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  1. The landscape supply place I worked at was bought by a rich city guy to keep himself busy in his spare time. We started calling him Oliver because he'd often deliver equipment or fertilizer while wearing a business suit. Then, when he bought an old John Deere (below) to disk the soil field, the name stuck. "Has anybody seen Oleevaah?" Yepper, he's oot in the field playing with his tractor.
  2. Our son has a 2015ish MX5 with the PRHT that he has installed a super charger on. Then he had kids and hasn't driven it much in three years . Its not officially for sale but,,,, if someone made him an offer he couldn't refuse.... Not his, but just like this one, same color.
  3. https://www.lynchgmsuperstore.com/VehicleDetails/used-2019-Ram-1500-Big_Horn%2FLone_Star-Burlington-WI/4729028253
  4. If I did have any fidget toys, someone else would snarf them. Then she'd run around the house, throwing them in the air, snarling like a beasty in a rainbow sweater.
  5. "Archie Bell and the Drells - what song are they known for? Can you remember withoot cheating?" Yep. And they even mention their name and where they're from in the song.
  6. And if you want to witness grown azz men whine and cry like babies, check oot the snowmobile forums when Lake Superior freezes over and shuts off the Lake Effect Snow Guns.
  7. Yep, seems like things are starting to shut down for the season. This video shows the Paul R Tregurtha heading into the Duluth port for winter lay up.
  8. This year it happened early up there, early December I think. They're safe to ride when they put the traffic barrels oot to mark the trail that crosses the lake. If you look past the island, that's the Michigan/Wisconsin state line. Our lake here in SE Wisconsin is froze over, but I'm sure its not safe. It just hasn't been cold enough down here. Check this cam in a month or so to check oot our snowmo club's bikini snowmobile drag races. They have an ootside tiki bar and everything.
  9. I check the Duluth Harbor cams from time to time, but now that winter has arrived, I've been monitoring another lake cam. And being its Friday, this just happens to be my favorite family style Friday fish fry place of all time too. On a regular (non covid) Friday, that lake would be wall to wall sleds come 5 PM. https://youtu.be/eCJwEHZNyX8
  10. So is the garage door opener going to be OK?
  11. team scooter


    Sadly when I did my landscaping 20 years ago I never thought I'd live long enough to need a riding mower... So some areas I need the smaller mower for all the areas that my riding mower wont fit. The steep part near the culvert, inside the narrow gated poodle corral and around and under the spruces. And I hear you about not needing a mower now, I was using this today to flatten down the weeds out in the field near the house.
  12. team scooter


    Nice. I have the same model. I set the lever to full mulch and hung the unused catcher in the shed, next to the identical unused catcher from my old Honda mower.
  13. Good morning, its 27 and overcast. High again in the mid 30s. Had highs in the mid 30s all week but with the overcast skies we've held on to most of our snow.
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