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  1. You can with a smart DVD player. Mrs did this in our bedroom. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?id=pcat17071&st=wifi+dvd+player
  2. I'll need to get my truck back in the garage soon. The birds sit on the truck's tool box and fight with the bird refection's in the rear window. Blood, poop and feathers all over my truck. I'll even find a dead bird between the bed of the truck and the cab from time to time. Dang wildlife.
  3. Along with the robins, starlings and grackles, the red wings are back now too, chasing away the morning doves. <- Our girl has been on high bird alert all week.
  4. Our granddaughter sold grandma a dozen boxes. I guess she sold over 150 boxes total.
  5. I thought the next movie, The Man With The Golden Gun was even worse. He was palling around with Sheriff JD Pepper from Live and Let Die. They are in some exotic country in Asia or some such, but they're driving American Motors cars. Even the police. cars were AMCs.
  6. Our Cutco is over twenty years old and holding up well. The steak knives need to go back to be sharpened no charge, but I blame that on the grandkids using them to cut stuff that steak knives weren't made to cut.
  7. No Ginsu but our son sold Cutco knives for a while when he was young. So mom would buy another item or two whenever he fell behind on sales. Not surprising after we had the whole set, pizza cutter and scissors etc included, he stopped selling them.
  8. The only redeeming quality about where I work is I never, ever have to work late. And the only people that want to leave work more than me are those in charge. That said I do try to keep busy/find stuff to do. Otherwise the day would be even more painfully slow then it is already. Yesterday when it got overcast, I was thinking the sun was starting to set and it was getting to be time to head home. But I looked at my watch and it wasn't even time for morning break yet.
  9. Everyone I know that has a time share thought it was a good idea at the time, but lives change. I cant tell you the times we've been invited to use a friends timeshare just because they've already payed for it. They say its like buying a boat. The two happiest times of owning them is when you first buy them, then after you finally sell them.
  10. And you DON'T want to drive past a field where cabbage has been left to rot.
  11. Loving my new laptop. Its cool all the time and I'm beginning to wonder if it even has a cooling fan. No more hard boiled eggs for me.
  12. The Robins are back. Which means I need to take down the spring wreath by the front door so they don't nest in it and attack anyone that comes near. Those PITA Starlings and Grackles are back too. They fly in like a locust swarm, chase all the other birds away, and eat all the bird seed in minutes. Maggie has taken over her position as the new birdy sheriff in town which is nice, but she hasn't figured how to use the doggie door yet to fulfill her duties. Dang wildlife.
  13. Yay Ruby. When they first rescued our Maggie, she weighed only 10 pounds including the 10 months worth of matted hair growth. Now she seems to have leveled off at a healthy 16 pounds with short hair and you cant feel her spine and ribs anymore. Which is good because she has become the very definition of a daddy's girl lap dog. Taking her on the road trip in the Miata this summer should be interesting....
  14. Mrs has plans to visit our grandson out west every few months, and since her van has well over 100,000 miles on it, she really, really, wants a new CX-5 to do it. But being her mother's daughter, shes waiting for me to pull the trigger so it'll be my fault that we spend over $35,000 for a car. If that's the case, I'm waiting to see if the new CX-30 will come with the 2.5 turbo. Its larger than the CX-3 but smaller, sportier and easier to park than the CX-5.
  15. team scooter


    I grew up watching the Twilight Zone. So I try to avoid sitting near the wings when I can.
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