooter


    I love the UP and the Gwinn area. My hope though is to be in Land O'lakes in northern Wisconsin the first weekend in February to catch the Three Bear Dog Races. Our snowmo club up there helps out with the races. I'm usually helping out as a road crossing guard if and when I can make it up. Finding a room nearby has gotten harder as the races have become more popular though, and all our friends that moved up there have moved back south.
  12. team scooter


    While snowmobiling we used to stay at the Red Fox Inn (previous Gwinn air force base housing) before they closed it. We used to rent a warm, comfortable one bedroom apartment for $69 per night. Order a steak at The Up North Lodge for me. http://www.theupnorthlodge.com/ I'd go, but I cant find the road to Gwinn.
  13. team scooter

    Fall color

    I was a few weeks too early on the fall colors for my trip UP north. Then, just as the colors started showing down here, we receive six inches of snow and all the leaves are falling. On another note though, this was the first time (and probably the last) that I've ever gotten to ride a snowmobile on Halloween.
  14. If Ruby uses the same face expressions as Maggie, its either the "Dad, I luvs you to bits" look, or "I wish he'd fall asleep already so I can eat the rest of his popcorn" look.
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