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  1. Another lesson learned from the best movie ever. I sometimes used 1060 W Addison as my home address too.
  2. This. Sadly there are only a few who really make a true Chicago Dog around here, so I need to drive quite a distance to get one.
  3. This is the area where my wife and I live, work and play. We moved up here about 20 years ago and love it. Much of my job consists of delivering landscape supplies to many of the multi million dollar estates (weekend summer homes) and country clubs mentioned on the video below. The pic is from a delivery I did last week.
  4. Previous miniature golf, now historic landmark. Maggie loves toads and frogs so I thought she might be interested... Not so much, unless it's hopping. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/48101
  5. Mags and I went for a morning ride and came across a friend of yours. They grow 'em big here in Wisconsin.
  6. My bosses strive to do nothing all day. Profits and customer satisfaction is an after thought. As long as they can sit around in the air conditioning, watching TV and playing fetch with the dog, all is well. The owner only comes in to make sure everyone else did, then leaves to go play golf. They've even been known to send us home early so they can sneak out early, locking customers (unseen at the back part of the yard) behind the gates. They wanted to give me a gate key and post my cell number on the gate, just because they're too lazy to drive back and let the customers out. And then they sit around scratching their heads, wondering why we lose customers.
  7. team scooter

    Cow bell

    The bike trails in and around New Glarus Wisconsin pass though beautiful rolling farmlands with dairy farms that raise these light brown cows popular in Switzerland I guess. Anyhoo, as you pedal past the cow pastures, they seem to encourage your effort by walking over to the fence line, ringing their cow bells.
  8. Our plan was to go out for ice cream. Now Mrs says its too cold for ice cream.
  9. Its bad enough two foot long snappers come out and wander around our yard. I ain't gong to wander into the lake where they live.
  10. Stormfront just went though and the temps went from 98 degrees down to 68 degrees. Supposed to be 80 and less humid tomorrow.
  11. As fast as they can flip the lock latch and push it back and down by hand. I'll raise or lower the top while waiting for the Mrs to come outside or while waiting for traffic at a stop sign etc, so the 12 seconds it takes ME to lower MY top only seems to really matter to the manual top guys.
  12. Our son has one of those AWD Ford Fusion Sports with the twin turbo V6, And I've gotta say, I think its pretty impressive. It even sounds impressive when he kicks it in the nads. He doesn't like it though because the chassis isn't as good as the drivetrain. He only got it because he couldn't get a deal on a turbo Mazda 6.
  13. team scooter


    They had a huge transformer fire in Madison yesterday. Thousands lost power on the hottest and worst time of the day. https://www.nbc15.com/content/news/Crews-responding-to-fire-at-Madison-Gas-and-Electric-512938191.html
  14. And don't get me started on the soft top guys vs the retractable hardtop guys on the MX5 forums. Because the whole 12 seconds it takes to open or close the hard top should be better spent driving it instead. And Maggie has clamed possession of the little car and flips out if she hears it start and she isn't in it.
  15. My son calls his SUV a "tall wagon". I call them modern day minivans bought by those who made fun of minivans back in the day. As to how vehicles are perceived. I brought the little red car to work one day to macho dude central. All the jacked up 4x4 owners couldn't stop fawning over it. How awesome it was, insisted in watching the top open and close etc. Then they asked when the MX5 came out and wanted to know where they can go buy one too. When I told them they've been selling Miatas for 30 years and this one is just the newer fastback version. "Wait!? What!? A Miata!? Never mind, those are girl's cars!'' And they drove away rolling black smoke...
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